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Watch: 3-Minute Supercut Tribute To The Films Of Christopher Nolan

Watch: 3-Minute Supercut Tribute To The Films Of Christopher Nolan

If there’s a reason Miguel Branco’s Christopher Nolan supercut strikes you as epic, it’s because that’s exactly what most of the British filmmaker’s movies are. Ambitious in terms of scope, concept, and often runtime, Christopher Nolan’s films have grossed well over $4 billion worldwide, and Branco pays modest and genuine tribute to the visionary writer-director in his not quite three-and-a-half-minute video.

The 206-second supercut spans the world, as well as dreamt worlds, and the galaxies. It witnesses the rise and fall of heroes and their villains. And it features gorgeous music from Hans Zimmer, including “A Watchful Guardian” from “The Dark Knight,” which he wrote with James Newton Howard. Of course, for those whose first introduction to Nolan came in the form of either a “Dark Knight” film, “Inception,” or “Interstellar,” it’s forgivable to forget the helmer’s first features were more humble. “Following” and “Memento” don’t share the same scale as the filmmaker’s later work when it comes to grandiosity of budget, on-screen effects, or duration, but they are no less examples of Nolan’s extraordinary concepts. (Personal aside — I remember watching “Memento” in theaters in high school and being struck mute by its impressiveness.)

Ever thorough, Branco also includes “Insomnia” — Christopher Nolan’s only foray into directing a film he did not also write. (Okay, that part might not be 100% true. Three years ago yesterday, Film School Rejects did a great write-up about “Insomnia” and why it’s an important addition to the Nolan canon. I recommend reading the whole article, which discusses how the filmmaker was able to leverage the success of indie “Memento” into a studio job, which then helped him successfully transition to studio jobs that he both wrote and directed. But it also makes reference to Nolan working on the “Insomnia” script with credited writer Hillary Seitz, so he probably did put his stamp on the screenplay, even if he’s not out-rightly credited as a writer.)

Branco accompanies his supercut with the following dedication: “Special thanks to my incredible girlfriend for hooking me up with the Christopher Nolan Blu-ray box set last Christmas. This video wouldn’t have been possible without her!” And we’re all lucky he put that collection to such good use by making this tribute. Check it out below.

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