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Review: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3, Episode 8, ‘Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method’: Rachel Makes a Power Move

Review: 'Orphan Black' Season 3, Episode 8, 'Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method': Rachel Makes a Power Move

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Cloning Around

After focusing much of the season on Sarah, Helena
and the male clones, the eighth episode continued on last week’s thread of refocusing
on the original four sestras, and how
they’re dealing with life under Topside. Much of the episode followed Cosima,
her illness and her new relationship with Shay, which allowed viewers a little
more information about the infamous book and how to cure the disease. It also
allowed us to spend a little more time with Rachel, who (despite her physical
disability) proved to be just as crafty and connected as ever.

Science Class

The secret language in the book was finally somewhat
decoded thanks to Rachel’s bribe. Unfortunately the only clue Rachel was able
to procure before she was extracted by Delphine and co. was that the original
Castor could be somewhere in London. Naturally this will lead to a trip across
the pond with Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S in the near future (a.k.a. next week) and
a potential new clone for Ari Millen to portray. Given that most of Millen’s
clones are dead right now thanks to Paul’s little explosion, it will be nice to
see the actor extend his chops with a fresh take.

Meanwhile, the truth came out that Cosima has maybe
a month left before her system collapses again, meaning the race for a cure is
definitely on. (And that we may see yet another steamy kiss or two between her
and Delphine – IF Cosima and Scott ever get their jobs back.)

Star-Crossed Lovers

The way Delphine immediately pushed Cosima aside
this season was unlike the character we met in Season 1, but with her newfound
power and need to protect the Leda clones it was a decision that made sense.
Getting too close to Cosima wouldn’t allow her to property protect her. The
past few episodes, however, have focused on Delphine’s supposed jealousy of
Shay, and led to a weird character turn for Cosima. Sure, we all do dumb things
for love (or whatever it is she has with Shay), but Cosima is supposed to be
the smartest clone of them all. For her to not clue in to Shay’s intentions
drove home that she may be book smart, but she doesn’t have Sarah’s street
sense. Now, because of Shay, the Castor clones have the book and the Leda gals
still don’t know what it all means.

Double Crossed

Thanks to Rachel’s physical impairments since the
pencil incident, it’s been easy to forget how ruthless she was when she was at
full capacity. As a result, Delphine’s desire to potentially eliminate her
seemed brash and personal. Perhaps that’s because there was something
comforting about rooting for Rachel becoming good and joining the Clone Club
ranks, rather than reverting to her evil wine-drinking ways. But as we saw when
Dr. Coady resurfaced earlier in the episode, there was a leak in the Topside ranks
and Rachel had everything to do with it. Now, instead of Krystal being able to
lead the easy, non Clone Club life, she’s forced to become “Rachel”
while the real one gets away — new eye and all. There’s no telling where she’ll
resurface; it could be with the Castor clones, or it could be with some new
entity we have yet to meet. The episode did allude to there being other
divisions of this experiment, after all.

Feline Peril

Of all the people for Rudy to target, of course it
was Scott. Shay obviously knew he had the book on him and it would be easy to
grab, but putting the cat in danger was a low point. Thankfully the animal
survived. Scott’s gamer persona come to life, however, may not. For now, we
should be thankful Rudy left Scott alive at all; the mercenary has proved he
has no qualms about killing random people in the past.

Salon Time

Tatiana Maslany is a genius when it comes to
breathing life into new characters on this show, but often it’s these
characters’ interactions with Felix that makes them truly pop. This week we got
to see Jordan Gavaris drop the accent in favor of his Canadian one as he
attempted to steal new clone Krystal’s identity by flirting with her. The aesthetician’s
light, charming ways were immediately likeable, even if her rant against twins
being creepy wasn’t the most kosher.


It’s a wonder that it’s taken this long for Helena
to spend some real time with the Hendrix family, given how different Helena and
Alison are. The comedy could write itself. But the real gem of the episode was
watching Helena and Donnie come to something of an understanding over “baby
ox.” It’s probably been a while since Donnie felt good about himself, and
Helena can certainly provide that. Unfortunately Helena also goes a little too
far for those in her life, and now that Jason and Donnie have duked it out to
such extremes, here’s betting Helena takes matters into her own hands.

Lab Results

This week was a progressive episode in terms of
dealing with a lot of the trust issues that revolved around certain characters,
while managing to push the story a little further with the semi translation of
the book. With two episodes to go there is a lot of ground to cover if the
writers would like to deliver a finale that somewhat answers the many questions
raised so far this season. With Rachel on the loose, however, hopefully she –
or whoever Sarah, Felix and S meet in London — will be the one leading
everyone to the next chapter.

Quote of the week

“You can’t crush the human spirit.”

Let’s hope Krystal really meant that, shall we?

Grade: B+

Orphan Black” airs
Saturday at 9pm ET on Space and BBC America. Next time: The crew heads to
London and Helena gets bloody.

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