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Exclusive: Meet the Colorful Characters Behind Sundance Sex Comedy ‘Brahman Naman’

Exclusive: Meet the Colorful Characters Behind Sundance Sex Comedy 'Brahman Naman'

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The new raunchy comedy ‘Brahman Naman,” directed by Indian filmmaker Q. and written by Naman Ramachandran, is a new spin on a classic coming-of-age story (think “American Pie”).

“Brahman Naman” takes place in the 1980s as Naman, a know-it-all nerd, starts to succumb to his raging hormones. Joined by his two best friends, the trio spends most of the time on the quizzing circuit, using their winnings to buy alcohol and adult magazines. Once they qualify for the National Quiz Championships, they make it their goal to win the competition and lose their virginities along the way. 

The English-language comedy will be competing in the World Dramatic Competition at Sundance later this month. Before it’s world premiere, get to know the movie’s colorful cast of characters in the exclusive rundown below. Character bios provided 

Naman (Shashank Arora)

An avid quizzer and the captain of Bangalore University’s illustrious and depraved quiz team, Naman is an average Brahman male. His favorite hobbies include drinking, masturbation, quizzing, and masturbation. The son of a rubber factory owner, Naman has not yet had the chance to get his rubber on—oh cruel fate, he’s still a virgin! While awaiting the chance to experience a real vagina, he finds love right in the palm of his own hand—and household items. And pets. And Produce. Favorite expressions include: “cervix with a smile.”

Ajay (Tanmay Dhanania)

A loyal member of Naman’s posse, Ajay is Naman’s left-hand man on Bangalore University’s quiz team (his right hand is his most loyal lover). A Shakespeare aficionado in stylish glasses, he excels at scooter-driving, beer-guzzling, and manages to suppress his sexual demons beneath a socially awkward exterior. His definition of love is “physical action over a smart verbal comeback.”

Ramu (Chaitanya Varad)

Serving as Naman’s preferred human humping pole, Ramu is a vital member of the quizzing team. Unfortunately for him, his father disapproves of everything he does—not only ogling nudie magazines, but quizzing too. His favorite day of the week is “Coco Panties Day”—the day on which bets are placed hypothesizing over the color of girls’ underwear. Ramu often emerges as a champion on this day. Fact: will sing Rod Stewart’s “Infatuation” upon arousal. 

Randy (Vaishwarth Shankar)

A fresh recruit from the junior team, Randy is Bangalore University’s newest, gangliest member. After surviving the first round of hazing and gracefully vomiting into a bush, Randy earns his stripes by getting the boys tickets to a porn theater by way of a pervy uncle. Fact: Randy’s name translates to the English word for horny.

Ronnie (Sid Mallya)

While Naman and his friends spend all their time polishing their “pathetic one-liners,” Ronnie is out winning cricket championships—and the attention of all the girls in the class. Handsome, rich, and athletic, much to Naman’s dismay, Ronnie has the full package—and a rather large one at that. Fact: he has never had a bad hair day.

Naina (Anula Navlekar)

Naina is everything Naman is looking for in a woman: whip smart, beautiful, female, and Brahman to boot. Captain of the quizzing team from Madras, the two meet on the train from Bangalore to Calcutta and he falls hard for her instantly (he becomes hard for her instantly, too).

Rita (Subholina Sen)

Within the realm of Naman’s sexual fantasies, Rita’s existence consists entirely of lazing about in pink lingerie while whispering sweet nothings into her golden telephone. She walks not to get from point A to B, but rather so that her breasts may bounce up and down—for Naman’s eyes only, of course. (It would be disrespectful for anyone else to regard his future wife in a sexual manner). 

Ash (Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy)

Bangalore University quiz team’s most underrated groupie, Ash has a heart of gold and a world-class bottom. She puts up with far too much from Naman gaining nothing in return. Fact: she always carries cash in case Naman needs it. 

Henry (Kartik Iyer)

Bangelore’s answer to Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused,” Henry is a grown man with the mindset and dialect of a randy teenager. He’s also the only man Naman knows who has successfully graduated from fornicating with ripe fruits to actual real live women—so what if they’re all prostitutes? Nickname: Henry VIII. Best piece of advice: “When you finish, let go of your dick. Cover your face. Then you watch your dick. It will flick!”

Bernie (Denzil Smith)

Bangalore University quiz team’s venerated chaperone, Bernie has much wisdom and guidance to offer his gaggle of “harmless, gutless, and feckless” quizzers. Still haunted by the memory of an especially short skirt worn by a girl in his youth, his drink of choice is gin finished with a maraschino cherry. Favorite expressions include: “revel in your supremacy” and “bigoted-shigoted!”

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