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‘Floppy Boobs’ and Great Guest Stars: The 10 Best Things Said by the ‘Broad City’ Ladies

'Floppy Boobs' and Great Guest Stars: The 10 Best Things Said by the 'Broad City' Ladies

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have taken critics and audiences by storm with their Comedy Central hit “Broad City.” With the second season ending tonight, the show’s creators and stars have been making the media rounds, talking everything from on-camera nudity to talk show appearances to their favorite guest stars. Here are ten of our favorite snippets:

All guest stars are great, including an upcoming appearance from an Oscar nominee.
Jacobson: “When we get to use bigger stars, it’s really cool. This season, Amy Ryan was just in the last episode [“Kirk Steele”] and, I’m going to give a spoiler, Patricia Clarkson is in the finale. Those kind of people who you would never expect to be on a show like this — they don’t really do a lot of TV guest stars … It’s just really cool to get a wide range of people. All my favorite people! I mean, Susie Essman? Jesus! That was unreal, though. Like, in the stars.” (Hitfix)

You know how Ilana really wants to sex up her relationship with Abbi? Yeah, that was Jacobson’s idea.
Glatzer: “I’m not that way at all, and Abbi’s like, ‘We have to put this in the show.’ I’m very much, like, a lover. I don’t know, I think it’s a form of friendship, just me complimenting Abbi and her just wishing it were sexual. My friends are the sexiest people I know, right? They’re the smartest, coolest, hottest people I’ve ever met. So I think it’s a mentality of fucking your friends. And also, like, big deal.”

Jacobson: “I think Ilana on the show is interested in everybody in that way. But because they’re so close it’s really like just a different level of interest, like, what would that be like?”

Glatzer: “She’s just experimental in general, and throwing it out there just to see. You never know when that switch will change, I guess.” (Vulture)

Jacobson is single, and very conscious of her status as a public figure.
“I would be so self-conscious that people were just going out with me to be like, ‘I had sex with a girl from ‘Broad City”… I feel like I always have to be the person who initiates it. It’s kind of freeing because I don’t care. I’ll see what happens and if it’s a rejection, it’s like, ‘I’m not in love with you. I was just asking you to get a drink to see if I’m in love with you’ … I’m kind of always someone that I’m not really hit on a ton. I’ve always had to do that, so now I actually am okay with it. Before it was always like, ‘Aaahhhh!’ — before I was Abbi off the show. It’s hard out there for a pimp, right?” (Vulture)

Abbi’s struggle to express herself verbally is based on the actress’ own difficulties.
Jacobson: I think the show gave me much more confidence than I had a couple years ago, but when [Ilana] met me I feel like I was much more insecure. In real life, we usually have to push past those insecurities to get stuff done, but on TV it’s more funny to fail… Yeah, I’m not having fake phone calls with myself, but it’s sort of like just that feeling of wanting to. Same thing when someone thinks you’re odd, and the feeling of wanting to get away. But on TV I get to, like, actually roll away.” (Vulture)

The show’s treatment of sex is less deliberate than based in reality.
Jacobson: “I don’t think we sat down and said, ‘This is an important thing to get across.’ I think with everything else, I think it’s a part of the reality we live in and all our friends live in and most people live in. I think we’re just observing our own lives and putting them in the show in the funniest way possible. It’s never sort of, like, a mission to get across.” (Variety)

And Glazer thinks nudity is funny, anyway — but not kissing. 
“I find my body very funny. Floppy boobs bouncing around is funny, know what I mean? … Like, I get to be that crazy and that stupid confident. So it’s like fun. It’s like a roller coaster.”

But according to Vulture, she gets a little shaky right before a make-out session: “I feel like the make-outs are more genuine or something. I don’t even like hand-holding. My hands are super sweaty. I get very nervous about that.”

Jacobson, meanwhile, was pretty thrilled at the opportunity to kiss Seth Rogen: “I was like, ‘All right, I’m going to be kissing Seth Rogen all night! This is so crazy!'” (Vulture)

For Abbi and Ilana, you learn by doing.
Variety asked the “Broad City” creators how they edit themselves to separate their own lives from the show in which they star.

Glazer: “I don’t know about edit ourselves for, honestly, interviews like this where I think more about what I’m saying. But you can only learn by doing in this industry. That’s maybe where I’ve learned to edit myself, but creatively it’s more about doing and pushing yourself to go deeper rather than holding back.”

Jacobson: “We come up with so much material that has happened to us and other writers and our friends and stuff that it definitely does get all over the walls and it definitely does get narrowed down. There’s no formula for which we do that, it’s just we use certain stories and make them better… We’ve edited it down, but that doesn’t mean the stuff we’ve edited down can’t be on the show.” (Variety)

Appearing on talk shows remains a frightening experience.
Jacobson: “You don’t get to meet the host beforehand. You meet them on stage, and then it’s just like you have five minutes to be your most charming self and that’s it.”

Glazer: “And afterwards, you’re just like, ‘What happened? Was I lucid?’ It’s so weird.” (Vulture)

They love Diane Keaton — and almost got her to guest star!
During a conversation with New York Magazine, Jacobson and Glazer gushed about their love for the “Annie Hall” Oscar winner. Apparently, after getting in touch with her via Twitter, Keaton watched some episodes.

Jacobson: “She still didn’t want to do it, but she was like, ‘I love the show.’ It was so cool … She’s so specific. I love that she kind of plays her range.”

Glazer: “[I like that] she plays herself, before other people did, you know? I don’t really watch Woody Allen movies anymore because he grosses me out, but I still like her part of it. I like that there’s something pure for me left there. And something left to learn.” (Vulture)

No tears are being shed over the conclusion of season two.
Glazer: “We have been, like, working on other stuff separately and together, but it’s really nice to, whatever, ‘work from home’ even if we’re not going into an office. It’s nice to not have all the time taken up by one project. It’s hard to not work completely.” (Variety)

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