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Review: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3, Episode 6, ‘Certain Agony of the Battlefield’: In Which We Say Goodbye

Review: 'Orphan Black' Season 3, Episode 6, 'Certain Agony of the Battlefield': In Which We Say Goodbye

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Cloning Around

last week’s installment, which served as a bridge episode, this week’s mother
of an offering more than made up for 305 in terms of story and execution. In
it, Sarah and Paul were reunited one final time before the latter exited in one
of the most explosive scenes of the series to date. Meanwhile, the rest of the
episode was punctured with dream sequences and other supporting characters
attempts to come to the rescue, especially where Sarah’s friends and family
were concerned. Really, it was about time.

Science Class

As was alluded to last week, the Castor clones are indeed
spreading their disease to the general population through sexual intercourse.
Thanks to Cosima’s research on Gracie we also learned that one of the effects
of the illness is infertility, an issue that’s often taken center stage on this
series. The question of identity and motherhood, and what is one’s identity if
one cannot procreate has always been a strong “Orphan Black” theme.
Here it was once again prodded by the male clones, who believed they’d finally
found a cure in Sarah when she recovered following a couple of doses of Rudy’s

A Little Dance

On the lighter side of clonehood, Donnie and Alison
had the most memorable scene of the night when they made it rain in a storm of
dollah bills on their bed. The duo twerking in their underwear must have been
one hell of an awkward scene to film, but they pulled it off admirably. Donnie’s
jealousy and dim-witted Subaru purchase was equally charming, as we saw just
how much he really loves Alison and what he’ll do to win affection back from
her childhood sweetheart – “tear-away underwear” and all.

An Expected Return

Just when Cosima was finally moving on with new gal
Shay came the return of Delphine. Isn’t that always the way with exes? Sure, we’re
still not completely convinced that Shay is legitimate (she seems to know too
much about Cosima’s personal life and there is that issue of the cameras from
the bar), but Delphine isn’t exactly legit either. The more she takes control
the more Rachel-esque she becomes. That hardening of her character is exactly
what will push Cosima away if Delphine ever changes her mind about their
relationship, but it sure was nice to see them in the lab together again, wasn’t

Dreaming of You

We haven’t seen much of Beth Childs since the pilot,
but she made a grand reappearance when Sarah went down the dream sequence
rabbit hole on Saturday night. Of all the clones these two are perhaps the most
similar, if only because Sarah impersonated her sister two seasons ago.
Watching them together and bringing the videos back allowed fun memories to
resurface for fans, but story-wise it helped to finally push Sarah forward in
her quest to figure out who — not what — is behind all of this crazy science.
Feel free to start the pool now.

Tatiana Who?

Paul’s death was one we easily saw coming for weeks
now, since he’s been relegated to B stories or quietly protecting Sarah from
the sidelines. But his refusal to let Dr. Coady and the Castor clones continue
their research allowed him to die a deserved heroic death, one that should have
lasting consequences for the series going forward. We’re not completely
convinced that Dr. Coady or Rudy died from that explosion — they did have a
running start, after all — but their research is definitely gone. Dylan Bruce
played out those final moments with quiet grace, and there was a nice moment
towards the end in which he was finally able to tell Sarah how he really felt
about her.

Cyclops Lady

Watching Felix interrogate Rachel reminded us all
why Sarah is the more badass sibling who used to live under Ms. S’s roof. The
character just isn’t wired to play hardball in the same way that his sister is,
although seeing him crack in his attempts to “humiliate” Rachel was a
definite highlight. Finally, someone was doing something to track Sarah down
and rescue her — days after they all knew she had disappeared. Too bad Felix
wasn’t exactly successful in his approach.

Hungry Much?

Paul wasn’t the episode’s only casualty. RIP little
scorpion lady. We hope you were way tastier than you looked.

Lab Results

Now that Scott has figured out that Rachel knows how
to decipher the book, the code is well on its way to being broken. Whether she’ll
help the other clones remains to be seen, but with her new, weakened mental
state it’s going to be tough going either way. As Sarah and Helena make their
way home and Cosima and Delphine get closer to discovering the science of it
all, these final four episodes are on track to deliver a fast-paced finale with
lots of long-awaited answers.

Quote of the Week

“We do terrible things for the people we love. Stop
asking why, start asking who. Sister.”

– Beth, finally clueing Sarah in.

Grade: A

“Orphan Black” airs
Saturday at 9pm ET on Space and BBC America.

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