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Watch: #TBT Why ‘Pulp Fiction’ Was Tarantino’s ‘The Avengers’

Watch: #TBT Why 'Pulp Fiction' Was Tarantino's 'The Avengers'

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There’s no one quite like Quentin Tarantino and there’s nothing quite like a Tarantino film. Our own Eric Kohn’s recent article
detailing the auteur’s unique position in the film industry is a must-read for all fans, but if you’re feeling lazy, here’s the gist:
Tarantino’s films are so good, he’s essentially created a genre which
will hold up against any blockbuster tentpole a studio chooses to spurt
out, no matter how many superheroes they scramble to squeeze on the

Tarantino’s films feature a different kind of
superhero. These characters are what Tarantino would refer to as badass motherf–ckers. Tarantino’s Avengers? Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield,
Butch Coolidge and Mia Wallace.

Pulp Fiction” is the film that most accurately sums up the Tarantino genre as a whole. Let’s point out the running elements of his signature style that we can see in this one trailer alone:

1. Feet. Tarantino likes feet. A lot. Uncomfortably. A lot.

2. The Action Girl. Filed under: Uma Thurman in basically everything they ever work on together. Also see: Feet.

3. Badass motherf–cking music. This trailer features four songs that immediately raise your adrenaline levels to pulsing, from “Jungle Boogie” by Kool and the Gang and “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” by Urge Overkill.

4. Samuel L. Jackson. “Reservoir Dogs” is the only movie he missed out on and he’s not too happy about it.

5. Bad criminals in nice suits.

6. Creator cameo. He’s usually the weirdo in the back.

7. Heterosexual life partners. When are we ever going to see John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in the same movie again?

8. Trunk Shot. A shot. From the trunk.

We must also remember that Tarantino has built up a universe even more impressive, if only for its subtlety, than Marvel’s Sony/Disney schizo-studio realm. For example, did you know Vincent Vega’s brother is Vic Vega, the psycho-killer who dons the pseudonym Mr. Blonde in “Reservoir Dogs”? Or how about the fact that Mia Wallace’s failed TV pilot, “Fox Force Five,” sounds an awful lot like the plot of “Kill Bill”?
We’re going to see superhero films, reboot over reboot, until the end of time, but the day Tarantino has wrapped shooting on his tenth film will be a sad day indeed. 

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