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Dances With Films Festival Announces 2015 Competition Lineup

Dances With Films Festival Announces 2015 Competition Lineup

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Los Angeles-based film festival Dances With Films announced their Narrative Features and SHorts Program competition lineup today, as well as an emerging filmmakers showcase of 16 narrative features and 32 short films. The competition films were selected by the DWF community from more than 2,000 blind film submissions. 

The festival, often referred to as a “summer camp” for filmmakers, is known for its friendly atmosphere of discovery. This year marks the 18th season for the DWF Festival, which runs from May 28th to June 7th at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles. More information about the festival is available at their website. Check out the poster above, and read on for the list of films, with synopses provided by the festival.

Narrative Features

“All I Need”  (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Dylan K. Narang
Producers: Dylan K. Narang, Jeffrey J. Robinson
Cast: Caitlin Stasey, Markus Taylor, Holly Twyford, Rachel Melvin, Sorel Carradine, Leah McKendrick
Synopsis: An insecure young woman must overcome her captor to save her own life, all the while not knowing the sinister reason she’s really being held

“Astraea” (Southern California Premiere)
Director: Kristjan Thor Writer: Ashlin Halfnight
Producers: Ashlin Halfnight, Kristjan Thor, Jessica Cummings, Scotty Crowe
Cast: Nerea Duhart, Scotty Crowe, Dan O’Brien, Jessica Cummings
Synopsis: When disease decimates the population, a telepathic teenage girl named Astraea follows her visions through a silent America, hoping to find her family. She leads her doubtful brother on a five thousand-mile trek into the snowbound wilderness of Maine, where they encounter a couple homesteading on a frozen lake, the first people they’ve seen in over two years. Astraea’s clairvoyance intensifies, but her brother puts down roots, finds community, and wants to stay. Discord and division rise, and Astraea must decide if she trusts her visions enough to set out alone into the wintery backwoods to rescue her family before it’s too late.

“Barn Wedding” (US Premiere).
Director: Shaun Benson
Writer: Kelly McCormack Producers: Kelly McCormack, Shaun Benson, Emily Coutts
Cast: Emily Coutts, Kelly McCormack, Brett Donahue, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Shaun Benson, Kate Corbett, Christopher Hayes, Kaleb Alexander
Synopsis: When a young couple have to reschedule their picturesque summer wedding to the rural and remote dead of winter, they are forced to face how well they truly know each other and the people closest to them.

“The Break-In” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Marcus Ovnell
Producers: Marcus Ovnell, Jenny Lampa
Cast: Jenny Lampa, Lukas Loughran, Richard Ulfsäter
Synopsis: A married couple have dinner, they go to bed but soon they realize that someone is in the house. The crisis that follows this incident brings the couple closer together, but brings the relationship to a clash when reality comes knocking on the door. A movie about love and living with a secret.

“Dusk” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Michael Maney
Producers: Ryan Lewis, Michael Maney, Ford D’Aprix
Cast: John McGlothlin, Ford D’Aprix, Juliana Harkavy, Todd Litzinger, Ron Kidd
Synopsis: In 2008, Robert Kenner, a mild-mannered postman from Peckham, South London was struck by a meteor which bestowed him with super powers. Today, Bob is an overworked underappreciated “civil servant” for the British government. He spends most waking hours saving people and filling out forms. He has no time for anything else. Least of all love. But today he has a day off. And best of all, he has a date with June from the library. Now all he has to do is act as if this isn’t the most exciting day of his life. Apparently that puts people off.

“Echo Lake” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Jody McVeigh-Schultz
Producers: Jody McVeigh-Schultz, Andy Rydzewski
Cast: Sam Zvibleman, Christine Weatherup, Jillian Leigh, Chris Mollica, Don Yanan, Aaron Tomchik
Synopsis: Will is a 30-year old, functioning alcoholic, struggling with adulthood. When his estranged father dies, Will inherits the family cabin in the Sierras and with it a new perspective on his family, childhood and habit of sabotaging relationships.

“Fools” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Benjamin Meyer
Producers: Beth Schacter, Dana Scott
Cast: Mary Cross, Michael Szeles, Rebecca Spence, Janet Ulrich Brooks, Tony Fitzpatrick, Danny Goldring, Maury Cooper
Synopsis: Two strangers brush hands on a crowded Chicago El train. A week later, without exchanging a word, they move in together. He’s barely hanging on after being fired, again. She’s fleeing an angry roommate. They make it work, how two strangers can sometimes make strangeness work for them. Together, they fabricate a rich romantic history. But when reality intrudes, they must decide whether what they share is truly love, or just a fantasy.

“Here One Minute” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Eleanor Gaver
Producers: Schuyler Quinn, Lydia Dean Pilcher, Tom Garvin, Henry Lihn, Vanessa Demme
Cast: Ade Otukoya, Josephine Messer, Schuyler Quinn, Zebedee Row, Vanessa Demme, Jonathan Safran Foer
Synopsis: Here One Minute tells the devastating true story of what happens when Sarah-a college freshman-unexpectedly dies during the filming of a documentary about New York City graffiti writers. Sarah’s four best friends must deal with their sudden loss and discover what really happened that night. Here One Minute features music by Sarah Neufeld of The Arcade Fire, The National, Dopo Yume, Dujeous and commentary by Jonathan Safran Foer.

“Homeless” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Clay Riley Hassler
Writer: Clay Riley Hassler, Anna Fields
Producers: Tif Hassler
Cast: Michael McDowell, Lance Megginson, Julie Dunagan, Hosanna Gourley, Parker Townsend, J.W. Burriss, Michael Francis Paolucci
Synopsis: Filmed in a real shelter with real homeless people, “Homeless” tells the story of Gosh (Josh), a teenage boy lost in the bleak routine of life in a shelter. Everyday, from sunup until sundown, Gosh is put out on the streets, unable to return to the shelter until 7pm. He feels alone and anonymous in a seemingly connected world.  Weeks go by and the long days and sleepless nights begin to wear on him, and he becomes increasingly discouraged. But when his circumstances change for the better, he finds himself adapting to a new home, new friends and looking forward to a future that he hopes will last.

“In Stereo” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Mel Rodriguez III
Producers: Danny Roth, Damiano Tucci
Cast: Micah Hauptman, Beau Garrett, Melissa Bolona, Kieran Campion, Mario Cantone
Synopsis: David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After a break-up, they wander through meaningless relationships with others until chance brings them back together on the streets of New York. David invites Brenda to the opening of his first photography exhibit, setting the stage for a night to potentially re-kindle an old romance.

“The Last Treasure Hunt” (World Premiere)
Director: Patrick Biesemans
Writer: Kate Murdoch, Casey Nelson
Producers: Jessica Mathews, Christopher V. Lee, Jeff Croghan, Hilary Wagner
Cast: Casey Nelson, Kate Murdoch, Jeff Grace, Charles Hoyes, Peter O’Connor, Kandis Erickson, Sean Mahon
Synopsis: Oliver and Lucy Sinclair were raised on treasure hunts. Their father would hold a hunt each year, sending his children gallivanting around the house and island to find hidden prizes and secrets. But, like all children do, Oliver and Lucy grew up. After a year of estrangement, their eccentric father unexpectedly passes away, and the two siblings journey back home to put his affairs in order. Instead of receiving a standard will, the two are met with something unexpected… A treasure hunt. They must solve the hunt together in order to receive their father’s inheritance. 

“Lola’s Last Letter” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Valerie Brandy
Producers: Sherri Lennon
Cast: Valerie Brandy, Annamarie Kenoyer, Travis Quentin Young, Peter Banifaz, Tom Colitt
Synopsis: Lola (Valerie Brandy)– a 22 year-old ex-con who spends her time completing her community service by picking up trash on the side of the highway– is making a video letter for her mysterious pen-pal “Henry.” Through her video antics, which range from darkly humorous to heartbreakingly honest, we discover a girl who’s full of contradictions. Tugged in opposite directions by her best friend Ree (Annamarie Kenoyer), and her new love interest Sam (Travis Quentin Young), Lola tries to piece her life back together in the aftermath of a huge mistake. Who is Henry, and why can’t Lola let go?

“The Man In The Shadows” (World Premiere)
Director: Josh Fraiman
Writer: Adam Tomlinson
Producers: Brigitte Kingsley, Andrew Cymek, Tasso Lakas, Adam Tomlinson
Cast: Sarah Jurgens, Nick Baillie, Adam Tomlinson
Synopsis: Based on thousands of true stories, a newlywed photographer is stalked by a dark man in a brimmed hat who followers her from her nightmares and into reality. Her life in shambles and sanity slipping, she meets a mysterious man claiming to know the shocking secrets of the Hat Man.

“Soledad” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Eduardo Maytorena, Wayne Mitchell
Producers: Jesse Celedon, Eduardo Maytorena,Wayne Mitchell
Cast: Jesse Celedon, Montanna Gillis, Chase Austin, Chris Petrovski, Natt Leone, Eduardo Maytorena
Synopsis: A lonely limousine driver named Victor lives an isolated existence until one evening he is forced to defend a client, from being sexually assaulted by her prom date. “Soledad” tells the story of an unlikely friendship that develops after an act of compassion sets off a series of events -destined to change the lives of everyone involved. A road-trip adventure through the heart of Los Angeles that reminds us that the thing about memories is, you have to have the experiences first. Created and Produced by a team of first-time filmmakers Eduardo Maytorena, Wayne Mitchell and Jesse Celedon. Three best friends who came together to make the type of independent feature film they’ve always dreamed of. 

“Superbob” (North American Premiere)
Director: Jon Drever
Writer: Will Bridges, Brett Goldstein, Jon Drever (story)
Producers: Jon Drever, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones
Cast: Brett Goldstein, Natalia Tena, Catherine Tate, Laura Haddock
Synopsis: In 2008, Robert Kenner, a mild-mannered postman from Peckham, South London was struck by a meteor which bestowed him with super powers. Today, Bob is an overworked underappreciated “civil servant” for the British government. He spends most waking hours saving people and filling out forms. He has no time for anything else. Least of all love. But today he has a day off. And best of all, he has a date with June from the library. Now all he has to do is act as if this isn’t the most exciting day of his life. Apparently that puts people off.

“Superior” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Edd Benda
Producers: Edd Benda, Alex Bell, Stephen Helstad
Cast: Paul Stanko, Thatcher Robinson
Synopsis: During the height of the Vietnam War in 1969, Charlie is on his way to Michigan Tech University, and Derek is counting the days to his inevitable military draft eligibility. Before their futures take hold, the lifelong best friends embark on one final adventure: a 1300 mile bike ride along the shores of the gargantuan Lake Superior. With two-speed Schwinn bicycles and limited preparation, Charlie and Derek pedal through the massive northern backwoods of Michigan, Minnesota, and Canada. Along the way they face hunger, exhaustion, and the kind of people in the world who never wanted to be found.

Shorts Program

“The @$$hole” (World Premiere)
Director: Joel Watson
Writer: Joel Watson, Rob Chester Smith
Producers: Joel Watson, Rob Chester Smith, Shelli Ryan
Cast: Rob Chester Smith, Joe Tyler Gold, Tara Brennan Synopsis: In 2008, Robert Kenner, a mild-mannered postman from Peckham, South London was struck by a meteor which bestowed him with super powers. Today, Bob is an overworked underappreciated “civil servant” for the British government. He spends most waking hours saving people and filling out forms. He has no time for anything else. Least of all love. But today he has a day off. And best of all, he has a date with June from the library. Now all he has to do is act as if this isn’t the most exciting day of his life. Apparently that puts people off.

“A Complicated Way To Live” (North American Premiere)
Director: Ged Hunter
Writer: Ged Hunter, Dave Hart
Producers: Dave Hart Cast: Rob Jarvis, Andrew Schofield
Synopsis: Mr. Elis has an exhausting mental illness. He has lost his career, his mother, his best friend his only voice in a busy world. The only crutch left for him, a Government system that appears to be geared against him has unjustly and unknowingly began the beginning of the end, a series of designs and sketches, wires, cogs and a innocent young family accumulate in the only choice that Mr. Ellis thinks he has. Nothing is glamourized, its beautiful, its terrifying, it lives and breathes in the horror-like world of 21st century poverty but never rumbling to social realism clichés.

“A Period Drama” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Kristine Gerolaga
Producers: Kristine Gerolaga, Andronico Gerolaga, Rebecca Gerolaga, Beatriz Aguilar
Cast: Kristine Gerolaga, Rivka Roffino Synopsis: A comedic short about the rough relationship between a woman and her personified period. 

“Ablution” (World Premiere)
Director: Parisa Barani
Writer: Amin El Gamal, Melissa Recalde, Parisa Barani
Producers: Parisa Barani, Allison Vanore, Dena Hysell
Cast: Melissa Recalde, Amin El Gamal Synopsis: “Ablution” explores the inner life of a conservative Muslim woman and her struggle to reconcile her sexuality and spirituality in 1980s Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War.

“The Apple Tree” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Scott Storm
Producers: Scott Storm
Cast: Jennie Pines (character model), Maria Storm (character model), Joe Kraemer (character model), Matthew Witkop (character model)
Synopsis: When a young boy’s wooded sanctuary falls victim to vandalism, he takes it upon himself to put things right at all cost. Not even a constant, nagging hunger can deter him his self-appointed task.

“At The Seashore” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Martin Gradek
Producers: Martin Gradek
Cast: Rachel Delante, Neil Dickson
Synopsis: A foreign diplomat solicits the company of an escort – only he asks for the woman with the most complaints from other clients. When he meets Olive, his attempt to find out what triggered those complaints leads to a tug of war, and confessions from both strangers.

“Blind Date” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Mragendra Singh
Producers: Carl Mergenthaler, Caitlin Kelly
Cast: Carl Mergenthaler, Loraelei Temoney
Synopsis: Victor, a socially awkward, shy, middle-aged man, who has always lived with his abusive, loud mouthed, paraplegic mother, has managed to get a blind date. As Victor heads out for his date, he makes sure everything goes as perfectly as planned.

“Bowes Academy” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Greg Emetaz
Producers: Cara Consilvio, Amanda DeSimone
Cast: Joshua Gonzales, Shane Zeigler, Preston Maguire, Daniel Patrick Smith, Jonathan Iglesias, Ramon O. Torres
Synopsis: Daniel Bloom, a deeply conservative 15-year-old presidential hopeful who will do anything to escape his public high school to the elite boys boarding school of his dreams…until Bowes Academy seems to know more about his sexual orientation than he does.

“Direction” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Chris Valenti
Producers: Chris Valenti, Nathan Paul, Chad Kukahiko, Christopher Fredrick
Cast: Chris Valenti, Leilani Wyatt, Kerry Liu, Alejandra Morin
Synopsis: Need some etiquette advice for your first date? This seasoned stage and screen director is more than happy to help out.

“Everybody Does It” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Megan Brotherton
Producers: Amy Hartman, Megan Brotherton
Cast: Megan Brotherton, Jacob Reed, Mykee Selkin, Allison Bills, Sofia Gonzalez, Eugene Cordero, Pam Murphy, Steve Bethers
Synopsis: Claire’s life is not going as planned. A bad break up, a long dry spell, and an irregular period, leaves her wondering if she’s missing something sexually. Claire’s therapist challenges her to take her sexuality into her own hands-literally, which for Claire proves to be a difficult task. Will she conquer her embarrassment, shame, and the enormous dildo she inadvertently shoplifted?

“Fated” (World Premiere)
Director: Jeremy Foley
Writer: Sara O’Reilly
Producers: Sara O’Reilly, Jeremy Foley, Will Myers
Cast: Brett Jacobsen, Kyle Sabihy, Lindsay Felton, Vanessa Lee Chester, Hoyt Richards Synopsis: Fated is a comedy about Joe, an employee of the cosmic, all-seeing Fate Management Agency. Unbeknownst to us, Joe and his fellow agents are responsible for the destiny of each and every person, from soccer moms to criminals to the President of the United States. After struggling to make any progress with his one hopeless ‘client,’ Joe decides to break the rules and confront him face-to-face – on Earth. But what he discovers down there will make him question everything he knows.

“Funny Love” (World Premiere)
Director: Stuart MacLeod
Writer: Jenni Melear, Adrian Elizondo, Stuart MacLeod
Producers: Jenni Melear, Stuart MacLeod, Adrian Elizondo, George Parker, Jenny Phagan, Wes Kemp
Cast: Adrian Elizondo, Jenni Melear Synopsis: In a modern day silent film, this delightfully dark tale tells the love story of two social misfits, Clown and Faerie. Their romance is sweet, but things take a twisted turn when Clown’s perpetually playful demeanor pushes his beloved Faerie away and forces him to make a life or death decision. Directed by world-renowned magician Stuart MacLeod, this innovative approach to silent film features written dialogue organically integrated into scenes and a haunting original score by macabre cabaret artist Joe Black. 

“The Girl In The Green Dress” (World Premiere)
Director: Johanna Goldstein
Writer: Sara Fletcher, Leah McKendrick
Producers: Sara Fletcher, Leah McKendrick
Cast: Sara Fletcher, Leah McKendrick, Marilu Gamboa
Synopsis: A surreal drama set in the conservative world of 1950s housewives, exploring themes of modern feminism and sexual liberation. Contemporary dance is intertwined with narrative, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in the vein of “The Stepford Wives” and “Mulholland Drive.” 
“Guest Room” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Joshua Tate
Producers: Maritte Go, Dima Otvertchenko
Cast: Lauren Potter, Michael Iovine, Elizabeth Dement, Chelsea Landon
Synopsis: A young woman with Down Syndrome (Glee’s Lauren Potter) faces the harsh realities of adulthood after an unexpected turn of events with her boyfriend.

“Jam” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Brett Fleisher
Producers:  Brett Fleisher, Karen Henry, Nathan Paul
Cast: Jeff Bower, Bri Giger, Pat Scott, Ali Iovino, Sean Michael Boozer, Donald Watson, LarJayne Blackwell, Sapna Gandhi, Eric Michael Kochmer, Thom Rivera, Ashley Fuller, Ryan Moore, Kimberly Wong, Jude Evans, Ryan Karloff, Daniel Coronel, Darrett Sanders, Rhomeyn Johnson
Synopsis: Jam is a seven-minute film that explores the self absorption of 18 characters stuck in traffic in the middle of nowhere. Ranging from comically absurd to tragically honest, each vignette pushes us forward through the traffic jam to ultimately answer the question… what are they doing here?

“Jamaica” (North American Premiere)
Writer/Director: Helen Rollins
Producers: Johnny Rollins
Cast: Josh Webster, Lacy Moore, Nigel O’Neill, Niall Conway
Synopsis: In 1960s Belfast, a little boy reads encyclopedias and stories to escape an unhappy family and a violent father. Tales of a far-off land intrigue him: Jamaica. One night, after a terrible school report, and amid the bickering of his parents, he resolves to run away… 

“Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector” (West Coast Premiere)
Director:  Chandler Kauffman
Writer: Amin El Gamal, Melissa Recalde, Parisa Barani
Producers: Hillary Cutter, Chandler Kauffman, Bob Aumer, Yori Tondrowski, Brittany Rostron
Cast:  Geoffrey Cantor, Amy Rutberg , McRobbie, Wayne Mersky, Michael Somerville
Synopsis: A dark comedy about a down-and-out Postal Inspector struggling with his increasing irrelevance in the world. After taking to heart the advice of his new-age “life coach”, Karl finds himself embroiled in the most bizarre case of his career, but one that just might lead to renewed purpose in life.

“Madam Black” (World Premiere)
Director: Ivan Barge
Writer: Matthew Harris
Producers: Ivan Barge, Matthew Harris, Jozsef Fityus, Tim Judson and Brett Mills
Cast: Jethro Skinner, Pearl Everard
Synopsis: When a glamour photographer runs over a child’s pet, he’s forced to fabricate a story about its disappearance.

“Monkeys” (World Premiere)
Director: Christopher Soren Kelly
Writer: Clark D. Schaefer
Producers: Jessica Graham, Clark D. Schaefer, Christopher Soren Kelly
Cast: Jessica Graham, Christopher Soren Kelly
Synopsis: Years after their toxic relationship ended, Lila’s and Gimmie’s lives still connect in mysterious ways. Gimmie has cleaned up his act, but Lila is an addict, living in filth. Today, the state has confirmed she is unfit to raise the daughter she had by Gimmie. Lila spirals out of control. She gets a razor blade and her pills: death seems easiest. Will Gimmie be able to save her?

“Schmoolie The Deathwatcher” (World Premiere)
Director: Michael Ray Escamilla
Writer: Theresa Burkhart Gallagher
Producers: Theresa Burkhart Gallagher, Raymond Watt, Michael Ray Escamilla, Bo Bilstrup, Diana C. Zollicoffer, Najeeb Khuda, Andrew Joustra, Robert Nelson, Cory Misek
Cast: Jesse Heiman, Barry Neikrug, David Barrera, Mark Kelly, Caitlin Geier
Synopsis: An Orthodox Jewish teen spends his first night alone guarding a body awaiting burial, and ends up fighting for his own life.

“Shevenge” (West Coast Premiere)
Director: Amber Benson
Writer: David Greenman
Producers: Amber Benson, Megan Lee Joy, Don Money, Emme Rylan, Ryan Sanson, Jessica Sherif
Cast: Emme Rylan, Jessica Sherif, Megan Lee Joy, Eugene Byrd, David Blue, Dove Meir
Synopsis: From “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Amber Benson comes this twisted, darkly comedic, genre-bending tale of revenge. A revenge of the worst kind – Shevenge! 

“The Soft Parade” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Mike Testin
Producers: Mike Testin
Cast: Matt Mercer, Steve Agee, Anna Lore
Synopsis: A down on his luck wanderer crosses paths with a lonely artist.

“The Struggle Of Libations” (Southern California Premiere)
Writer/Director: Erin Mullally
Producers: Erin Mullally
Cast: David McGowan, Nadia Dibbs, Des Braiden
Synopsis: A man undertakes a night-long odyssey across Dublin as he questions his only meaningful relationship – the one he maintains with his ever loyal post-work pint.

“Suicide Sam” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Maurice Chauvet
Producers: Jesse H. Rivard, Steve Yeager, Melinda Augustina
Cast: Dave Roberts, Michael Gallagher, Molly Leland, Heather Long
Synopsis: An advertising executive marketing a suicide machine for consumer use meets with the man set to be the first member of the general public to use the device.

“Three Hearts” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Joseph Chebatte
Producers: Joseph Chebatte, Devris Hasan
Cast: Millie Samuels, Julian Maroun
Synopsis: A stylized portrayal of a young couple dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

“Una Mujer Sin Preico 1961” (West Coast Premiere)
Writer/Director: Juan Francisco Moctezuma II
Producers: Elliott Lonsdale
Cast: Miguel Núñez, Lisandra Tena
Synopsis: When the perfectionist scientist, Dr. Víctor Junco loses his wife, Maribella to a car accident he builds a robotic version to replace her. When he realizes he can continue to “perfect” his wife he eventually creates the “perfect” woman who leaves him.

“Up Next” (World Premiere)
Director: Domenic Yovina
Writer: Timothy Earle
Producers: Timothy Earle, Danielle Malambri
Cast: Timothy Earle, Lucy Walters, Richard Chiu
Synopsis: A dark comedy about a socially inept musician struggling to work up the courage to perform at an open mic.

“Vlado” (North American Premiere)
Director: Felipe Mucci
Writer: Rodrigo Espinosa Marván
Producers: Gurjeet Kaur Bassi
Cast: Bernardo de Paula, Tiago Riani, Luciana Faulhaber
Synopsis: Vlado is the fictionalized portrayal of the night before real-life Brazilian journalist Vladimir Herzog, turned himself in for questioning to the Brazilian police and was never heard from again. Set in Sao Paulo in 1975, in the context of the Brazilian military dictatorship, the story sets to illustrate one man’s final moments and the build-up to a decision that would eventually change the course of an entire country.

“Waste Paper” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Derrick D. Pete
Producers: Frances S. DeLoach, Sheree Devereaux
Cast: Mykee Selkin, Doris Morgado, Miguel Sagaz
Synopsis: A cartoon illustration, tossed by his Animator, enters a world where the other throw-aways come to life. He and a newfound friend battle the Animator’s inner voice to avoid a fate worst than death, being forgotten. 

“What If My Wife Died In Yoga Class?” (World Premiere)
Writer/Director: Jeffrey Williams
Producers: Caity Engler
Cast: Adam Mayfield
Synopsis: We’ve all asked ourselves what would happen if a sudden tragedy changed our lives forever. Most people let those fleeting thoughts slide. Randy is not most people. Today, Randy is determined to find an answer. While battling grumpy neighbors, filthy socks, and temperamental washers, he will set out on an epic journey of self-discovery, experiencing a full Kübler-Ross progression of heartbreak, joy, unexpected success, crooked cops, and a big ass bag of socks.

“The Window” (North American Premiere)
Writer/Director: Jill Pauletich-Ragan
Producers: Molly Hayes, Jill Pauletich-Ragan
Cast: Phoebe Moyer, Arye Micheal Bender
Synopsis: A little old lady sits in front of her picture window, alone, watching the people pass by until an old man comes along and decides to woo her from the sidewalk. But this is no ordinary old man with his courting skills upping the ante. 

“With Your Crooked Heart” (West Coast Premiere)
Director: Samuel Goodwin
Writer: Samuel Goodwin, Kate Payne
Producers: Colton Clements
Cast: Courtney Powell, Katherine Kanitsch
Synopsis: An estranged couple, a loveless house, and something in the shadows watching… After their only daughter leaves for college, Tom develops suspicions about the house, only furthering Jean’s contempt for her husband. Fueled by Tom’s stubborn Oxycontin addiction and Jean’s growing resentment, the couple comes face to face with the darkness that feeds on their broken relationship. 

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