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Review: ‘Archer’ Season 6 Episode 11 ‘Achub Y Morfilod’ Finds Maturity (And Matthew Rhys)

Review: 'Archer' Season 6 Episode 11 'Achub Y Morfilod' Finds Maturity (And Matthew Rhys)

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“I swear to God I had something for this.” (Episode Summary)

Archer tries to take Lana on a romantic getaway in order to explain what happened with Katia the week prior, but then he neglects to tell her they’re also on a business trip to assist Welsh rebels attempting to escape an MI5 agent. As one can imagine, none of this goes over well with the hot-headed Agent Kane — especially her drugging by Archer himself — but it all turns out all right in the end, as our two lovebirds show a surprising degree of maturity for a couple who can’t even agree on who gets the gun before being assaulted by a giant. 

“Bloody Mary, full of vodka, pray for me now…” (Best Drinking Reference)

Who’s a better spokesman: Bill Murray as Bob Harris hawking Suntory whiskey in “Lost in Translation” or Archer vouching for 43 percent alcohol-by-volume Glengoolie in this weeks’ episode? It’s a tough call, but I gotta give the edge to the least secret secret agent since he didn’t need more than two takes to nail the spot. “Glengoolie. For the best of times.” They are indeed (even at $30 a glass).

“Danger zone!” (Most Action-y Action Sequence)

Though mostly light on action, I’ve got to give major ups to the animation team for two key aspects of tonight’s episode. First, the animated version of Matthew Rhys was spot on and the addition of his glasses and American haircut were an added bonus (great homage to the disguises in Rhys’ other FX series, “The Americans”). Second, the opening drive with the warmly glowing countryside set a perfect mood for what’s officially labeled “a rousing tale by Matthew Rhys” in the credits. Rhys apparently shared a story of inspirational nature with Reed and co-writer Mike Arnold a while back, and they made a deal to include him on the episode as a voice actor if it all worked out. We’re all very glad it did, and I’m sure we’re all equally pleased with the gorgeous setting for the “rousing tale.”

(Best) “Phrasing!”

“All righty — can someone give me a hand?” – Dr. Krieger 
“But doctor, I thought the patient was getting a hand.” – Cheryl
“Speaking of hands, nurse, I’m…”
“…overplaying yours?”
“Well, I was going to say putty in yours, my dear, but I’ll have to hand it to ya.”
“Mph. Keep your hands to yourself, doctor.”
“Can we have a show of hands as to who thinks this is getting out of hand?” – Cyril
“God damn it! Can you please shut up and sew on my robot hand?” – Ray
“Hand job.” – Pam

“Tactleneck” (Best Archer Innovation)

“You put giant magnets in the bumpers of all the cars so that every car repels every other car so there would never be another accident.” 

Okay, so technically this falls under both the best and worst of Archer’s innovations, but our fearless leader’s idea to end all traffic accidents seems like a pretty plausible alternative, even with the one minor hitch (getting T-boned at traffic lights). We’re going to give Archer a pass on this one considering that a) he obviously put a lot of thought into it and was waiting for the right opportunity to unveil his master plan (at which time Lana crushed his dreams with ruthless speed), and b) he was wearing his tactleneck for most of the episode. One for two ain’t bad, Archer.

“That’s like killing a unicorn!” (Best Quote)

“Yeah, a fairy tale in which the heroine is drugged and kidnapped.” – Lana
“You realize that’s like, every fairy tale?” – Archer

“Can’t or won’t?” (Analysis)

The penultimate episode to the penultimate episode of “Archer” Season 6 was packed to the gills with well-timed and placed references. From the aforementioned “M.A.S.H.” and Disney moves, to “The Americans,” “Rocky”(!), “Of Mice and Men” and even “Archer” itself (“Closet rampage!”), “Achub Y Morfilod” used an effective premise to incorporate an impressive number of relatable conceits. But more importantly, it used them to elevate a battle of the sexes with an enlivening result.

Archer and Lana always fight. It’s one of our favorite traits about them, as a couple, coworkers, exes or all of the above. But here, when it seemed as though they were about to reach a breaking point, the two instead strengthened their bond. Though neither would admit it in so many words, an understanding was reached after an argument that could have marked the end of a delicate relationship. Honestly, it was surprising. I don’t know how long the Archer/Lana love story will last — though even a break up wouldn’t mark a definitive end — but it’s making for quite an exciting balancing act at the onset, especially with a baby in the mix. And — as an added bonus — it will make me feel a heckuva lot better about last week’s episode in the years to come.

Grade: B+

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