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8 Highlights From Sir Patrick Stewart’s Reddit AMA

8 Highlights From Sir Patrick Stewart's Reddit AMA

Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the ambitious but misguided news anchor Walter
Blunt in the upcoming Starz sitcom, “Blunt Talk,” which is set to premiere Saturday, August 22 on Starz. So, the distinguished stage and screen actor
participated in a Reddit AMA today to answer fan questions about the show and his other roles, reigning in a total of 6700 comments and many, many long discussions about English tea.

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Take a look at some of the highlights below.

I was sad to hear of
Roger Rees’s death in July. I know you worked with him many years ago in the
RSC (and in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” of course!) Could you share
your favorite memory of him?

Dear Roger Rees saw a preview of my one-man show, “A
Christmas Carol,” and told me I shouldn’t act Scrooge. I should simply be
him because Scrooge already lived inside me.

Who’s the better
kisser: Ian McKellen or Conan O’Brian? What has been your favorite role to
voice act?

Actually, it’s Alan Cumming. Deputy Director Avery Bullock on “American Dad” is
my favorite role to voice-act.

Hi Patrick! Frakes with a beard or cleanly shaven?

Frakes with a beard, preferable, because it tickles when you kiss him.

What do you consider
to be the most fun you have had in your acting career?

Easy. First season of “Blunt Talk.” For the 12
weeks of shooting, I remember nothing except laughing, which is a nice way to
get through a working day, especially if it’s 14 hours. Everyone in our cast is
a comedian (or comedienne). They’re funny on screen and they’re funny off,
which accounts for my comment about laughing. There’s not much laughter when
you’re performing “King Lear” or “Macbeth.”

Looking forward to “Blunt
Talk” premiering this week! What made you decide to take your first
starring role in a comedy series like this?

Because the invitation came from Seth MacFarlane and the
writing and head of the creative team was executive producer and showrunner
Jonathan Ames. Both brilliant and Walter’s colorful character is a delicious
creation of Ames.

Do you have an actual
manservant IRL? I can’t figure out how you can fit so much awesome into your
daily routine.

I wish, but my experience of working with Adrian
Scarborough, who plays my valet Harry in “Blunt Talk”, has spoiled me
for anyone else no matter how good a job they might do. Adrian Scarborough is
brilliant in “Blunt Talk”.

I was raised on “The
Next Generation,” and I’d like to think the show imparted upon me a grand sense
of imagination and wisdom. It’s often stated that “The Inner Light” or the
“Caymen” episode, is one of your favorites. I was hoping you could briefly describe
your feelings about that episode and what about it resonated with you?

Well, the thing is, my favorite episode is “Inner
Light.” It was a beautiful script, which for me was almost entirely
located away from the Enterprise — and its crew! And because I was given the
chance to perform what Picard would have been like if his life experience had
been different. But another important reason is that I had a son in that
episode who was played by my son, Daniel Stewart. And if you care to see how he
has grown up, watch my new series “Blunt Talk.”

What question would Walter Blunt ask Deputy Director Bullock?

Deputy Director, how did an Englishman come to work for the CIA and is it a good idea? And why haven’t the other agents commented on the fact that you are English? Maybe they haven’t noticed, in which case they’re not smart enough to work for the CIA.

“Blunt Talk” premieres Saturday, August 22 on Starz. Watch the first two episodes for free right now, and read Stewart’s full AMA here.

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