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Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, October 23; What Will You See?

Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, October 23; What Will You See?

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, October 23. All synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.


Jem and the Holograms
Director: John M. Chu
Cast: Aubrey Peeples, Stefanie Scott, Aurora Perrineau, Hayley Kiyoko, Ryan Guzman, Molly Ringwald, Juliette Lewis, Nicholas Braun, Isabella Kai Rice, Samantha Newark, Britta Phillips, Nathan Moore, Barnaby Carpenter, Robin Lynn
Synopsis: “In a hyper-linked social media age, an orphaned teenage girl, Jerrica Jem Benton, becomes an online recording sensation, and she and her sisters embark on a music-driven scavenger hunt – one that sends them on an adventure across Los Angeles – in an attempt to unlock a final message left by her father.”

The Last Witch Hunter
Director: Breck Eisner
Cast: Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, Michael Caine, Lotte Verbeek, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Allegra Carpenter, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Aimee Carrero, Isaach de Bankolé, Julie Engelbrecht, Armani Jackson, Samara Lee, Stephanie Bertoni, Inbar Lavi
Synopsis: “The modern world holds many secrets, but the most astounding secret of all is that witches still live amongst us; vicious supernatural creatures intent on unleashing the Black Death upon the world. Armies of witch hunters battled the unnatural enemy across the globe for centuries, including Kaulder, a valiant warrior who managed to slay the all-powerful Queen Witch, decimating her followers in the process. In the moments right before her death, the Queen curses Kaulder with her own immortality, forever separating him from his beloved wife and daughter in the afterlife. Today Kaulder is the only one of his kind remaining, and has spent centuries hunting down rogue witches, all the while yearning for his long-lost loved ones. However, unbeknownst to Kaulder, the Queen Witch is resurrected and seeks revenge on her killer causing an epic battle that will determine the survival of the human race.”

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Director: Gregory Plotkin
Cast: Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw, Ivy George, Katie Featherston, Lauren Frandsen, Tyler Craig
Synopsis: “Using a special camera that can see spirits, a family must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan.”

Rock the Kasbah

Director: Barry Levinson
Cast: Bill Murray, Zooey Deschanel, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Leem Lubany, Arian Moayed, Danny McBride, Scott Caan
Synopsis: “Richie Lanz, dumped and stranded in war-torn Kabul by his last remaining client, discovers Salima Khan, a Pashtun teenager with a beautiful voice and the courageous dream of becoming the first woman to compete on national television in Afghanistan’s version of ‘American Idol.’ Richie partners with a savvy hooker, a pair of hard-partying war profiteers and a hair-trigger mercenary and, braving dangerous cultural prejudices, manages his new protégée into becoming the ‘Afghan Star.'”


Director: Jake Hoffman
Cast: Benedict Samuel, Krysten Ritter, Nick Nolte, Iggy Pop, Rosanna Arquette, Goran Visnjic
Synopsis: “Gus is suffocating in life (and not just figuratively speaking), and finding a meaningful existence is an almost impossible task. His asthma attacks come at the most inopportune times, and are a constant reminder of his attempts to resolve his uncertain situation in a radical manner. Somewhere between the drugs, the lack of money, and his ongoing sense of alienation, Gus sees a shimmer of light in the form of Ruby, a charming and self-confident rocker whose life is much more certain than his. In his endeavour to escape from himself, the young outsider – who bears a striking resemblance to Mick Jagger – sets out on an unpredictable trip in a stolen convertible.” [Karlovy Vary International Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in Los Angeles on October 30th)

Bone Tomahawk
Director: S. Craig Zahler
Cast: Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, Matthew Fox, Lili Simmons, Sean Young, Geno Segers, David Arquette, Kathryn Morris, Sid Haig, Michael Paré, Fred Melamed, Evan Jonigkeit, Jay Tavare
Synopsis: “When a group of cannibal savages kidnaps settlers from the small town of Bright Hope, an unlikely team of gunslingers, led by Sheriff Franklin Hunt, sets out to bring them home. But their enemy is more ruthless than anyone could have imagined, putting their mission – and survival itself – in serious jeopardy.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Phoenix)

Director: Michael Steves
Cast: Vincent Martella, Jennifer Laporte, Julia Aks, Shonna Major, Alicia Monet Caldwell, Taylor Clift
Synopsis: “When her possessive high school boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident, Fern Petersen’s life is thrown into turmoil. Things go from bad to worse when he returns as a love-sick ghost to kill her so they can be together for eternity.”
Theatrical Release: Houston (opens in New York and Los Angeles in November)

Director: Zeresenay Mehari
Cast: Meron Getnet, Tizita Hagere, Haregewine Assefa, Brook Sheferaw, Mekonen Laeake, Girma Teshome
Synopsis: “When 14-year-old Hirut is abducted in her rural village’s tradition of kidnapping women for marriage, she fights back, accidentally killing her captor and intended husband. Local law demands a death sentence for Hirut, but Meaza, a tough and passionate lawyer from a women’s legal aide practice, steps in to fight for her. With both Hirut’s life and the future of the practice at stake, the two women must make their case for self-defense against one of Ethiopia’s oldest and most deeply-rooted traditions.”
Theatrical Release: New York (expands to various cities nationwide through the end of December)

The Diplomat
Director: David Holbrooke
Synopsis: “David Holbrooke attempts the seemingly insurmountable: capturing the legacy of his larger-than-life father, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, to ‘get to know him better in death,’ David says, ‘than I ever did in life.’ The senior Holbrooke’s career is tracked from his early days as a foreign service officer in Vietnam through his most profound success in securing a peace between Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia, and finally, to his work as U.S. point man for Afghanistan and Pakistan.” [Tribeca Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: New York

Extraordinary Tales
Director: Raul Garcia
Synopsis: “Heart-pounding takes on Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpieces, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, and The Masque of the Red Death. Each tale is given a unique animated look, inspired by sources as diverse as classic Hollywood black-and-white monster films and the pulpy feel of EC Comics. Narrated by a stable of some of the most legendary horror directors and actors.”
Theatrical Release: Los Angeles

Heart of a Dog
Director: Laurie Anderson
Synopsis: “Renowned mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary artist Laurie Anderson returns with this lyrical and powerfully personal essay film that reflects on the deaths of her husband Lou Reed, her mother, her beloved dog, and such diverse subjects as family memories, surveillance, and Buddhist teachings.” [Toronto International Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (17 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in Los Angeles on November 6th)

I Smile Back
Director: Adam Salky
Cast: Sarah Silverman, Josh Charles, Thomas Sadoski, Mia Barron, Terry Kinney, Chris Sarandon
Synopsis: “Laney is an attractive, intelligent suburban wife and devoted mother of two adorable children. She has the perfect husband who plays basketball with the kids in the driveway, a pristine house, and a shiny SUV for carting the children to their next activity. However, just beneath the façade lie depression and disillusionment that send her careening into a secret world of reckless compulsion. Only very real danger will force her to face the painful root of her destructiveness and its crumbling effect on those she loves.” [Sundance Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: B- (12 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles

India’s Daughter
Director: Leslee Udwin
Synopsis: “The story of the savage rape and eventual death of 23 year-old medical student, Jyoti Singh, in New Delhi in December of 2012, an event that shook the social fabric of the country– and the world– to the core.”
Theatrical Release: New York (expands to various cities through 2016)

Jason & Shirley
Director: Stephen Winter
Cast: Jack Waters, Sarah Schulman, Eamon Fahey, Orran Farmer
Synopsis: “Based on a true story, ‘Jason and Shirley’ recreates the 1966 power struggle between Jewish, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Shirley Clarke and her subject, Jason Holiday, a fierce black gay queen over a 12-hour marathon filming session which gave rise to Clarke’s iconic documentary ‘Portrait of Jason.'”
Theatrical Release: New York

Director: Matthew Brown
Cast: Ashley C. Williams, Ryan Cooper
Synopsis: “A neo-noir revenge thriller centering on Julia Shames, who after suffering a brutal trauma, falls prey to an unorthodox form of therapy to restore herself.”
Theatrical Release: New York, Los Angles and Chicago

Nasty Baby
Director: Sebastián Silva
Cast: Sebastián Silva, Tunde Adebimpe, Kristen Wiig, Reg E. Cathey, Mark Margolis, Alia Shawkat, Agustín Silva
Synopsis: “Brooklyn artist Freddy is baby obsessed. His new project centers around newborns, and he and his boyfriend, Mo, have recruited their best friend, Polly, to help them have a baby. On top of dealing with the stress of opening an art installation and the complications of conceiving a child via artificial insemination, the three begin to be harassed by The Bishop, a mentally ill neighborhood man. An escalating series of incidents threaten to derail the comfortable lives these people have built for themselves.” [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (10 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles (expands nationwide on October 30th)

The Pearl Button
Director: Patricio Guzmán
Synopsis: “The ocean contains the history of all humanity. The sea holds all the voices of the earth and those that come from outer space. Water receives impetus from the stars and transmits it to living creatures. Water, the longest border in Chile, also holds the secret of two mysterious buttons which were found on its ocean floor. Chile, with its 2,670 miles of coastline and the largest archipelago in the world, presents a supernatural landscape. In it are volcanoes, mountains and glaciers. In it are the voices of the Patagonian Indigenous people, the first English sailors and also those of its political prisoners. Some say that water has memory. This film shows that it also has a voice.” [Berlin International Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in seven additional markets through December)

The Sound and the Fury
Director: James Franco
Cast: James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson, Joey King, Scott Haze
Synopsis: “‘The Sound and The Fury’ captures the lives and passions of the Compsons, a once proud Southern family caught in a tragic spiral of loss and misfortune. Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner author William Faulkner and considered among the 20th century’s greatest works, ‘The Sound and The Fury’ encapsulates the universal theme of the death of honor, social injustice and forbidden love.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C (4 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Various (including Los Angeles, Birmingham, Chicago, Modesto and Eugene, OR)

Director: Sarah Gavron
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Gleeson, Romola Garai, Anne-Marie Duff, Samuel West, Geoff Bell
Synopsis: “A powerful drama about the fight for equality in early-20th-century Britain. The stirring story centers on Maud, a working wife and mother who becomes an activist for the Suffragette cause alongside women from all walks of life.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (4 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Select Markets

Tokyo Tribe
Director: Sion Sono
Cast: Ryohei Suzuki, Young Dais, Riki Takeuchi
Synopsis: “In a futuristic Japan, territorial street gangs form opposing factions collectively known as the Tokyo Tribes. When one of the gang leaders breaks the fragile peace, it triggers a brutal street war for supremacy.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B (9 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles

Tower to the People
Director: Joseph Sikorski
Synopsis: “The story of humanitarian scientist Nikola Tesla’s global plans for wireless energy through a mysterious tower on Long Island, NY… and how those plans were thwarted by the forces of greed around him. But generations later, Tesla’s struggle against the day’s corporate titans received some form of vindication.”
Theatrical Release: Los Angeles

A Wonderful Cloud
DirectorEugene Kotlyarenko
Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Eugene Kotlyarenko, John Ennis, Vishwam Velandy, Rachel Lord, Lauren Avery, Elisha Drons, Niko Karamyan, Tierney Finster, Mikki Olson
Synopsis: “When Katelyn travels to Los Angeles in hopes of wresting control of a clothing company from her ex, Eugene, she quickly realizes he has more than just business in mind. Unable to deny their emotional past, the pair spend the weekend trying to determine once and for all whether they have a future in store. Set in an LA full of eccentrics, this raw romantic comedy finds a former off-screen couple energetically playing out their real-world baggage in front of the camera, for laughs and tears.” [SXSW Film Festival] 
Criticwire Grade Average: B (4 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Los Angeles

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