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LAFF Review: Deranged Midnight Film ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre III’ is an Instant Cult Classic, Bruh

Deranged Midnight Film 'Dude Bro Party Massacre III' is an Instant Cult Classic, Bruh

Hollywood appears to be suffering from an infectious and soul-ripping epidemic
of unoriginality, the ideal place to look for a vibrant antidote is as far away
from conventional manufacturing as possible. Sometimes Sundance-indie doesn’t
cut it and the real pockets of unhindered creativity are found in a rogue,
untamable, and bottomless fountain -the internet. 

5-Seconds Films, or 5sf for the YouTube connoisseur, is a group of filmmakers, writers,
and actors that have amassed an insanely loyal following by making just that:
bite size content no longer than five seconds. Their material is extremely raunchy
and gory, but effectively hilarious. Each miniature story manages to deliver a
satisfying punch line by outrageously mocking any and every aspect of life.
Nothing is sacred or too much for these guys. 

creators like 5sf are products of the no-policy policy of online platforms.
It’s freedom on steroids and they are taking advantage of it. No censors or
ratings or much content supervision that would prevent them from showing
violence and depravity to their liking. And that’s fantastic.

first feature film, which they consider to be a seamless progression, is a
horror spoof that will have you laughing hysterically while simultaneously
asking yourself what the f**k is going on but not really caring for answer. “Dude Bro Party Massacre III,” directed by Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, and Jon Salmon, announces itself as a
murderous trip into brilliant absurdity by the hand of a group of beer-loving,
sex-obsessed, hypermasculine, immature frat boys – and it delivers on its promise.

Its opening frames explain that the film we are about to watch was
recorded on a VHS by a teenager staying up late and it’s the only existing copy
in existence of the terrifying third installment of this bloody franchise. Clearly
the other parts don’t actually exist, but for the sake of the farcical urban
legend the filmmakers use the first few minutes to recap what happened in the
first two massacres to give some ridiculously intricate context. Note that
entire film is designed to look like an actual beat up and scratched VHS tape,
a stylistic choice that’s perfectly appropriate for a project of its kind.

to the brief summary of the past, non-existence, chapters in this bro-driven saga, the source of evil is a deranged
female killer known as Motherface (Olivia Taylor Dudley), whose mission is to make the bros from the
Delta Bi frat, attending school in Chico, California, suffer in revenge for their
selfish, insensitive, and unpunished antics. She has murdered tons of douchebags
and she is coming for more. While the original incarnation of Motherface was
successfully killed before, another woman always picks up where she left off
wearing the ominous, cheesy, and wrinkly mask. During the last rampage, Brock (Alec Owen),
one of the most popular guys in the bropack, was one of the victims. Now his
identical twin brother, Brent Chrino (also played by Owen), has come to find out who is behind his death and
avenge him.

That’s, of course, the most reasonable
description of the origin story one can provide. As the plot unfolds and the
increasingly jaw-dropping situations stack up, coherence becomes diluted. However, there is always just enough narrative glue binding it all together for it to
actually feel like a story with a structure. Every element on screen pays off
eventually often presenting unforeseeable outcomes – all of them viciously

tries to blend in with his newly found peers, some of which often confuse him with
his more outgoing and machismo-fueled sibling. The array of stereotypical young
males populate the house include Turbeaux (Paul Prado), an angry and homophobic dude with a
dark secret, Derek (Greg Sestero), the most relaxed and almost-sane member of this drunken
clan, Sizzler (Jimmy Wong), the frat’s pledge who is brutally hazed, Samzy (Ben Gigli), Brock’s neurotic best friend, or Todd (Joey Scoma), a virgin
who prefers to spend time with his bros that with his girlfriend Samantha (Kelsey Gunn) – a self
proclaimed female-dude or dudette.

is crucial for this collection of sociopaths, and a trip to a cabin in the
woods is an ideal setting for some testosterone-friendly stupidity – as well as
their well-deserved deaths. On their way there they
come across people who have been victims of their reckless actions, such as a
man who lost his entire family in a disaster caused by the dude bros. But their
reign of infuriating obliviousness will come an end when their trip becomes a bloodbath. Motherface isn’t happy and
retribution is what she is after.

As bats**t crazy and irreverent as it all sounds, there is
sharp social commentary here, though it’s buried under some of the most
outrageous twists ever to be pulled off by any film of any kind. Nonsensical, yes, but through the baffling actions of these obnoxious  bros, the
filmmakers cleverly criticize the extent of white male privilege. Bro culture
is often associated with blatant entitlement and reveling on the
lack on consequences certain destructive behaviors enjoy. Spring break, sports
events, house parties, college itself, and any other bro-habitat out there, has to suffer
from their intoxicated disregard for others that only gets addressed with a
slap on the wrist. But not in “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3,” their own clichéd ways
of having fun will become their demise. Impunity doesn’t have a place here, only grotesque ways to die. Granted, the film is evidently generalizing and it’s extreme, but this is a spoof on the vein of “Wet Hot American
Summer,” so anything goes.

And since anything is fair game, cameos are prominent and
they are equally as unexpected as most of the plot points in this marvelously
messy treat of a film. Patton Oswalt appears as the mastermind behind the dude bros annihilation, and he is excellent. Throw
in Larry King and Andrew W.K. and you’ve got the perfect complements to go alongside the
rest of the up-and-coming cast. Olivia Taylor Dudley, Prado, and Owen do a
fantastic job at playing their parts with assertiveness in spite of the insane
concept they are a part of. In a smaller, but noteworthy part, Brian Firenzi as Officer Sminkle gives a
performance that is, no say the least, hard to forget.

an industry point of view “Dude Bro” is a prime example of the
miracles of crowdfunding and fan-supported content for fan-consumption. Their end credits are
mostly constructed of an interminable list of Kickstarter supporters that
became invested in the 5-Secong Films via their daily YouTube videos. It’s a
built-in audience that become financiers in the projects they want to see on
screen –any screen- regardless of how far removed from traditional production
models these are. To go from a cell phone screen to a major festival’s program is
not the norm, but when the content is this fresh, that transition feels earned.

“Dude Bro Party
Massacre III” thrives on its imperfections and unthinkable gags that
demonstrate, if briefly, that not everything has been done already. Its form and its
ideas come together in a disgusting, profane, vulgar, and psychotic concoction that
will become, without a doubt, an instant cult classic. Midnight screenings have
a new twisted masterpiece for the enjoyment of all those who hate conventional trash and love to throw
s**t at the screen.

The film will be releasing on VOD via iTunes and the film’s website ( on July 7th

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