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Everything You Need to Know About All the Movies Opening April 10

Everything You Need to Know About All the Movies Opening April 10

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, April 10. [Synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.]


Ex Machina
Director: Alex Garland
Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander, Corey Johnson, Deborah Rosan
Synopsis: “Caleb, a 24 year old coder at the world’s largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world’s first true artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (22 reviews)

The Longest Ride
Director: George Tillman, Jr. 
Cast: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Lolita Davidovich, Melissa Benoist, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, Alan Alda, Amy Parrish
Synopsis: “The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man as he reflects back on a lost love while he’s trapped in an automobile crash.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C- (8 reviews)


About Elly
Director: Asghar Farhadi
Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidoosti
Synopsis: “With the return of their close friend Ahmad from Germany, a group of old college pals decide to reunite for a weekend outing by the Caspian Sea. The fun starts right away as they quickly catch on to the plan of lively Sepideh, who has brought along Elly, her daughter’s kindergarten teacher, in hopes of setting her up with recently divorced Ahmad. But seemingly trivial lies, which start accumulating from the moment the group arrives at the seashore, suddenly swing round and come back full force when one afternoon Elly suddenly vanishes. Her mysterious disappearance sets in motion a series of deceptions and revelations that threaten to shatter everything they hold dear.”
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (11 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (expands to various cities nationwide through the beginning of the July)

Black Souls
Director: Francesco Munzi
Cast: Marco Leonardi, Peppino Mazzotta, Fabrizio Ferracane, Anna Ferruzzo, Barbora Bobulova, Giuseppe Fumo, Pasquale Romeo, Stefano Priolo, Vito Facciolla, Cosimo Spagnolo
Synopsis: “A tale of violence begetting violence and complex morality inherited by each generation in rural Calabria, a real-life mafia seat in Southern Italy. The Carbone family consists of three brothers, Luigi and Rocco who are engaged in the family business of international drug trade and Luciano who has remained in the ancestral town of Africo in the Aspromonte mountains on the Mediterranean coast – herding goats. His 20-year old son Leo has little respect for his farmer father, but idealizes his Mafioso uncles. When Leo shoots up a bar owned by a rival family with a longstanding blood feud with the Carbones, his reckless actions create trouble that brings the whole family back to Africo for the inevitable bloody showdown.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B (5 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (expands to various cities in six states and Washington, DC throughout May)

Broken Horses
Director: Vindhu Vinod Chopra
Cast: Vincent D’Onofrio, Anton Yelchin, Sean Patrick Flannery, Thomas Jane, Chris Marquette, Maria Valverde
Synopsis: “After leaving town following the death of his father, young music prodigy, Jacob Heckum (Anton Yelchin), returns to his desolate hometown only to discover that Buddy (Chris Marquette), the child-like brother he left behind now works for a drug gang. The gang’s ruthless leader (Vincent D’Onofrio) has twisted his simple mind and manipulated him into a killer… a surrogate son who blindly does as he is told. Jacob is drowned in guilt for having abandoned his brother and realizes the only way to save him from his new fraternity is to join them.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington, DC

Director: Christopher Presswell
Cast: Andrew Fitch, Nigel Thomas, Isla Ure, Tom Knight, Dan March, Amy Barnes, Pete Edmunds, James McNeill, Dominic Boren
Synopsis: “A social gathering is rocked to its core when Jack accuses his best friend’s wife of infidelity. But as the allegations start flying, it soon emerges that a far more sinister game may be at play.”
Theatrical Release: Los Angeles

Clouds of Sils Maria
Director: Olivier Assayas
Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Kristen Stewart, Juliette Binoche, Brady Corbet, Angela Winkler, Johnny Flynn, Lars Eidinger
Synopsis: “At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years ago. But back then she played the role of Sigrid, an alluring young girl who disarms and eventually drives her boss Helena to suicide. Now she is being asked to step into the other role, that of the older Helena. She departs with her assistant to rehearse in Sils Maria; a remote region of the Alps. A young Hollywood starlet with a penchant for scandal is to take on the role of Sigrid, and Maria finds herself on the other side of the mirror, face to face with an ambiguously charming woman who is, in essence, an unsettling reflection of herself.” [Cannes Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (49 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Select Cities

Dial A Prayer
Director: Maggie Kiley
Cast: Brittany Snow, William H. Macy, Glenne Headly, Tom Lipinski, Stephanie Koenig, Nicole Forester, Kate Flannery
Synopsis: “Cora, a disenchanted and troubled young woman, begrudgingly answers phones at a Prayer Call Center under the watchful direction of its religious leader Bill. When her prayers start making a difference, one caller shows up convinced he’s been saved by her voice. With the discovery of her newfound gift, Cora struggles to reconcile her troubled past and grapples with the faith that others have started to show in her.”
Theatrical Release: Select Cities

Dior and I
Director: Frederic Tcheng
Synopsis: “‘Dior and I’ brings the viewer inside the storied world that is the House of Christian Dior with a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons’ first Dior Haute Couture collection as Artistic Director, a true labor of love by a dedicated, charming, and often humorous group of collaborators. Seamlessly melding the everyday, pressure-filled components of fashion with a mysterious and elegant reverence for the history of this iconic brand, the film offers a rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of the gifted artisans who serve Simons’ vision.”
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (8 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in Los Angeles on April 17th; expands to various cities nationwide throughout May)

Desert Dancer
Director: Richard Raymond
Cast: Freida Pinto, Reece Ritchie, Tom Cullen, Nazanin Boniadi, Marama Corlett, Akin Gazi, Simon Kassianides, Makram Khoury, Tolga Safer
Synopsis: “During the volatile climate of the 2009 presidential election, where many cultural freedoms were threatened, Afshin and some friends (including Elaheh played by Freida Pinto) risk their lives and form an underground dance company. Through banned online videos, they learn from timeless legends who cross all cultural divides, such as Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly and Rudolf Nureyev. Afshin and Elaheh also learn much from each other, most importantly how to embrace their passion for dance and for one another.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including Los Angeles and New York, Chicago, Scottsdale and Washington, DC)

Director: Garrett Batty
Synopsis: “Caught in the middle of a brutal civil war, six Liberian missionaries in Monrovia flee the widespread violence in their native country. Their destination: Freetown, Sierra Leone. With the help of local church member Phillip Abubakar, the missionaries make the difficult journey, only to have their troubles compounded by a rebel fighter bent on killing one of their own.”
Theatrical Release: Various 

The Harvest
Director: John McNaughton
Cast: Samantha Morton, Michael Shannon, Natasha Calis, Charlie Tahan, Peter Fonda, Leslie Lyles, Meadow Williams
Synopsis: “Maryann moves in with her grandparents after she’s orphaned. Desperately lonely, the preteen sets out to befriend a neighboring deathly ill, bed-ridden boy, despite the outright disapproval of his mother. Maryann’s persistence pays off, however, and during a series of secret visits she gradually uncovers some seriously sinister goings-on in the house.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C+ (6 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in Los Angeles on April 24th)

The House Across the Street
Director: Arthur Luhn
Cast: Eric Roberts, Ethan Embry, Courtney Gains, Jessica Sonneborn, Alex Rocco, Josh Hammond, Kati Salowsky
Synopsis: “Amy has moved east from Kansas, determined to start a new life. She thinks she has found the perfect small quiet town, a great neighborhood on a quiet street. As she moves into her brand new apartment, eager to start a dream job, happy to befriend her neighbors, she finds out that not everything is as it seems, especially at the house across the street.”
Theatrical Release: Boston (expands to Los Angeles on April 18th and Washington, DC on April 30th)

In Country
Director: Mike Attie and Meghan O’Hara
Synopsis: “To many of us, the idea of Civil War re-enactment is a familiar concept. But the men of Delta 2/5(R) recreate the battles of a far more charged conflict: The Vietnam War. For one weekend a year, the woods of Oregon transform as a mix of combat enthusiasts, Iraq veterans, and even a former South Vietnamese Army officer, revive — by choice — a war that a whole generation would much rather forget. Disquieting and provocative, In Country blurs fantasy with trauma, deftly tugging at the imposing question: what compels these men to don the vintage uniforms and meticulously bring this controversial war back to life?”
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in various cities nationwide throughout the end of May) 

Kill Me Three Times
Director: Kriv Stenders
Cast: Teresa Palmer, Simon Pegg, Luke Hemsworth, Sullivan Stapleton, Alice Braga, Callan Mulvey, Bryan Brown
Synopsis: “Charlie Wolfe discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the siren of a sun-drenched surfing town and quickly finds himself at the center of three tales of murder, mayhem, blackmail and revenge.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C (9 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Select Cities

Lost River
Director: Ryan Gosling
Cast: Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, Ben Mendelsohn, Iain De Caestecker, Saoirse Ronan, Reda Kateb, Barbara Steele
Synopsis: “In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy, a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C+ (17 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York, Los Angeles and Austin

Rebels of the Neon God

Director: Tsai Ming-liang
Cast: Lee Kang-sheng, Chen Chao-jung, Jen Chang-bin, Lu Yi-Ching
Synopsis: “Tsai Ming-liang’s feature debut introduces antihero Hsiao-kang, a sullen youth sharing a Taipei apartment with his mother and cabbie father who believes he’s the reincarnation of a spiteful god. Something of a low-key anarchist, Hsiao-kang impulsively drops out of his college-prep course and pockets the tuition money. Striking out on his own, he falls in with the bikers who vandalized his father’s cab and the disaffected girl who follows them around.”
Theatrical Release: New York

The Sisterhood of Night
Director: Caryn Waechter
Cast: Georgie Henley, Kara Hayward, Laura Fraser, Kal Penn, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Morgan Turner
Synopsis: “When a teenage girl says she’s the victim of a secret network called The Sisterhood of Night, a quiet suburban town becomes the backdrop for a modern-day Salem witch trial.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including New York and Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Denver and San Francisco)

Song from the Forest
Director: Michael Obert
Synopsis: “As a young man, US-born Louis Sarno heard a song on the radio that gripped his imagination. He followed the mysterious sounds back to the Central African rainforest, found his music with the Bayaka pygmies – and never came back. Today, 25 years later, Louis is a full member of this community of hunters and gatherers. Louis has a son with a Bayaka woman, 13-year-old Samedi. As a baby, Samedi became seriously sick. As he lay dying, Louis held him the whole night and promised him: “If you survive, I will show you the world I come from.” Now it is time to keep his promise, and so Louis travels with his son from the African rainforest to a different jungle made of concrete– to New York City.” [SXSW Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (5 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles

Wa-shoku ~Beyond Sushi~
Director: Junichi Suzuki
Synopsis: “Beginning with sushi, Japanese cuisine is familiar all over the world today. At Japanese restaurants, you can see people, regardless of their ethnicity, enjoying this food culture. There is a passionate story behind the the men who dedicated their lives to spreading Japan’s traditional cultural cuisine making Wa-shoku (Japanese Food) recognized throughout the world today. Featuring Mr. Noritoshi Kanai, the CEO of Mutual Trading Co., Nobu Matsuhisa, the chef/owner of Nobu restaurants, Katsuya Uechi, the chef/owner of Katsu-ya group, Tyson Cole, the chef/owner of Uchi restaurant, Joel Robuchon, a French chef, Yoshihiro Murata, the chef/owner of Kyoto Kikunoi, Shige Nakamura a Ramen master and more.”
Theatrical Release: Limited

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