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Sally Potter Casting Next Two Films, Dad-Daughter Portrait ‘Molly’ and Political Comedy ‘The Party’

Sally Potter Casting Next Two Films, Dad-Daughter Portrait 'Molly' and Political Comedy 'The Party'

Sally Potter is prepping her two follow-ups to 2012’s Cold War-set coming-of-age tale “Ginger and Rosa.” 

“I now have two complete scripts ready to go,” the British director announced of her next projects, both the result of a joint development deal between BBC Films and the British Film Institute. 

“I don’t know which is going to go first. They’re both being cast at a high level, so it will depend on which one finalizes its cast and financing first,” Potter said. “Either is ready to go into pre-production. They’ve been taken through multiple drafts. So realistically we’re looking at early 2016.”

Molly” will take place within a 24-hour period and focus on “the life of a man and his daughter with some metaphysical moments.” She added, “Parts of the story are set in New York but it moves around. I don’t want to say much more than that.”

Potter was more open about “The Party,” which will be set in real time and take place during a “drinks party held by Janet and her husband to celebrate her promotion to a minister in the Shadow Cabinet,” according to Screen Daily. In the London-set film, “Revelations emerge, which shatter each individual’s assumptions about love and loyalty and their most cherished political beliefs. The hosts and guests — who thought they were coming together for a small celebratory party — end up confronting murderous feelings and possibly even murder.”

Potter described the film as “fast, furious and funny” and explained that “The Party” is inspired by the sharply divided state of U.K. politics today. “Exploring what happens to people in crisis conditions and what happens to their beliefs is a perennially interesting thing,” she said. “But I was also fascinated by what was happening in Britain in politics, when everything seemed to move into the center and then suddenly, very recently, became much more defined into left and right, with a much deeper sense of values and principles being talked about. It was a combination of those things and the feeling that our lives are political whether we think they are or not, because of what we believe to be important.”

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