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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 5, ‘Sit-In’: Reality Sets In

Review: 'Girls' Season 4, Episode 5, 'Sit-In': Reality Sets In

Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 4, ‘Cubbies’: A Hard Shot of Reality

Love her or hate her

Although we start the episode feeling sorry for Hannah, who
has just learned that Adam is living with new entity Mimi-Rose (guest star
Gillian Jacobs), she quickly reverts back to the childlike behavior that always
ruins our sympathy. By locking herself in her former bedroom and refusing the
vacate the apartment she feels is still hers, Hannah not only physically and
emotionally alienates herself from her well-meaning friends, but distances
herself from the audience, too.

Another cringe-worthy

We knew Jessa was privy to the situation between Adam and
Mimi-Rose before Hannah, but to learn that she had actually set the pair up
placed us firmly back in Hannah’s corner. Jessa has displayed brief moments of
growth throughout the series, but that reveal was further proof that she
continues to be one of the most selfish and distant characters on the

A growth spurt

This week it’s a tie between Adam and Hannah. Once Hannah
finally realized she needed to leave the apartment (thanks to a little prodding
from Marnie and a realization via Mimi-Rose’s YouTube address), she and Adam
had one of the most honest conversations the pair has ever shared. Adam
admitted he had needed space from Hannah in order to realize that he hadn’t
been happy in the relationship, and that he no longer loved her. Hannah,
meanwhile, finally understood that life isn’t some grand novel waiting to be
written. Or if it is, she won’t be writing about her great love Adam.


Plenty of series have executed bottle episodes to varying degrees
of success. Here it works because Hannah, having spent the past three episodes
off in Iowa, hasn’t spent much time with any of the other characters. By having
them enter the apartment in succession it’s a nice way for Hannah and audiences
to reconnect with those relationships and see how her absence has affected
them. It was also an easy way for Hannah to get over the seven stages of grief
in a time effective manner.

How many shots to
forget that time…

Hannah foot-punching Shoshanna in the boobs.

This week in

Hannah and Ray haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, so it was
surprising when he showed up to help her out. Whether it was a favor to Adam
was unclear, but it led to the pair sharing a nice breakfast-making moment in
which they both finally aired their emotions. Ray admitted that being used as a
sex toy of sorts for Marnie wasn’t his ideal, confirming our suspicions from a
few episodes back.

Hannah, meanwhile, was able to vent judgment-free about her
predicament, helping her overcome the anger stage so that she could finally
move on to acceptance. It all culminated in a weird burnt-hand, head-holding
moment that lingered perhaps a few seconds too long.


One of the worst feelings in any breakup is when you see
your partner off doing things you had dreamed of doing together with someone
new. It was at this point Hannah
should have probably realized things were officially over, and perhaps
considered moving on out. Getting that apartment back in the long run will now
just be a painful reminder to her of the life she had with Adam. Not to mention
she doesn’t exactly have the renovation skills or budget needed to complete
that massive project. But perhaps for now, it’s better than sleeping in a
storage unit.

Most telling quote
goes to…

“So I guess we’re not like, some great artistic love
story.” — Hannah, finally willing to accept that her relationship is over.

Girls” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Grade: B

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