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Watch: The 16 Best Movie Trailers of 2015

Watch: The 16 Best Movie Trailers of 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

The first shot of an orange-soaked apocalyptic highway pretty much sealed the deal here. Throw in the bombastic orchestral score and some rapid-fire editing and this trailer is a chaotic collage of the film’s bonkers production design and action set pieces. It’s a preview as mad as the film itself.


“One City. One Night. One Take.” Has there ever been a more tantalizing tagline? Despite the monumental challenge of breaking up the movie’s 140-minute one take, this trailer absolutely nails the film’s seductive dangers. One minute you’re dancing in a club, the next you’re dodging bullets in a shootout; such is the wild and fluid unpredictability of “Victoria.”

The Witch

The year’s most terrifying trailer is full to bursting with foreboding atmosphere before it explodes into overwhelming demonic horror. Robert Eggers’ debut was the talk of Sundance at the beginning of this year, and this nightmarish trailer proves why. From its authentic sets and costumes to its corkscrew tension, “The Witch” is now at the very top of our 2016 wish list.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Combining traditional talking head interviews with a head-spinning mixture of rotoscope animation, concert footage and transfixing doodles, the trailer for “Montage of Heck” is just a glimpse at what makes the final product the year’s most radical nonfiction film. With its manic editing and haunting instrumental cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the trailer is a peek inside Cobain’s tormented soul, and almost, in some ways, a warning to enter only if you dare.

Goodnight Mommy

Home invasion horror meets arthouse beauty in this unforgettable trailer for Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s Austrian horror film. The mysterious plot is expertly charted through a host of searing images that are as gorgeous as they are horrifying. Capped off by the horrific sounds of the mother eating a bug in her sleep, this expertly assembled trailer is the year’s most unnerving.

“Steve Jobs”

Bad box office got the best of Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs,” which is a shame given how thrillingly constructed the final product turned out to be. This trailer sets up the film’s ambitious structure with pulse-pounding energy and tons of drama, cramming in so much opinionated dialogue about the man, the myth and the legend that it all blends into a cinematic symphony. Few trailers relay the energy of their films as convincingly as this one.


“She’s back, and she’s going hard,” says Mya Taylor’s Alexandra about her recently-released-from-prison best friend Sin-Dee Rella, but “hard” doesn’t even begin to describe this reckless and out-of-control tease for Sean Baker’s acclaimed indie gem. Buck-wild and beautiful, the “Tangerine” trailer lays the proper groundwork for the feature to follow.

Queen of Earth

It’s hard to pin down the tone of Alex Ross Perry’s psychologically rattling “Queen of Earth,” which makes the darkly comic and disorienting trailer all the more perfect. Featuring the delightfully odd narration of a B-movie layered over the film’s idyllic setting, the clip is a retro filter through which the movie’s real madness becomes abundantly clear.

The Lobster

“The Lobster” is probably one of the hardest movies to sell in under two minutes, given its surreal premise and deadpan tone, yet this trailer potently shows what makes the film such a darkly funny satire. Communicating the odd specifics of the story while teasing its sharply direct tone, the trailer is transporting in more ways than one. 

“The Revenant”

The most brooding preview of the year, “The Revenant” teaser is two-and-a-half minutes of savage beauty and unrelenting suspense. Set against escalating exhales and heartbeats, the trailer packs so much stunning cinematography and teases so many ambitious set pieces that it all becomes quite viscerally chaotic. The one thing this trailer makes clear: See this adventure on the biggest screen possible. 

“Hail, Caesar!”

The Coen Brothers look more madcap than ever in what has to be the year’s most infectious trailer. With a killer premise ripe with satire and a star-studded ensemble all glistened up in Hollywood Golden Age glamour — oh, hello there, Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Jonah Hill and more — the Coen Bros. have rarely been as light on their feet as they are here. Think “Argo,” but with a typical dose of Coen absurdity.

“Magic Mike XXL”

Certain viewers were a bit disappointed by Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike,” considering it was more of a dark observation about the pitfalls of fame than an all-out romp about male strippers. Enter this glorious “Magic Mike XXL” teaser trailer to right that wrong. With some serious Channing Tatum gyrating and Ginuwine’s “Pony” thumping in the background, this salacious teaser is everything fans wanted the original movie to be and more. 

Love 3D”

“What is your ultimate fantasy?” asks Karl Glusman’s Murphy at the start of this extremely provocative trailer for Gaspar Noé’s “Love 3D.” Full of the erotic, tender and ominous passion that runs through much of the film, the “Love” teaser shocks again and again with graphic sexual imagery, none more outrageous than the sight of semen dripping down the screen. Say what you will, but this trailer knows exactly what kind of film it’s selling and it does so with some serious heat.  


The most bonkers midnight movie of 2015 got the year’s most ridiculous trailer from Drafthouse Films, made all the more memorable for one hell of a tagline: “No animals were harmed in the making of this film. 70 members of the last and crew were.” The contrast between the terrifying lions and the uplifting music results in a preview as hilarious as it is troubling, much like the feature itself. 

Beasts of No Nation

Taking a page from the “American Sniper” teaser last year, this “Beasts of No Nation” preview uses one of the movie’s most harrowing moments to highlight just how much of a grueling experience the feature will be. Teasing the father-son dynamic between Idris Elba and Abraham Attah, the clip depicts the life-changing moment when Attah’s character crosses over to the dark side. Few trailers ever devote their entire runtime to a single scene, but in doing so this “Beasts” preview ranks as the year’s most intense.


Justin Kurzel redefines the Shakespeare adaptation in this drop-dead gorgeous trailer that features a triumvirate of must-see qualities: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cottilard and some seriously unforgettable cinematography by Adam Arkapaw. It’s hard to get people excited for Shakespeare, but that’s not a problem in the slightest here.

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