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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ — Season 7, Episode 9: ‘Divine Inspiration’

'RuPaul’s Drag Race' -- Season 7, Episode 9: 'Divine Inspiration'

Hey, squirrel friends! 

Mama Ru is back and she’s brought a fierce pack
of blood thirsty queens with her. You can check back here weekly for our recaps
and readjusted Queenly Rankings.

Now, let’s read these bitches for filth! Or, at
least assign a totally subjective ranking based on their performance in week

*Spoilers ahead!*

All T,
All Shade—Here’s the Recap:

Last week, Jaidynn got the boot, and it was
definitely her time to go. Trixie took her spot in the competition after wowing
the judges in a perhaps-slightly-definitely rigged competition, but I am happy
to see what else she can bring!

After landing in the bottom two, Ginger Minj is
freaked out and emotional, but I doubt she will be there again. I see this
funny lady cruising through to the top three. Who’s with me?

The next morning the queens receive the most
exciting Ru-Mail yet: it’s chock full of John Waters references! Polyester!
Pecker! Female Trouble! “Oh my god, I love Steven Spielberg!” shouts Katya. My
love for that girl is undying.

The mini-challenge this week? R-E-A-D-I-N-G,
‘cause it’s what? FUNDAMENTAL!

The queens do relatively well overall, though
there are very few full-on zingers and Ginger Minj sort of under-performs. The
best reads come from Katya (“Violet, you keep training those corsets and pretty
soon your waist size will be lower than your IQ!”), Violet (“Katya, at this
point your should just make like your hairline and recede.”), and yes, Pearl
(“Kennedy Davenport, you’ve got one eye on the prize, and the other on the

Trixie Mattel is declared the winner, and it
honestly feels a little like one of those reality TV ploys to boost the
returning contestant’s confidence and simultaneously make everyone else hate
her more. But whatever, she just gets a bunch of cash to buy sequins and

Time for this week’s maxi-challenge:
#JohnWaters4Ever! That’s right, the girls will be screen testing for musical
re-tellings of some of John Waters’ most stirring scenes, embodying the great
queen Divine—who Ru admits was “the first drag superstar”—in the process.

The contestants are tasked with breaking up into
their own groups: Ginger and Trixie grab each other, Kennedy and Katya latch on,
and Pearl, Violet, and Fame are left to feel sad about their lacking
musical/performative talents. Oof, this one’s gonna be rough y’all!

The teams arrive on set to film their respective
scenes, and they are met by director Michelle Visage, music supervisor Lucian
Piane, and Our Lady J providing keyboard accompaniment.

Kennedy and Katya are performing “Cha Cha
Heels,” arguably the best scene in Female
, when Divine destroys her family’s Christmas (including knocking
the tree on top of her mother) when she doesn’t get the shoes she wants so
badly. Katya impresses right off the bat as a deranged, overwhelmed mother,
while Kennedy messes up her lines but seems to be doing her best Divine.

Trixie and Ginger are tasked with “Eggs,” the
disturbing momma-in-the-crib moment from Pink
, and after a rocky start they get in a groove. Ginger is
definitely showing up Trixie with her truly creepy turn as Momma, but overall
it’s fine.

Last up are Pearl, Miss Fame, and Violet
performing “Poo,” based on the infamous dog shit eating scene from Pink Flamingos. The song is the least
well-conceived and repetitive, with Miss Fame as Devilish Divine encouraging
the naughty behavior and Pearl as Angelic Divine attempting to dissuade her.
The energy is high from all three, but only Violet really seems to grasp the
disgusting nature of it all and embody Divine’s spirit.

The next day it’s time to prepare for the
runway: “Category is: Worst Dress Ever!” Ru tells the girls. “So good luck, and
by all means, fuck it up!” Lol. The ladies better impress, because along with
Michelle and Carson Kressley, pop singer Demi Lovato and the King of Filth John
Waters himself are serving as guest judges!

It’s a really fun runway! The worst are
definitely Pearl, Trixie, and Miss Fame whose dresses aren’t “cute,” but also
feel too possibly-worn to actually represent “worst dress ever.” Ginger’s lime
green polka dot monstrosity is spot-on (haha), Kennedy’s granny at church
number is costume-y but she really sells it, Katya’s crocheted yellow “dress”
is…sorry…have to go puke…and Violet Chachki werks her off-kilter rainbow
jumpsuit dress thingy so well, it actually works!

On to the completed John Waters tributes! “Cha
Cha Heels” is the real stand-out for me, perhaps because it was already such a
purely funny scene to begin with; Katya steals the show as a divinely
disgusting mother ready to kick her legs in the air, and Kennedy really pulls
through as a pissed off Dawn Davenport furious over her ugly new shoes.

“Eggs” comes across relatively well, though
Trixie playing Divine is not my favorite; she doesn’t feel loose and wacky
enough, almost too rehearsed. Ginger, on the other hand, is downright fucked up
as the mother craving her daily feeding of eggs: the look, the voice, and a
different side of her acting than we’ve seen before really pull this one off!
Finally “Poo.” It’s a steaming pile of poo. Only Violet, channeling the
filthiest Divine of the bunch, is passable (and I thought she was actually
quite good). Pearl and Fame both struggle a
. It is almost painful, but the judges still clap and laugh along, so
that’s nice of them. 

The judges ask all the queens which of their
crew should go home this week, and it’s a bit of a Miss Fame slaughterhouse.
Everyone makes good points for why she should go home (she’s been in the bottom
several weeks in a row, she may have given all she can offer), but you can’t
help but feel bad for this beautiful, hyper-emotional queen. Only Violet and,
obviously, Fame deviate, with Ms. Chachki calling out Trixie because she should
be scrutinized closer than the rest of the queens and didn’t deliver, and Fame
saying that Pearl’s over-it attitude should send her packing.

So much for sisterhood, y’all!

In the end, Katya and Ginger are the top two…and
Ginger Minj wins the challenge! It’s nice to see her make a comeback after last
week, though I might have preferred Katya this week. She notes that she is the
first queen to win three challenges this season.

The bottom three are Pearl, Miss Fame, and,
because they probably just wanted the symmetry of putting a whole group in the
bottom, Violet Chachki. I think Trixie should have been there instead, but hey,
I’m no judge!

Miss Fame and Pearl end up as the bottom two
this week, and I can’t say I’m surprised. They are tasked with lip syncing to
Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care,” an empowering pop power ballad that I happen
to love. Poor Fame has her massive tent dress to maneuver in, but even so,
Pearl just gives more life and sass.

That said, as much as I have been rooting for
her throughout the season, Pearl is a truly awkward mover and I am still not
convinced that she can walk very well in heels. Anyone else have this concern?
Her arms never seem to do what she wants them to, but hey, she gives good face,
and she was clearly having more fun!

It’s an obvious choice: Pearl, shantay you stay.

Miss Fame, sashay away! This is a sad one as I
really like Fame. In fact, I like all the remaining queens (which never
happens) and will be sad to watch them go home one by one!

It’s down to the sickening six! Who will go home
next week? The preview promises a dance challenge, so expect Kennedy Davenport
to excel.

Turn to the next page for our latest rankings of the Queens.  

Definitive Ranking of Ru’s Queens (Season 7 Style):
For our purposes, the
eliminated queen will be ranked last; everyone else’s spot is fair game!

7. Miss
Fame —

I really really like Miss Fame. I think she is a
genuine person, and her emotions got the better of her in some ways, but
honestly, it’s nice to see someone feel so much in an obviously stressful
environment. I agree that she’d given everything she could, but I hope she
learns to perform better under pressure!

6. Pearl

My new-found confidence is waning, Miss Pearl. I
still enjoy her as a person, and her laid-back attitude, while not ideal for
this competition per se, is a nice break from the high stress. Let’s hope she
makes a comeback next week!

5. Trixie
Mattel —

Trixie coming back was exciting, but she did not
deliver on the promise that “Trixie has more to show!” I thought her Divine
performance was flat and her dress was nowhere near the ugly that some of the
queens pulled out. I say she scraped by this week.

Kennedy Davenport —

She’s my least favorite person this season, but
I still think she’s funny and sassy and wise in a great way. She always steps
up to the challenge thrown at her, and while she has flat-lined a little, I
think she will excel in next week’s dance challenge!

3. Violet
Chachki —

Violet hasn’t been performing as well lately,
but I have faith that she can come back from her lower points. She always looks
wonderful, and I thought her Divine was misjudged in the context of a really
bad overall group performance.

2. Ginger
Minj —

I didn’t think Ginger should have won this
week’s challenge, so she is in the number two spot out of spite. But not
really, cause I love her and think she is amazing :)

1.  Katya

Like I said before, I just really jive with her
personality and her humor. She’s sweet but crass, a great combination. I can’t
wait to watch her make it into the top three!

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