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Review: ‘Hannibal’ Season 3, Episode 6, ‘Dolce’: Dinner For Three

Review: 'Hannibal' Season 3, Episode 6, 'Dolce': Dinner For Three

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Previously, it
looked less and less likely that the show would be renewed
. Also, Jack
kicked Hannibal’s ass and it ruled.

Hannibal and Bedelia’s European Vacation

Hannibal walk-of-shames home to Bedelia, who patches him up.
She basically breaks up with him, and admits she knew he was planning to eat
her one day. “I have not marinated long enough for your tastes,” she
tells him. Another classic case of marinatus interruptus.

Hannibal takes off and leaves Bedelia to be discovered by
Jack and Will. Bedelia’s got it covered, though, by shooting up some drugs and
pretending she’s had a psychotic break. “You’ve been freebasing your
alibi,” Jack marvels, in what’s definitely
the line of the episode. Bedelia does tell Chiyoh the truth about herself,
because hey, she’s family. I’m worried we won’t see much more of Bedelia this
season, which would be a real shame, considering how wonderful Gillian Anderson
is in these scenes. But if she’s going out here, she’s going out in style.

Meanwhile, On “Revenge Squad!”

It just wouldn’t be Season 3 of “Hannibal” without
some serious padding, and this week we get a lengthy bit of business with
Mason’s manservant preparing various pig parts, trying to simulate what it will
be like when they get to slowly eat Hannibal. Cool hobby, dude! Can you imagine
the advertisement Mason had to put out to find this guy? “Must be willing
to fantasize about cooking and eating my enemies.” This whole section ends
with Mason imagining Hannibal fully cooked in front of him, like he’s in the
climax of “The
Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.”
(Sorry for the mild
spoilers from a movie released 26 years ago. Please send all hate mail to my
editor.) [Editor’s Note: ::sigh::]
None of this is particularly interesting, and it all feels like wheel spinning
to fill the time.

Meanwhile, we find out Margot and Alana have become lovers
via a kaleidoscopic sex scene with plenty of vaginal imagery (because they are
ladies and vaginas are what ladies have). At least they have more chemistry
than Hannibal and Alana ever did. More importantly, we find out that the two of
them are plotting against Mason, and Alana’s going to contact the FBI once
Mason has Hannibal in custody. Alana may be having a dalliance with revenge,
but justice is still her true love! Although I admit, I’m kind of bummed that her
heel turn was just a front — Righteous Vengeance Alana was cool. Still, I’m
not opposed to the idea of Justice Lesbian Alana. 

Will Graham: Doin’ Stuff!

Will FINALLY catches up to Hannibal, at the Botticelli of
course. It’s their first present-time scene together this season, and Will
doles up the much-repeated sentiment, “You and I have begun to blur.”
Fortunately, we don’t dilly-dally too much with superfluous conversation, and
Will and Hannibal head out into the square. Will pulls a knife but then D’OH
he’s shot in the shoulder by Chiyoh from her sniper’s nest. It’s kind of
hilarious how ineffective Will is this season, although I guess he hasn’t had
many opportunities to use his super-empathy. Stick with what you’re good at,
Will, because you are pretty terrible at revenge murder. What matters today is
that Hannibal gets Will to safety, drugs him, and spirits him away.

Jack Attack

Early in the episode, Will quite validly asks Jack why he
didn’t kill Hannibal. “Maybe I need you to,” Jack responds. That’s…
not a great explanation, Jack. You could have just said, “Maybe the
writers need you to, because that’s how it goes down in the books.” I’m
fine with Jack doing it at this point, honestly.

Jack is able to track Will and Hannibal down, but falls for
the old “hiding under the table” gag and Hannibal slashes his
Achilles tendon. It’s kind of disheartening that Jack is bested by the hiding
spot a six-year-old would choose. With his two pursuers trussed up at the
dining table, Hannibal is once again triumphant.

Grand Guignol

It was at this point that I was convinced we were going to
get a recreation of Ray
Liotta’s infamous fate
 in the
“Hannibal” film, and things certainly seem to be heading that way
when Hannibal breaks out the bone saw and starts applying it to Will’s skull.

And then suddenly Will and Hannibal are trussed up next to
each other in a pig truck and Mason Verger is welcoming them to Muskrat Farm.
Well, that was unexpected. I’m sure the show will backtrack and show us exactly
how they wound up there, because there’s nothing this show likes doing more
than backtracking to show some unnecessary business when it could just be
getting on with things. It’s always frustrating to encounter a 13-episode
season that still feels padded, and this one has definitely fit the bill so
far. Still, next week should have a massacre on a pig farm, so that’s something
to look forward to.

Grade: B-

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