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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 9, ‘Daddy Issues’: Pushing the Boundaries

Review: 'Girls' Season 4, Episode 9, 'Daddy Issues': Pushing the Boundaries

PREVIOUSLY: ‘Girls’ Season 4, Episode 8, ‘Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shenaz’: Trouble on the Home Front 

Love Her or Hate Her

We’re back to like, and it’s a good thing too, given that
the finale is next week. As the episode title promises, “Daddy Issues”
revolves around Hannah’s reaction to her father finally coming out of the
closet and what that means for her parental unit going forward. While she
struggles to get her head around the idea that her parents might actually stay
together in a sham marriage, she over-shares with everyone around her, leading
to several discussions about what it really means to be a grown up.

Another Cringe-Worthy

Three words: Japanese music video.

How Many Shots to Forget
that time…

Marnie showed up and completely steamrolled Ray’s big night
by not only blurting out her marriage announcement to her ex the second she saw
him, but then again by grabbing the mic and telling a roomful of people she
doesn’t even know that her and Dezi are getting married? Hannah had it right
when she declared that Marnie wasn’t the least bit sorry for the interruption.

A Realization

Last week we wondered how long it would be until Hannah was
scolded for fraternizing with the students and treating them like BFFs. This
week we saw the fallout from her friendship/mentorship when the principal
finally intervened and gave a pretty fatherly speech about boundaries. Either
some of it actually sank in with a day-drinking Hannah or she just really liked
the way it sounded, because some of it made it back into her arguments to Tad
on how much of his personal life she really needed to know.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Elijah + Tad = full blown web series potential. We would
have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they went shopping, or even had
the discussion about how he was going to make such a great daddy. Even Hannah
haters had to feel a little bad for her on that one.

A Growth Spurt

When we last left Jessa, she was intent on having Ace’s
babies and making a relationship with him work, despite his lingering feelings
for Mimi-Rose. This week she seemed to change her tune when she saw those
feelings for herself. Rather than sit in and be a part of the conversation about
jealousy during the awkward sausage fest in Mimi’s apartment, she stormed out
and took Adam with her. It was one of the best decisions we’ve seen Jessa make
of her own accord, while from a narrative perspective it reset the scene for
Adam and Hannah to potentially reunite. Besides, we’ve been waiting for someone
to call bullshit on Mimi-Rose’s awkward life views for weeks. Jessa was the
perfect person to do so, especially since she set Adam and Mimi-Rose together
in the first place. Now she just needs to look for someone else who doesn’t
make her “think too much.”

This Week in Friendship

Sure, part of Shoshanna wanting to help Ray was so that she
didn’t feel like a complete failure in life, but watching her genuine
compassion towards her former flame was touching. Perhaps her puppy dog eyes
during his awkward victory speech were a bit much (where was Scott, anyhow?)
but watching Ray and Shosh bounce ideas and feelings off each other has become
a highlight of the season.  

Speaking Of, They Voted
for Ray!

After the shortest campaign in television history, Ray has
been voted in. And now we’ll get to see his character’s frustrations over not
being able to affect any kind of real change. Well, we’ll probably have to wait
until next season for that officially, but it’s coming.

Most Telling Quote
Goes To…

“You’re an adult, and I know it sucks, but you’re going
to have to at least start trying to keep some stuff inside.”

This could apply to pretty much any of the “Girls
characters, yes?


“At the end of the day this really isn’t about me.”

A wallet-free Hannah at least trying to take herself out of
the picture for once.

Grade: B

“Girls” airs
Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Next time on Girls: The Season 4 conclusion.

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