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LatinoBuzz: Shipwrecked! The 2015 San Diego Latino Film Festival Edition!

LatinoBuzz: Shipwrecked! The 2015 San Diego Latino Film Festival Edition!

What do we know about San Diego, California? SeaWorld & Shamu. But wait, that’s not all! The San Diego Latino Film Festival is back with its 22 nd edition and they went all kindsa crazy. New venue, new vibe and jam packed with the best Latino film has to offer. As one of the last Latino
film festivals still standing they really made a point to accentuate the spectrum of filmmakers coming out of Latin America and the US. San Diego Latino
has always been a favorite festival of mine as they run on community love and deserve to be celebrated. So, what happens when you abandon Chilenos,
Peruanos, Mexicanos, Domincanos, Argentinos y Venezolanos on a deserted island and only allow them one book, an album, a film and a companion from the
movies? Read on.

Bernardo Quesney
– “Desastres Naturales” (Chile)

The Cement Garden
(Ian McEwan). I don´t know if this is my favorite book but it was very important in my adolescence. I felt very close to the main character. Loved by my
friends and hated by our parents.

“El Angel Exterminador”
by Luis Buñuel. Buñuel is the film director that I want to imitate. I think he is perfect – his sense of humor, his Mexican films. Nothing is “normal” in
his cinema. When I read his memoirs I felt that I knew him.

Love in C Minor
– Cerrone. Uff! Cerrone is the soundtrack of my everyday walk. It´s simply marvelous. When I put Cerrone in my bedroom I start to dance like John Travolta
as Tony Manero. Naked or with boxers.

Raul Peralta from “Tony Manero.” This is a character I feel respects life. It’s so amazing that Raul knows every phrase of that movie.
Being Chilean and imitating something from a distant culture is a representation of the Chilean culture. Our nation is an imitation. It’s like we need role

Guillermo Zouain – “On the Road, Somewhere (Algún lugar) (Dominican

When people ask me what my favorite film is I usually tend to go for “Jaws,” “Seven Samurai”or “The Royal Tenenbaums.” In this case however I
would have to choose “The Breakfast Club,” John Hughes is a genius and this movie in particular he guarantees to keep his audience feeling happy,
young and rebellious no matter what.


It would be Paul Simon’s Graceland. I think surviving is all about the mood and keeping it happy in my deserted island. Graceland always
makes me smile. I’ve been listening to this album since I was a kid and have never grown tired of it. The whole album has a kinetic feel that exudes,
transmits and inspires movement. Paul Simon, by Paul Simon, Nashville Skyline by Bob Dylan and Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround part 1 by the Kinks would follow.

Palomar: the Heartbreak Soup Stories, A Love and Rockets Book
by Gilbert Hernandez. The good thing about this comic book is that it will give you an array of things: length, many characters, even more details and
above all drama and gossip. Palomar’s community of characters will also keep me company while rescue comes. I spent a year reading this book just
because I didn’t want it to end.


I would have to go with Dr. Who, come on the guy speaks all the languages in the universe, has centuries of experience, has been in all kinds of trouble
and has a time machine. His sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on wood though.

Enrica Perez Climas” (Peru)

If you twist my arm I’d have to pick Almodovar’s “Talk to Her.” It’s not only one of my favorites but the film has also this fate
“anything-can-happen” quality and I’m such a drama lover! It would be perfect to be stuck with it on a deserted island. I would never get sick of it.

Without a doubt: The Very Best of Maria Callas. The voice of this woman and the arias of this album on an island… what can I say?… I would wake up
in heaven every single day.

I would pick Ernesto Sabato’s On Heroes and Tombs. It turned my life upside down when I first read it as a teenager and every time I’ve read it
again I understood something completely different. This book tends to transform and change with time. It’s kind of frightening and fantastic at the same


I read in a past quiz someone picked Mary Poppins… damn! That was a good one!!! But to avoid repetition, I would pick Indiana Jones. I mean, c’mon… do I
have to explain why?

Gilberto González PenillaLos Hamsters” (Mexico)

There are many films I consider favorites but If I had to take just one film to a deserted Island it would be “Cinema Paradiso” for the simple
reason it reminds me of the love for cinema and is a film that I can tire of easily.

It would be a Pink Floyd album. That would make me happy and would be perfect for a deserted island to reminisce of my adolescence.

I had it in my mind to choose between a novel or a book of stories, but for the occasion the ideal book would be Notes on Cinematography by
Bresson. It’s a book of small notes and thoughts by Bresson. The more I read it I find different meanings of cinema and life itself.

It would certainly be without doubt Woody Allen. He’s a director whom I admire and surely on a island it would be fun and full of anecdotes.

Humberto Hinojosa – “I Hate Love” (Mexico)

Count of Monte Cristo
. It was my first book when I was a child and I have very good memories of it. I enjoy it every time I read it again.

The Beatles Abbey Road. I’ve heard it my entire life and I have never gotten tired of it. I think it works on an island. I also listen to it with
my wife and kids so it would give me hope of rescue.

Wall-e. I’m sure we would be best friends forever.

If I’m going to be on an island with Wall-e, I’m sure we will have a great time watching “The Party” by Peter Sellers over and over again which
would be my choice of a film.

Andrea Herrera Catalá
– “Nena, Saludame Al Diego” (Venezuela)

It is an established fact: I can watch “Streets of Fire” five hundred times, and I’ll never get bored. Besides, with this film I would bring a
little more music to the island!

Rob Gordon from “High Fidelity.” He is quite talkative and he could tell me tons of stories about his life, his girlfriends, the concerts he’s been
to… He would bring lots of records inside his head, and anecdotes and fun facts about them. It would be like having a never ending music magazine. We
would compose new songs, we would do vocal jam sessions and Air Band contests… Until I wanted to kill him, or maybe the other way round.

Cosimo Piovasco, Italo Calvino’s Baron in the Trees. I could find new advice from Cosimo every time I read it, on how to live in peace with
myself. This book has love, ideology, adventure, battles, joy and sorrow. Everything mixed up in just one big story. I recall I enjoyed a lot when I first
read it. I’ll let you know how is it going in reading number 1743.

by Gustavo Cerati. It is a gem, an amazing record. It is a pleasure listening to it next to the sea, lying under the sun. Cerati deserves a thousand and
one tributes.

Emiliano Romero
– “Topos” (Argentina)

I feel the need to mention that this list changes permanently, depending entirely on my metamorphosis as a human being. Tengo Miedo Torero (My
Tender Matador) by Pedro Lemebel. I would choose this book because it merges social and political reality with fiction. It depicts sensitive characters
that have to cope with desires and ideologies. The book makes me want to embrace every single detail of life. It also encourages everyone to defend their
right to be whatever they want to be.

“Les Amants du Pont-Neuf”
(The Lovers on the Bridge) by Leos Carax. This film manages to transform ugliness and pathos into beauty. Each scene makes me feel the magic of cinema. It
really blows people’s minds. The actors play their parts in a grotesque-acting style, yet with profound truth.

by Caetano Veloso. This album makes me feel happy. While I listen to it, I realize that the mixture of the different world cultures is really enlightening.
Jazz, Rock, Bossa Nova, Tango, lots of talent and Latin blood.

Cosmo Kramer from TV series “Seinfeld.” I would choose him because he always does what he feels. He never censors himself, nor thinks twice about
things. He loves what he does and does what he loves to do, always. Besides, I think that the physical work of the actor is absolutely brilliant.

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