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Review: ‘Veep’ Season 4 Episode 6 ‘Storms and Pancakes’ Raises Suspicion

Review: 'Veep' Season 4 Episode 6 'Storms and Pancakes' Raises Suspicion

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Immediate Reaction

Whether Tom James is genuine or just really good at appearing genuine, neither will fit in with the Meyer camp. Using honesty only as a last resort, Selina has set a precedent of secrecy in her presidency that James clearly doesn’t abide by. Or does he? Selina and Tom’s car talk hinted at an event it’s unlikely James would completely forget. Why? Because he remembers everything. He knew every random party support not only by name, but by dietary restrictions. There’s no way he forgot about making out/nearly doing it with a future President.

So what are his motivations for lying? Sure, he could just be trying to do the right thing and save his running mate some embarrassment by pretending to forget what happened. It seems more likely, though, he’s got some secrets of his own. Those phone calls he keeps taking can’t just be for updates. His acceptance of Selina, a woman he’s known for a long time at least somewhat intimately, can’t just be a common sense decision (too many others turned her down for it to be the “right” call). He’s up to something, and it can’t be good for Selina.

Politically-Correct Reaction

An introductory episode as much as a transitionary one, “Storms and Pancakes” ended up light on much of what makes “Veep,” well, “Veep.” Insults were largely kept in check and power moves were of minor accord as everyone got used to Tom James’ (Hugh Laurie) presence in the campaign. What was hinted at in his first few minutes was practically nailed down in his second episode: Tom isn’t here to be anyone’s sidekick. He’s too smart, connected and well-liked to be willing to settle for VP. When and how he reveals his true self are the only questions remaining.

As for non-staffers, Amy and Dan continued their delicate flirtations. After Ms. Brookheimer made an unnoticed play for Mr. Egan’s affection a few weeks back (when she thought he was flirting with her and instead was asking for help), now it’s the man who’s making a move. While not as obvious as Amy’s advances, Dan helping her with anything at all — let alone something that could threaten his own status — hints at an affection of some kind. The couple could become quite the power if they worked together, but I doubt either of them has it in them to be so…agreeable.

Jonah Put-Down of the Week

“I’m sorry ma’am. A number of tall women were molested, and Mr. Ryan was one of them.” – Richard

How long can Richard last in politics? He’s the opposite of everyone else in the game because he means well with what he says, but he never says anything helpful. The rest of the White House staff has the worst, most selfish intentions, but they can phrase it eloquently enough to avoid suspicion or, at least, public shaming. He’s the perfect man for Jonah, since the Jolly Green Jizz Face doesn’t even need an assistant. But what if something happens to Jonad (again)? Who would hire Richard as an asset? It’s hard to imagine, but — considering how fantastic Sam Richardson is in the part — I hope someone does.

Simile of the Season

“It’s so quiet in here, like a morgue full of dead librarians.” – Ben

Oh, Ben. Always on the lookout for something to do. One would think a man so miserable in his job would relish a bit of downtime, but sadly, he’s also addicted to the thing that’s killing him. His forced interaction with Sue never paid huge dividends, but the above simile certainly had me chuckling. Is it enough to knock-off a two-time winner from Amy? Vote below to let us know.

Rhetorical Abuse

“Okay, you need to calm down. Go to a spa. Take a Pilates class.
Go to a fucking church, find someone there who has Valium, and take four of them.” – Dan

Amy certainly got the better of Dan this week. After coping with her departure from the White House by sending Mike “hate texts,” Amy was all too riled up. Anna Chlumsky channeled this unknowing vehemence beautifully in a performance brimming with hate, but really won me over with her post-screaming glee. Never have I seen Amy so happy as when she realized just what a good howl could do for her. More importantly, it let out just enough hostility for her to one-up Dan at his own game. She’s got his desk. She’s got his parking space. She got to best from someone she’s in permanent competition with — who needs a spa?

Power Rankings

1) Ben Cafferty
– Bored Ben is still fun, but Frazzled Ben is way better. As long as it doesn’t kill him, I say throw on the stress. He didn’t tank his career or anything while waiting for something to happen this week, but he seems to excel both as a politician and comedian in times of urgency. Pile it on.

2) Kent Davison
– Things seem to be running smoothly after one week with Kent running the campaign. Can it last? Does it ever?

3) Bill Ericsson
– No Bill this week? That’s okay. Certainly he’s up to something important.

4) Sue Wilson
– Sue is the busy bee to Ben’s bored 

5) Mike McClintock
– Mike came close to dropping a spot with that free weather app he’s bragging about, but how could we drop Mike? He’s so innocent he doesn’t get why Amy was upset about being labeled “unstable.” 

6) Gary Walsh
– Is this the year Gary finally makes a play for Selina? There have been numerous signs of his attraction to POTUS, but I don’t know if any of them top his subtle uncrossing of his legs.

7) Amy Brookheimer
– If Amy wasn’t ahead of Dan last week, she’s definitely passed him now. While Dan spent weeks making desperate pleas for work, Amy took on his job and did it better within a few days. Kudos, Ms. Brookheimer.

8) Dan Egan
– I’m still bugged by the question of why Dan got Amy a job. They’ve never had the kind of relationship where you look out for one another, and he had to know she’d be swimming with the sharks in his pool soon. Oh Dan. You’ve never learned to protect your tail.

9) Jonah Ryan
– ““Jesus Fucking Christ. You all look like me. This is a nightmare.” Leave it to Jonad to insult himself.

Grade: B+

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