Griffith, and boxing, were vilified. Griffith would continue
fighting, but was never quite the same. Late in his life, he was beaten
by five teens with one baseball bat while coming out of a gay club. He
died several years ago of dementia. The film is the collision of a
sweet-natured man, a macho sport and a repressive period.

look at how closely his two worlds intersected,” Abrahamson said to Deadline. “Just
how different are they, when the sport is such a celebration of the
male body and the beauty of its athleticism. Go one step further, and
inject the tiniest sense of sexuality, and people are up in arms.
Griffith himself once said a quote that just floored me. ‘They forgave
me for killing a man, but they couldn’t forgive me for loving a man.’
That to me was so powerful and such a crazy contradiction. And it is
still relevant today.”