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How Much Do You Know About Wes Anderson?

How Much Do You Know About Wes Anderson?

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Of all the hardcore film fans out there, the Wes Anderson brigade is a particular kind of beast. Unlike Tarantino fans, who skew male, or Fellini fans, who tend to belong to the older age bracket, Anderson’s fans can’t easily be classified. They’re men and women; they’re old and young; they’re American, European, and Brazilian. What demarcates an Anderson fan is not identity, but whimsical dedication. 

Yesterday, at cinephile haunt Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, dedicated Wes Anderson fans were put to the ultimate test. But how would you stack up? Take a look at the trivia questions deployed at the event, and see what you can answer. (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

1. Who has Anderson written the most screenplays with?

2. Name the 3 Anderson films that feature Seymour Cassel.

3. Anderson includes a reference to which classic in every single one of his movies?

4. Name the cinematographer who has worked on every live action Anderson film.

5. Name the two people who have separately scored the most Anderson films.

6. Where did Anderson go to college? Bonus: Which prominent actor in his films was his classmate?

7. What is the name of that typeface Anderson uses in all of his movies? 

8. During the making of which Anderson film did Bill Murray try to rent a helicopter for $25,000, only to be turned down by the director?

9. Which of Anderson’s films didn’t get accepted into any major film festival?

10. What was the original title for “Rushmore”?

11. Which famous director named Anderson “the next Martin Scorsese” in an interview?

Answers: 1 — Owen Wilson, 2 — “Rushmore,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” “The Life Aquatic,” 3 — Charlie Brown, 4 — Robert Yeoman, 5 — Mark Mothersbaugh and Alexandre Desplat, 6 — University of Texas at Austin, with Owen Wilson, 7 — Futura, 8 — “Rushmore,” 9 — “Bottle Rocket,” 10 — “The Tycoon,” 11 — Martin Scorsese himself.

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