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Weekend B.O. April 3-5 (Big Enough for Now)

Weekend B.O. April 3-5 (Big Enough for Now)

So “Furious
7″ reportedly cost something like $250 million to make. Here’s the one
question I had that was constantly on my mind when I saw it: If you’re
spending literally a quarter of a billion dollars on a film, you’re telling me
that they couldn’t blow up a real building, create some real damage, or destroy
some real cars? What’s with all this CGI overload stuff?

For such an expensive film like this, many of the effects had a real slap dash, cheesy
quality to them, as if they were made by some high school video production class
or in Bulgaria. No, sorry, I
take that back. I apologize for that comment. That was uncalled for. They do
way better effects in high school video production classes.

O.K. I understand.
It’s a cartoon. It’s meant to be ridiculous and over the top, like a live action
video game. I know, the kids love it. But I’m an old fuddy-duddy. Give me some
reality to hang on to. I really liked the whole escape sequence/forest chase action
set piece in the film. That was really well done, very exciting and most of it
was actually done on camera. But that sports car flying between buildings
stuff, c’mon. Not only does it defy the actual laws of physics,
it just took me out the movie. Even director Christopher Nolan says he always
tries to do practical effects on camera as much as possible on films, and only relies
on CGI when absolutely necessary. Nowadays, someone turns their head, it’s a CGI

But these kids
today, I’m telling you. They don’t know what a real action film is because, in the old days, they did stuff for real (mostly…).

But getting back
to “F7,” one major reason the film cost so much is because, of course,
production was forced to shut down, to be retooled, for several months after the
sudden death of Paul Walker in a car accident while working on the film. Universal
and filmmakers then had to scramble to fix.

Walker had basically completed about 50% of his work on the film, the script was
rewritten several times (resulting in plot holes in the film that people don’t
seem to notice), images and outtakes of Walker from other “F & F” movies were used,
doubles were employed, and they even went as far as hiring Walker’s two younger brothers
as stand-ins and literally superimposing, through CGI, Paul Walker’s face on

The result
of all this work is, for the most part, pretty seamless, though there are some
shots here and there, especially during the last 10 minutes or so where some of
the trickery is obvious and the reshoots, retooling and delays added reportedly
some $50 million to the budget.

needless to say, it was to the surprise of no one that “FF7” would blow past $100
million for its opening weekend, and it did making some $143.6 million. That makes it not only the biggest opening for
any “Fast and Furious” film to date, but the ninth biggest b.o. opening ever.

And the film
did even bigger business overseas, making some $240 million this weekend. Meaning
it’ll easily top the $789 million that “FF 6” made worldwide That’s huge. That’s
really huge. But let’s see what that new “Avengers” film does when it opens in a
few weeks.

The 2012
movie still holds the record for the biggest weekend opening ever, with $207
million, and this new “Avengers” film is expected to beat that by $50-60 million.
We shall see what we shall see.

Last week’s
No. 1 film Home held up pretty well, losing less than 50% from last weekend, earning some $27 million, for $95 million to date. Meanwhile “Get Hard” took a big
drop of over 60%, coming in third with $12.9 million.

The big
surprise, to me, though is that “American Sniper” is still in the top 12, and its
$346 million total makes it the 28th biggest grossing film domestically
at this point, and will probably go up the list a few notches until all is said
and done.  

1) Furious 7     Uni.     $143,623,000    
2) Home      Fox     $27,400,000     Total: $95,621,000    
3) Get Hard     WB     $12,925,000     Total: $57,004,000    
4) Cinderella     BV     $10,289,000     Total: $167,251,000    
5) The Divergent Series: Insurgent     LG/S     $10,000,000 Total:$103,385,000    
6) It Follows     RTWC     $2,465,000     Total: $8,541,000    
7) Woman in Gold     Wein.     $2,004,000 Total: $2,100,000    
8) Kingsman: The Secret Service     Fox     $1,700,000     Total: $122,260,000    
9) Do You Believe?     PFR     $1,500,000         Total: $9,811,000
10) The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel     FoxS     $1,000,000     Total: $30,059,000    
11) American Sniper     WB     $625,000     Total: $346,383,000    
12) Run All Night     WB     $615,000     Total: $25,278,000

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