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Review: ‘Hannibal’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Digestivo’: Showdown At Muskrat Farm

Review: 'Hannibal' Season 3, Episode 7, 'Digestivo': Showdown At Muskrat Farm

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Previously, Will and Hannibal found themselves at the mercy
of Mason Verger. This should go really well for everyone involved.

Jack Attack

, we rewind a bit to show how Hannibal and Will wound up in
Mason’s clutches. Fortunately, the scene gets right to the point (corrupt
Italian police burst in), and it’s exciting, to boot. Jack’s about to be killed
by the police when Chiyoh intervenes with her sniping skills, since she needs
Jack alive to tell her where Hannibal’s being taken. She’s a useful one to have
around, that Chiyoh. Jack and Chiyoh come to an accord: he tells her to head to
Muskrat Farm and she lets him go.

Meanwhile, On “Revenge Squad!”

This episode is the climax of the first half of the season,
and the good news is, it acts like it. I haven’t been shy about my expressing
my frustrations with the speed things have been playing out the last several
weeks, and this episode’s a welcome change. There’s not a lot of down time, and
what little there is involves Mason going into increasingly ridiculous detail
about how he and his manservant Cordell are going to cook and eat Hannibal bit
by bit. The plans are so elaborate they even seem to impress Hannibal, who
always appreciates a thought-out menu. Mason diverges a bit to expound on that guy in Germany who
ate a volunteer he met on the internet, leading to a line that could only be
said on “Hannibal”: “You go to all that trouble to eat a friend,
and you overcook his penis!” Mason’s murder plans for Will aren’t nearly
so elaborate: he’s simply going to cut off Will’s face and wear it as he eats
Hannibal. The scene comes to a head when Will manages to take a savage bite out
of Cordell’s cheek when he gets to close, much to Hannibal’s amusement. This
whole sequence is “Hannibal” at its most deliberately camp, and it
all clicks. 

Alana and Margot are still plotting against Mason, at least
until Mason tells Margot that he saved her eggs and has found a surrogate for
their baby. Unfortunately, Margot displays no intelligence whatsoever in not
guessing that the surrogate is a sow, and loses her shit when she makes the
discovery.  Did she just meet Mason
yesterday? When has he ever done something to her that wasn’t completely cruel
and batshit crazy? Anyway, there’s no heartbeat so Alana cuts the baby out, and
Margot’s finally ready to end Mason once and for all. This works for Alana,
since Will’s presence and the fact that FBI won’t be coming anytime soon means
that she’ll have to table her revenge in order to save her friend. If only
there was some super-murderer on the premises that they could utilize!

This Week In Faustian Bargains

First, Alana visits Will to tell him she wanted to find
Hannibal before he did. She was hoping the FBI would be the cavalry, but
Mason’s money and connections are keeping Jack tied up for now. Will tells
Alana in no uncertain terms that she’s going to have to spill blood, either personally,
or through another.  Both of these
characters are just raw nerves at the point, and this is a fine little scene.

Margo then goes to visit Hannibal, who is cool as always,
despite being tied up and branded by Mason. The subject of murdering Mason comes
up, as it tends to do when these two get together, and Hannibal goes back into
therapist mode, noting “It would actually be much more therapeutic for you
to kill him yourself.” Margot doesn’t think she could get away with it,
but Hannibal says he’ll take the credit, because what’s one more murder to him?
What a pal!

Alana shows up and immediately knocks out the one guard,
which makes me wonder why Mason would have such lax security on Hannibal when
he knows there are several people in his house he can’t really trust. It’s a
minor niggle, though, and it gets us to the much more interesting situation of
Alana having to free Hannibal so that he can save Will. “Could I have ever
understood you?” she asks him, and all she gets is a simple “No.”

Grand Guignol

It was the surest bet in the universe than that
“Digestivo” would end with a whole lot of violence, and it didn’t
fail to deliver. Mason is put under for his face transplant, but Hannibal
arrives in time (after messily murdering several guards) and gives Mason
Cordell’s face instead. Then he carries Will to safety as Chiyoh covers their
escape. That Chiyoh — so useful!

Mason wakes up understandably pissed, only to be confronted
by a much-more understandably pissed Margot, who did not take kindly to his
pig-mother prank. Alana admits that they were able to get a semen sample from
Mason while he was out, by stimulating his prostate with a cattle prod. That
is… quite the mental image, even for this show. So now with the key to a
Verger heir secured, Margot and Alana throw Mason in his eel tank, where the
damn thing swims halfway down his throat. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer

The Break Up

We finally get the emotional showdown between Will and
Hannibal we’ve been waiting for. Will, in no uncertain terms, tells Hannibal
that he’s not going to look for him or miss him. He’s letting Hannibal go,
emotionally and physically. “I don’t have your appetite,” he admits,
which is something of a relief. I’m not particularly interested in Will and
Hannibal as murder pals, and kudos to the show for always making that a
distinct, sickening possibility.

It seems Hannibal will get away yet again, but when Jack and
the FBI arrive, Hannibal surrenders. “I want you to know exactly where I
am and where you can always find me,” he tells Jack and (pointedly) Will.
It’s a big deviation from the source material, but one that definitely works in
the context of the show. It’s another deft move by the master manipulator. You
don’t get to call the shots in this relationship, Will!

Next week: Red Dragon! Finally!

Grade: A-

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