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9 Performances from the 2015 Tony Nominees You Can Stream Right Now

9 Performances from the 2015 Tony Nominees You Can Stream Right Now

1) Bradley Cooper

What You Can Watch Now: Long before “American Sniper” became the highest-grossing release of 2014 (domestically), Cooper played reporter-turned-CIA analyst Will Tippin on “Alias” (streaming on Netflix). As one of Sydney’s two best friends, Cooper’s character was a bit annoying, as Cooper had not yet blossomed into the leading man he is today. Tippin doesn’t share a lot with Cooper’s Tony-nominated performance in “The Elephant Man,” but both were largely ignored by the opposite sex (if for different reasons). Consider the scene below as more of an exemplifier of the actor’s range, as well as his time on “SNL” and a “little” musical talent on “The Tonight Show.”

What’s Worth Waiting For: “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” features far more actors than just Bradley Cooper, but it’s hard not to set high expectations for Cooper’s reprisal of Ben. Cooper’s crucial character is part of two fan-favorite couples: Ben and Susie, the bossy talent show choreographers, and Ben and McKinley, the couple who was married in secret at camp. 

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2) Ben Miles


What You Can Watch Now: Theater veteran and first-time Tony nominee Ben Miles has appeared in a number of television and films, but most recently he could be seen on the axed NBC horror series “Dracula” opposite Jonathan Rhys-Myers. Since that’s rather hard to find streaming (it’s only available for purchase), we recommend sampling “The Forsyte Saga,” a Victorian era miniseries from the early aughts co-starring Damian Lewis. Lewis also appears in the soon-to-be-Emmy-nominated PBS adaptation of “Wolf Hall,” the same play for which Miles earned his Tony’s nod this year. But Miles’ connections don’t end there. The British thespian also starred in “Prime Suspect” alongside Helen Mirren, who’s nominated for a Tony as well in 2015 for her role in “The Audience.”

What’s Worth Waiting For: Okay, okay. Since Miles has nothing listed as “upcoming” on his TV slate, we’ll mention his best known work: the British comedy “Coupling,” a series that suffered a terrible fate when NBC tried to adapt it for the States, but remains a charming offering from across the pond. You can stream the series on Hulu, but please: don’t let it dissuade you from giving “The Forsyte Saga” a try. 

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3) Bill Nighy

What You Can Watch Now: Frankly, it’s hard to go wrong with any entry in the impressive Bill Nighy canon, but we’ll go with “State of Play” if forced to pick from his TV work. (You can watch it now on Hulu.) But we’d strongly suggest giving another, slightly less familiar option a shot instead: “About Time” will change your life. Even among TV giants like “The Wire,” “The Sopranos” and “Veep,” it’s the best reason to subscribe to HBO Now. (Okay, no it isn’t, but seriously: watch it.) 


What’s Worth Waiting For: Sadly, Bill Nighy’s latest, greatest television performance isn’t available to stream. Nighy has been starring as Johnny Worricker since the 2011 release of “Page Eight” — and then reprising the role three times in 2014 — but none of the characters’ owners have released one of his turns on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or other free streaming sites. Given the Emmys attention it’s drawn, don’t count out another entry sometime in the future — hopefully after the others are made available to stream.

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4) Geneva Carr


What You Can Watch Now: Carr, a veteran stage, film and TV actress, has been in just about everything. Most notably, though, Carr has been on four different versions of “Law & Order”…as five different characters. Rather than spotlight those purposely forgettable guest spots (though she did have one recurring arc), let’s take a look at her work as a reporter. In 2011, Carr appeared on both “The Onion News Network” and briefly in the seventh season of Denis Leary’s FX series, “Rescue Me.” You can catch the FX series in its entirety on Netflix, so let’s start there before examining some fake, dated, but still funny news.

What’s Worth Waiting For: Carr has a few films in the works, but you can catch her on “Mysteries of Laura” and in the pilot of “Deadbeat” on Hulu right now. Both series aired this year, and hopefully they — coupled with her Tonys nod, of course — help propel Carr into many more featured roles.

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5) Elisabeth Moss


What You Can Watch Now: Moss gets the most credit for her star-making turn on “Mad Men,” but there’s a strong critical and fan following for “Top of the Lake,” Jane Campion’s BBC miniseries from 2013. Moss stars as Detective Robin Griffin, a police inspector in Sydney who returns to her hometown in New Zealand and begins investigating the disappearance of a local 12-year-old girl. “Top of the Lake” was nominated for five Primetime Emmy awards and is available to stream on Netflix.

What’s Worth Waiting For: Moss’ performance in the final season of “Mad Men” is on par with the best work she’s ever done. You can watch her layered and loving final turn as Peggy Olsen on AMC.com if you have a cable subscription, but fans will be able to catch the entire series on Netflix within the next year. If you haven’t yet, get started now. And, if you’re all caught up, take your extra time to rewatch Moss in “The West Wing” as a young Zoey Bartlet (also on Netflix).

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6) Ruth Wilson

What You Can Watch Now: Ruth Wilson may be playing an object of lustful desire on “The Affair” — and in her Tony-nominated performance in “Constellations” — but sex was the last thing on anyone’s mind while watching her breakout performance on “Luther.” As the sadistic thorn in DCI Luther’s side, Wilson’s Alice Morgan was a sinister force on screen; so much so, at least one viewer finds it hard not to think she’s got something devilish planned on “The Affair,” as well. 

What’s Worth Waiting For: Speaking of a certain Showtime drama, “The Affair” is not to be missed — especially by fans of Wilson. In a stacked cast including McNulty Dominic West and Maura Tierney, Wilson stands out as the conflicted Alison Bailey. Sexy, smart and with just the right number of twists, Season 1 of “The Affair” will be available via Showtime’s new standalone service in early July.  

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7) Michael Cerveris

What You Can Watch Now: Michael Cerveris — a four-time Tony nominee — has landed recurring roles on three prominent TV shows. Though “Treme” will always hold a soft spot in our hearts, Cerveris’ work on FOX’s supernatural cult favorite “Fringe” is more prominent and noteworthy. As the Observer September (or Donald), Cerveris appeared in 40 episodes of “Fringe,” including the pivotal scene below (briefly). Watch the whole series on Netflix for more of Cerveris’ grippingly stoic work.

What’s Worth Waiting For: The third prominent TV show of Cerveris’ established career is none other than “The Good Wife,” the CBS drama on which the Tony nominee appeared last season. Appearing as State’s Attorney James Castro, Cerveris has developed a passionate response to his work, the marking of a truly effective thespian. You can watch Seasons 1-5 of “The Good Wife” on Amazon Prime, with Season 6 sure to arrive soon.

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8) Kristin Chenoweth

What You Can Watch Now: Chenowith may have broken out big time on Broadway thanks to her role in “Wicked,” but she’s been a part of two fan favorite TV shows, too. “Pushing Daisies,” Bryan Fuller’s cult hit about a pie maker who can bring the dead back to life by touching them (but can’t touch them again without killing them), is shamefully not available to stream, but the sixth and seventh seasons of “The West Wing” are! I don’t remember Chenowith and fellow nominee Elisabeth Moss sharing any scenes together, but that’s as good a reason as any to go back and watch. 

What’s Worth Waiting For: Because of Chenowith’s distinct and charming voice, the actress gets a bit of work on animated projects like “American Dad,” “Rio 2,” and “BoJack Horseman.” The later of these examples began last year and has a second season on the way. We don’t know if Chenowith will be returning as Vanessa Gekko, but we can hope. Check out Season 1 (again) for now, and enjoy the chirpy tones of Kristin Chenowith. 

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9) Patricia Clarkson

What You Can Watch Now:
I know many of you (including Indiewire’s own Emily Buder) would like to start a conversation on Patricia Clarkson’s past television work with “Six Feet Under,” but let’s be real: Tammy 1 — Clarkson’s character on “Parks and Recreation” — left more of a mark on the TV landscape than anyone on that meandering HBO drama. In the diegesis of Amy Poeher’s landmark comedy, Tammy 1 had to be a more intimidating and terrible human being than the first-introduced Tammy 2, who set the bar high in multiple early appearances. Clarkson somehow cleared it from the moment she walked in, which just so happens to be the clip we have below. Dig in to the full episode on Netflix, and try not to flinch when Tammy 1 looks your way. 

What’s Worth Waiting For: Clarkson’s comedic persona may never be topped after “Parks,” but she’s far from done. Most recently, the Oscar-nominated actress appeared in an episode of “Broad City,” playing the exhausted mother of a 34-year-old stay-at-home son. You can check out the scene above, and catch past seasons of “Broad City” on Amazon Prime. 

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