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Watch: 6 Highlights from David Duchovny and Chris Carter’s ‘The X-Files’ Revival Panel at NYCC

Watch: 6 Highlights from David Duchovny and Chris Carter's 'The X-Files' Revival Panel at NYCC


This past Saturday, “X-Philes” (and a few members of the press) were granted their first look at the full “X-Files” Season 10 premiere. Interested readers can check out Indiewire’s full review of the episode, but some of the true insight came after the screening when creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi took part in a panel discussion lead by “X-Files” superfan Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”). Some spoilers have been kept under wraps, resulting in the below highlights from the lively 30-minute discussion.

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Fans Are Sick of Mulder and Scully Not Being Together

While I will neither confirm or deny the relationship status of everyone’s favorite FBI couple at the start of the revival series, the rumors have been swirling online long enough to peak fans’ interest. One such X-Phile took to the mic to voice her frustrations, simply asking why Mulder and Scully couldn’t get together sooner or stay together longer than what’s been shown so far.

Carter tried to respond without really responding, saying “I was going under a bridge and [on a sign on] the bridge above us it said, ‘Life has many bumps in the road.’ I think Mulder and Scully have hit those bumps.”

The fan, though, wasn’t having it. “Don’t you think they’re stronger than that?”

The crowd cheered and clapped in support, but Carter only sheepishly smiled and said, “This is like a network note.”

Nanjiani, who brought up the topic in the clip above, tried to defend Carter’s position, but he didn’t seem to drum up as much support from the audience. 

“The Lone Gunman are back.”


Okay, that may sound like a spoiler, but Chris Carter made the announcement without outside pressure. Plus, it’s also part of the above clip released by Fox. In addition to announcing the return of everyone’s favorite nerds, Carter confirmed the structure of the new season. “We start with a mythology episode, and then we’re going to do standalone episodes for the next four. The second part of this episode — it’s a two-parter, so we’ll bookend it with mythology. One and six are mythology, there are four episodes that run between, which are standalone episodes.”

Episodes will be written by Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong, all veterans of the original series. How the Gunmen will be returning was left unclear; a legitimate query considering they died in Season 9. Perhaps they shall return again as ghosts, like they did in the series finale a year later.

David Duchovny Will Tell You Nothing About “The X-Files” Revival (Perhaps Because He Already Forgot What Happens)

Watch the above clip again. Despite the conversation being all about Mulder and Scully, Mulder himself will not speak to the topic other than to be taken aback by Nanjiani’s statement — about Mulder not making for a fun boyfriend (he’s right) — and, later, to shrug. This was pretty much the reaction Duchovny had to most questions posed to him about the upcoming episodes, which is fine considering spoilers are so prevalent and dangerous these days, but he did make one key exception. As an aside to a question, Nanjiani mentioned a bit of trivia from the original series, and Duchovny appeared lost. He said rather flatly he had no idea what the comedian was talking about, leading Pileggi to cover for him: “You know so much more than we do,” Pileggi told the devout “X-Files” fan.

Recapturing the ‘Mulder Flow’ Was Tricky


The panel was asked when they felt the most nostalgic while shooting the new episodes. Pileggi said it was on the first day of shooting, noting how Duchovny had to perform a rather lengthy speech to kick things off. 

“I hadn’t been Mulder in years, and we had this first A.D. of the show,” Duchovny explained, noting how the A.D. would eventually complement him when he got tricky lines to work — especially longer monologues. “I had scenes where eventually I’d get them, and he’d say when I had ‘Mulder flow.’ And I was searching for that Mulder flow in that scene, and I hope I eventually got it.”

“You got it,” Pileggi confirmed.

David Duchovny Got “The X-Files” Revival Going


In the above clip, Carter explains how the process for a new season began, and it was “Spooky” Mulder himself who was first ready to reopen “The X-Files.” 

“I got this call from 20th Century Fox,” Carter said. “And they said David was interested in doing the show. So I said, ‘If David is interested, then I am, too.'”

Duchovny, of course, remained mute on the subject, until…

There Could Be More to Come

To conclude the panel, Nanjiani pressed Duchovny on whether or not there would be more “X-Files” seasons after the revival. 

“Chris has the lion’s share of the work. Gillian, I and Mitch work hard, but Chris is a bigger time commitment,” Duchovny said. “I’m grateful to all you guys [the fans] and to Chris for making it possible for us to play these characters again. If it so happens there’s an appetite for more, then, as he has me say in the show, ‘You have my number.'”

“The X-Files” Season 10 premieres January 24 after the NFC Championship Game (approximately 10pm) on Fox.

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