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‘The Wolfpack’ Reveal Favorite Movies, Actors and More in Reddit AMA

'The Wolfpack' Reveal Favorite Movies, Actors and More in Reddit AMA

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Director Crystal Moselle and the Angulo brothers continued to promote their acclaimed documentary, “The Wolfpack,” by taking to Reddit for an AMA earlier today. As has been much publicized in recent weeks, “The Wolfpack” is the story of the eponymous six brothers who spent their entire lives locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nicknamed “The Wolfpack,” they learned of the outside world from the films they watched and recreated obsessively, using elaborate homemade props and costumes to bring them to life in the halls of their apartment. With the feature expanding into more theaters this weekend, the brothers continued their welcoming press tour by talking their favorite films, actors and more with director Moselle and several Reddit users. Check out the highlights of the AMA below:

The biggest challenge in making the film: Cutting 500 hours of footage

When asked what the biggest challenge was in getting the project done, Moselle revealed that over 500 hours of footage was shot. “It was quite a challenge to find the heart of the story, and to cut out 99.9% of the footage,” she explained.

Despite not being able to make acquaintances while growing up, the brothers weren’t challenged by Moselle’s presence in the home. “It was pretty natural and easy talking to Crystal, so we didn’t feel it was particularly challenging,” they reassured. “It was really organic and flowing, with Crystal letting us do our thing. It really felt like an organic process. We were really open talking about our feelings, we didn’t feel any pressure our judgement! We were just out and about!”

Favorite movies:

“This changes daily!” Mukunda exclaimed when asked with the loaded question. As for the answers they gave:
Mukunda: “I Heart Hukubees”
Govinda: “Double Indemnity”
Bhagavan: “Robocop” (“There is only ONE ‘Robocop.’ The original,” he confirmed)
Narayana: “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part II” (“It is about family! A man that doesnt spend time with his family isn’t a real man,” he explained)

Favorite actors:

“Here we go: Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Vivian Lee, Katherine Hepburn, Jessica Chastain, Jessica Lange!” the brothers collectively proclaimed. “The list goes on. Nancy Allen is amazing! That’s all for now, we will get back to you later.”

Favorite spots in New York City:

“The Living Theater for sure, or the Museum on the Moving Image,” they quickly answered. “Or Little Italy because it is a character in ‘ The Godfather Part II.’ Our favorite part about being New Yorkers is we are part of a large cultural community that you don’t really get in other places. New York is a city of so many things, there is so much art and culture. Also knowing that where we grew up was such a huge scene in the 70s and 80s: the glorious Lower East Side, which was documented so well in the doc “Blank City.” You should check it out if you haven’t!”

They would love to recreate more Tarantino.

The highlight of the documentary is watching the brothers’ meticulous low-budget recreations of their favorite films, especially “Reservoir Dogs.” When asked which films they’d like to recreate, all of them agreed they’d love to stick with Tarantino.

“We would love to recreate ‘Inglorious Bastards’ because, obviously, it is a Tarantino movie and it has such amazing characters and the dialog exchange is glamourous. The hardest would be ‘Kill Bill’ we think…We don’t really have a female lead. And it might take some time to learn the art of the samurai…but we will put in the time! Also we will need to recreate that [chain whip]…”

They have recreated “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

It may not have made it into the final version of the film, but the brothers confirmed they have given Renee Zellweger’s famous romantic-comedy the recreation treatment. “We recreated the fight scene one night in Washington Square Park in a fountain. Crystal has it in her vault. Govinda was Hugh and Mukunda was Colin, or was it other way around?”

Going from isolation to the red carpet spotlight is no big deal.

When asked whether or not all the recent attention has been overwhelming, the brothers gave a confident answer that reassured Reddit users that this is something the boys have wanted for a very, very long time.

“We knew what we were asking for when the camera was turned on because, with the power of the camera, you never know who it is going to reach,” they explained, “It has all been easy-peasy because we haven’t felt isolated since we started venturing out. We see the world as a source to connect to and stand to be a part of. It feels just like living.”

“The Wolfpack” is now playing in theaters.

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