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Weekly Update for May 22: Women Centric, Directed and Written Films Playing Near You

Weekly Update for May 22: Women Centric, Directed and Written Films Playing Near You

Films About Women Opening This Week

Aloft – Directed and Written by Claudia Llosa

As we follow a mother (Jennifer Connelly) and her son (Cillian Murphy), we delve into a past marred by an accident that tears them apart. She will become a renowned artist and healer, and he will grow into his own as a peculiar falconer who bears the marks of a double absence. In the present, a young journalist (Mélanie Laurent) will bring about an encounter between the two that puts the very meaning of life and art into question, so that we may contemplate the possibility of living life to its fullest, despite the uncertainties littering our paths. (Press materials)

Read Women and Hollywood’s interview with Claudia Llosa.


From Disney comes two-time Oscar winner Brad Bird’s riveting mystery adventure “Tomorrowland.” Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (George Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world — and them — forever. (Press materials)

When Marnie Was There

A young girl is sent to the country for health reasons, where she meets an unlikely friend in the form of Marnie, a young girl with flowing blonde hair. As the friendship grows, we start to suspect that Marnie may have closer ties to the protagonist than we thought. Voiced by Kiernan Shipka and Hailee Steinfeld. (Press materials)

The Mama Sherpas (doc) – Directed by Brigid Maher (Opens in Los Angeles May 27)

From executive producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, this topical new documentary examines a growing shift in the birthing industry: the rise of Caesarean sections. With C-section rates dangerously over 30% in America, are midwives the solution? In recent years, the idea of a “collaborative care” practice where doctors and midwives manage women’s care together has begun to gain traction. Research has demonstrated that collaborative care models produce better outcomes for mother and baby, including fewer C-sections. This moving and urgent film provides an intimate lens into how midwives across the country work within and better the hospital system, redefining how the US looks at the birthing process. (Press materials)

Films About Women Currently Playing

Mad Max: Fury Road

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Pitch Perfect 2 – Directed by Elizabeth Banks; Written by Kay Cannon

Every Secret Thing – Directed by Amy Berg; Written by Nicole Holofcener

In the Name of My Daughter

Hot Pursuit – Directed by Anne Fletcher

Piku – Written by Juhi Chaturvedi


Preggoland – Written by Sonja Bennett (Available on VOD)

Sister Code

Ride – Written and Directed by Helen Hunt

Welcome to Me – Directed by Shira Piven

Far From the Madding Crowd

Marie’s Story

Maya the Bee Movie

The Age of Adaline

Iris (doc)

Félix & Meira

Monkey Kingdom

Clouds of Sils Maria

Woman in Gold

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Cinderella – Co-Written by Aline Brosh McKenna

It Follows

Films Directed by Women Opening This Week

Something Better to Come (doc) – Directed by Hanna Polak

Filmed over 14 years, this film tells the intimate story of 11-year-old Yula, who grows up in one of the most desolate places on Earth: the Svalka, the biggest junkyard in Europe, which lies 20 km outside the center of Moscow. Surrounded by barbed wire and guards, the area is closely monitored to keep intruders out. But in the junkyard lives a group of people in a small, lawless society. These people make up Yula’s closest family. Here she lives her life, and from here her future springs. (Press materials)

Seeds of Time (doc) – Directed by Sandy McLeod

A perfect storm is brewing as agriculture pioneer Cary Fowler races against time to protect the future of our food. Gene banks of the world are crumbling, crop failures are producing starvation-inspired rioting and the accelerating effects of climate change are already affecting farmers globally. But Fowler’s journey, and our own, is just beginning. From Rome to Russia and, finally, a remote island under the Arctic Circle, his passionate and personal journey may hold the key to saving the one resource we cannot live without: our seeds. (Kino Lorber)

Read Women and Hollywood’s interview with Sandy McLeod.

The Farewell Party (Mita Tova) – Co-Directed and Co-Written by Sharon Maymon

A group of friends at a Jerusalem retirement home build a machine for self-administered euthanasia in order to help their terminally-ill friend. But as rumors of the secret machine begin to spread, more and more people ask for their help. Stars Aliza Rosen, Levana Finkelstein. (Press materials)

(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies (doc) – Directed by Yael Melamede

It’s human nature to lie. From scandalous headlines to little white lies, “(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies” explores the complex impact dishonesty has on our lives and everyday society. Interweaving groundbreaking stories from individuals affected by the unraveling of their lies, Dan Ariely and a team of scientists uncover our propensity to be dishonest — sometimes even unknowingly. What’s revealed is a fascinating look at the forces behind our collective behavior and the many truths behind lies. (Press materials)

Sunshine Superman (doc) – Directed by Marah Strauch

A heart-racing documentary portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of the BASE-jumping movement, whose early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular — and dangerous — feats of foot-launched human flight. Experience his jaw-dropping journey in life and love, to the pinnacle of his achievements when he and wife Jean broke the BASE-jumping Guinness World Record in 1984 on the Norwegian “Troll Wall” mountain range. Incredibly, within days, triumph was followed by disaster. Told through a stunning mix of Carl’s 16mm archive footage, well-crafted re-enactments and state-of-the-art aerial photography, “Sunshine Superman” will leave you breathless and inspired. (Press materials)

Films Directed by Women Currently Playing

Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World (doc) – Directed and Written by Belinda Sallin

One Cut, One Life (doc) – Co-Directed by Lucia Small

Just Before I Go – Directed by Courteney Cox

The Road Within – Written and Directed by Gren Wells

The Human Experiment – Co-Directed by Dana Nachman

The Hand That Feeds (doc) – Co-Written and Co-Directed by Rachel Lears

Films Written by Women Currently Playing

The Connection – Co-Written by Audrey Diwan

She’s Funny That Way (Squirrels to the Nuts) – Co-Written by Louise Stratten

Adult Beginners – Co-Written by Liz Flahive

24 Days – Co-Written by Emilie Frèche

White God – Co-Written by Viktória Petrányi and Kata Wéber

Cas & Dylan – Written by Jessie Gabe

VOD/DVD Releasing This Week

Tip Top – Co-Written by Odile Barski, Axelle Ropert (DVD)

Dial a Prayer – Written and Directed by Maggie Kiley (DVD)

My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (doc) – Written and Directed by Liz Corfixen (DVD)

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