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Review: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3, Episode 9, ‘Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow’: In Which We Head to London

Review: 'Orphan Black' Season 3, Episode 9, 'Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow': In Which We Head to London

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Cloning Around

The penultimate episode brought us to good old London
town, where Mrs. S took center stage. She wasted no time in calling up her old
contacts (the geriatric wankers club, to be sure) in an attempt to track down
the Castor original, while back home Helena and Cosima took action with some
dire consequences. For an episode that was supposed to bring in next week’s
season-ender there was lots of movement, some answers, and a twist that felt
entirely too convenient for the story.

Science Class

For anyone who has ever wondered about Mrs. S’s
past, they got it in abundance when it was revealed her mother – who also
happened to have an ingested twin brother – was not only the Castor original
but the Leda original as well. Sure, that makes the Leda and Castor siblings
actual, bona fide siblings (fraternal twin clones, perhaps?) but the
compounding scientific anomalies in this show are starting to make our heads
hurt. Add in the fact that the donor was Mrs. S’s mom and the twist hit a
little too close to home. Having an outsider (a real outsider, not an estranged
parent) would have made more sense and felt less contrived. Also, does this
mean Mrs. S and Sarah are sisters?

Tortured Soul

There was plenty of torture to go around in the
episode as well, thanks to the reappearance of Ferdinand in London (poor
Terrence, we barely knew you), but it was also present on the home front.
Delphine, who looked like she enjoyed torturing Rachel with the old
fingers-in-the-eye routine earlier on this season, picked up the torture torch
(or more precisely, razor), again in a bid to extract answers from Shay. She
seemed almost disappointed when Cosima called to break up the party, like she
was genuinely going to enjoy getting to hurt the girl.

Double Crossed… Again

Just when we were starting to trust Gracie, she went
and ruined it all. We knew there was something up the moment she told Alison
she had a doctor’s appointment, although in our heads she was blowing dodge and
believed Mark to be dead. Instead she pulled a power move of her own by giving
information to Castor to help Mark. You can’t blame her; the girl does still
love him, and she seemed genuinely sad to be betraying Helena, Cosima and the
like. But boy, she sure seems to have easily forgotten and forgiven the fact
that Mark sterilized her, huh?

Unlikely Friends

Helena and Donnie Hendrix deserve their own spinoff,
or at the very least a web series. The pair added a heartwarming comedic
element to an otherwise dark episode, despite the murderous rampage that Helena
happened to go on at the end. Even that was forgivable, because in one swift
move she managed to extract the Hendrixes from their drug business, separate
ties with Jason and solve all of their financial woes. Besides, Helena’s
penchant for children is what makes her so endearing in the first place — that,
and her ability to sometimes act like one herself. Plus it was fun to watch her
attempt to impersonate another clone (Alison). She wasn’t great at it, but hey
– it worked. We just wish we could have seen her actually take everyone

Lab Results

Although there were fun moments (Mrs. S taking the
stage, good times with Helena and Donnie), this week was a rather dark
installment that happened to take a strange turn heading into next week. The
cliffhanger of Mrs. S holding a gun to her mother’s head didn’t feel like a
cliffhanger at all (unless you believe she wouldn’t
kill dear old mum), and despite Ferdinand being hot on Sarah’s trail the only
real moment of suspense came when Felix was standing guard outside. Over at
Camp Castor we saw that even Rudy could succumb to the disease, but given how
little time we’ve spent with the male clones this back half of the season, it
was hard to care. Heading into next week’s finale, here’s hoping that some of
these random streams begin to flow together, and that the two organizations can
find a way to co-exist.

Quote of the Week

“They told me I can help save Mark. I’m sorry.
I love him.”

Good luck with that, Gracie.

Grade: C

Orphan Black” airs
Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America. Next time: Season 3 wraps and
Krystal resurfaces.

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