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Review: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3, Episode 5, ‘Scarred By Many Past Frustrations’: Twins, Reunited

Review: 'Orphan Black' Season 3, Episode 5, 'Scarred By Many Past Frustrations': Twins, Reunited

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Cloning Around

predicted, Sarah found herself locked up at the creepy Castor lair alongside Helena
in this week’s installment, leading to an anticipated reunion that didn’t quite
shake down the way Sarah had hoped. As Helena dove deeper into her fake reality
with one Ms. Scorpion (also voiced by Tatiana Maslany), things looked
increasingly dire for the sestras and
their continued well-being, especially with Dr. Coady not exactly doing the
experiments she had in mind.

Science Class

With the baby bones intact, this episode was all
about getting down to work on figuring out the genetic defect. Apparently the
male sickness is worse than we thought: Turns out Rudy and his wayward brother
weren’t just randomly hooking up with females just for the fun of it; they were
spreading whatever it is they have to the women they met along the way.
Unfortunately, as we found out towards the end of the episode, Gracie can now
count herself among that group.  Whether
Mark knew the extent of how he would hurt Gracie remains unknown, but judging
by the character traits he’s exuded to date we’d say there’s a real love there
and he would never knowingly make her sick. It will, however, be interesting to
see if that’s part of the reason Gracie miscarried.

A Little Dance

It should be a prerequisite that Felix give a little
booty shake, hip thrust sequence in any given episode of “Orphan Black.”
Where do we sign in order to make that happen?

Sapphires & High Fives

Shay (Ksenia Solo) finally made her first appearance
when Cosima tried Orphan Black’s version of Tindr (or Grindr?) and met up with
a random for a potential hookup at the bar. Of course, Shay wound up taking
Cosima by surprise instead, and the duo shared some actual chemistry. (It’s
Ksenia Solo, of course, that happened.) It’s too early to say if their
relationship could have some actual legs (especially with Delphine returning
next week), but we’d say the bigger concern right now is who was taking
pictures of them at the bar? Is Cosima still in danger, or did it all have to
do with some sort of illegal dealings that Shay is involved with?

Reunited and It Doesn’t Feel So Good

The “Orphan Black” timeline is a short
one, so there’s no telling how long exactly Helena was locked up for. Either
way, it was long enough for her to start swallowing some of the lies Coady and
the others fed her about Sarah abandoning her, so it came as no real shock when
Helena left Sarah to escape by herself, solidifying their split. Odds are both
of them wouldn’t have made it out alive anyhow, but Helena’s last-minute guilty
conscience could be an indicator that she’ll somehow return for her sestra. Here’s hoping it won’t be too

A Male’s

With so much of the episode focused on Gracie,
Cosima and the Helena/Sarah reunion, there wasn’t much time for the guys this
week, other than for us to learn a little more about Dr. Coady’s “one of us”
mentality. Her taking Mark’s wedding ring from him was a sad moment, one that
could come back to haunt her in a future episode if he has to pick sides
between Leda and Castor. True love conquers all, and all that jazz.

Tatiana Who?

We’ve been seriously lacking any Mrs. S time this season,
so it was a relief when Art brought Gracie to hang out with her and Felix while
she recuperated. Speaking of Gracie, she stole all her scenes yet again this
week. From convincing Art to keep her around and trying to give Felix her side
of the story, to her own little dance party with “gin and juice,” she pretty
much won over everyone’s hearts this episode.

Hello, Hendrix?

With so much else going on, Episode 5 managed to
completely avoid any other Alison and Donnie updates. We’re to assume they’re
going about their daily drug and campaign business as usual, but with Sarah
missing, one has to wonder how long until she and Cosima try to help a sister

Lab Results

Unlike the past couple of weeks, which were filled
with gory action, Episode 5 was something of a bridge episode. Sure there was
the reveal that the Castor clones are passing on their illness through sex, but
the structure of the episode itself was more about bringing Sarah (and the
audience) to where she needs to be so that the really bad stuff can start going
down. Given Paul’s past affection for the leading lady and his slow realization
of what exactly is going down at the compound, it’s safe to say he could be
putting his life on the line for Sarah next week if it comes down to it.

Quote of the Week

“Now we are even, sestra.”

– Helena, sticking it to Sarah in the end.

Runner Up

“The military is just another family.”

– Paul, showing his true colors.

Grade: C+

“Orphan Black” airs Saturday at
9pm on Space and BBC America. Next time: Sarah takes a turn for the worse and
Delphine returns.

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