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Crowdfund This: Indiegogo Campaign for Romantic Comedy That Aims to be Different ‘Confused…By Love’

Crowdfund This: Indiegogo Campaign for Romantic Comedy That Aims to be Different ‘Confused…By Love’

At first the
description for Boston based filmmaker Crosby Tatum’s feature film in the works Confused…by
Love” may not sound all that special from other similar urban rom-coms.  When asked what is film is about Tatum says is
“struck in a Woody Allen/Kevin Smith vein that deals with matters of
infidelity, financial responsibility in a post-recession world, and marital
woes among a tight-budgeted couple”.

However what
makes it more unique than other films is that this film also deals with the
subject of homelessness and actually inspired by a real event in the filmmaker’s
life when he and his mother were “both homeless and living from house to house,
after forfeiting their three bedroom home due to high mortgage payments and repairs”
and at the same time he was with his parent’s separation as well.

As for the
filmmaker himself, Tatum is a graduate of the New England Institute of Arts and
with own production company Triceptus Productions, has produced over 30 hours of
original web content and he has also previously produced, directed, starred in
and edited a feature film  Surprise,
Surprise, which is currently available  in stores such as Best Buy and Walmart and on
Amazon as well

He was also
the co-producer and the editor of Chicago based filmmaker Christopher Nolen’s
feature films 72 Hours, which is currently in limited release in theaters and also
on Netflix and which previously written about (HERE) and Four Seasons which is
also currently available VOD on Netflix.(HERE)

But as for
Confused, Tatum said that wanted to make that film because  he mainly wants to “help other people who have
been through, or are going through financial hardships, relationship hardships,
marital problems…temptations with cheating and confidence issues as well”.

“This film
is a mixed bag of radical internal conflicts and issues that these four
characters have been dealing with for a long time, on top of an external conflict
of four individuals coming together to save a home, before the bank or anyone
takes it away from them in a race against time”.

But the
question still remains and I had to ask him what makes his film project stand
out from other similar indie black rom-com films out there.

He responded
that “I feel that my films are very fresh, environmentally-authentic, witty and
interpersonal with a lot of playful, snappy dialogue, similar to the black
films of the early to mid-90’s.  The best
way to really describe my style is as if “Woody Allen from the 70’s and
Spike Lee from the 80’s” had a love child, and that child would be
me.  However he’s quick to add “That’s
just my personal opinion.” 

Now Tatum has started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to help with post-production for the film which he hopes to have ready by may and Confused is currently
the No.1 film project trending on Indiegogo.

To find out more about the
project check out it’s Indiegogo page HERE.

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