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The Only Oral History of ‘Mad Men’ You Ever Need to Read. Ever.

The Only Oral History of 'Mad Men' You Ever Need to Read. Ever.

Sure, there have been plenty of excellent articles written about the history of Matthew Weiner’s era-defining series, “Mad Men,” and even a few eminently worthwhile books. But once Clickhole gets its paws on a subject, it’s done, and it stays done. People of a literal-minded bent may see their oral history of “Mad Men,” which reveals, among other things, that Weiner’s real name is Francis Muscles and that Joan is destined to be eaten by a shark in the year 2131, as “parody,” but that’s only because they refuse to see the truth. Can you deny it? I would submit that you cannot.

Matthew Weiner: When I took Jon Hamm aside and told him that Don Draper’s real name was Dick Whitman, he was extremely happy.

Jon Hamm: Yes, I am Hamm. One of my favorite things about the secret man who drinks at work is that he is actually a different man. Don Draper is Dick Whitman, but nobody knows. Dick Whitman saw Don Draper explode, and then Dick Whitman became Don Draper, and now Hamm is Draper. I thought that this was the best, and so when we were filming the show, I would always end every scene by saying, “I’m not Don Draper, I’m Dick Whitman! Yowza!”

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell): Jon Hamm is a talented actor, but during the pilot he kept going off script to announce that Don Draper was actually named Dick Whitman.

Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson): Even for scenes he wasn’t in, Jon would burst into whatever room we were filming in and shout, “No, I’m not Don Draper! Don Draper exploded! I’m Dick Whitman instead! Yowza!”

Matthew Weiner: He just wouldn’t stop. In the end, we just had to edit out hours of footage of Jon Hamm announcing, “I’m Dick Whitman. Yowza!”

More — so much, much more — here.

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