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Weekend B.O. Feb. 20-22 (The Big Nosedive)

Weekend B.O. Feb. 20-22 (The Big Nosedive)

So, remember
what I said last week? That I would bet anyone that the majority of the record
breaking $85 million opening for “Fifty Shades of Grey” (the largest opening ever
for a February film), came from…(how did
I put it?) “those good Christian conservative “red” states”?

Well, according
to this week, “Mississippi and Arkansas, certainly two of the most
conservative and religious states in the country, ranked first and second in
pre-opening ticket purchases.” So how did I know that? Because it was so
obvious, with all those good, Christian conservative people. Who knows what kind of debauchery goes on
behind closed doors with those sanctimonious hypocrites?

And what was
also obvious was that, there was going to be a huge drop at the box office, in its
second weekend. I just didn’t see how big a drop. Though the film stayed No. 1
once again this weekend, with $23.2 million, it took a headlong dive of nearly
73%. (72.7% to be exact). Despite that, the film has already gone well past the $100 million mark in the U.S. in just
six days (and $400 million worldwide, so far); though that’s not a record for a
February release. Mel Gibson’s torture porn, “The Passion of the Christ,” did it in
five days. back in 2004.

And though a 73% drop is pretty steep, there have been many other films that have dropped as big, and
even much bigger, in their second weekend, such “Predators,” which dropped 71%, “Star Trek: Nemesis” – 76%, the 2009 remake of “Friday the 13th” – 80%; and the 2010 reboot of “Nightmare on Elm Street” – 80%.
Even “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2” dropped 72% in its second
week. But, then again, since it grossed a whopping $169 million in its opening
weekend, the only place it could go was down.

And before
we get to the other films, a word about “Selma’s” overseas b.o. numbers, which continue
to grow. The film has now opened in 7 territories
overseas, with a total, so far, of $3.4 million, with $2.7 million of that coming
from the U.K. That’s on top of the $49.6 million that the film has made
domestically to date, heading for some $52 million or so. Those foreign numbers
will increase as the film opens up wider in Europe, South America and

“Hot Tub Time
Machine 2″ totally tanked landing in seventh place (was there even anyone on the planet
asking for a second film?). Meanwhile, the Kevin Costner’s inspirational sports coach
movie, “McFarland USA,” did modestly well, as did the coming of age movie, “The Duff,” both
grossing just over $11 million.

1) Fifty Shades of Grey  Uni.  $23,246,000  Total: $130,148,000 
2) Kingsman: The Secret Service  Fox  $17,525,000  Total: $67,106,000 
3) The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water  Par.  $15,500,000  Total: $125,172,000 
4) McFarland, USA  BV  $11,315,000  Total: $11,315,000 
5) The DUFF  LGF  $11,025,000  Total: $11,025,000 
6) American Sniper  WB  $9,650,000  Total: $319,607,000 
7) Hot Tub Time Machine 2  Par.  $5,800,000 
8) Jupiter Ascending  WB  $3,660,000  Total: $39,517,000 
9) The Imitation Game  Wein.  $2,565,000  Total: $83,921,000 
10) Paddington  W/Dim.  $2,289,000  Total:  $67,661,000 
11) Still Alice  SPC  $2,166,000  Total: $7,963,000 
12) The Wedding Ringer  SGem  $1,200,000  Total:  $61,900,000

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