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Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, February 12; What Will You See?

Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, February 12; What Will You See?

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, February 12. All synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.



Director: Tim Miller
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Gina Carano, Morena Baccarin, Taylor Hickson, Brianna Hildebrand, T.J. Miller, Ed Skrein, Andre Tricoteux, Jed Rees, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Paul Lazenby
Synopsis: “The origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.”
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (7 reviews)

How to Be Single

Director: Christian Ditter
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson, Lily Collins, Dan Stevens, Damon Wayans Jr., Anders Holm, Jake Lacy, Jason Mantzoukas
Synopsis: “After four years of college, young Alice decides she needs a break from her long-term boyfriend Josh. Excited and ready for new challenges, the eager grad moves to New York to take a job as a paralegal. Helping her navigate her way through an unfamiliar city is Robin, a fun-loving, wild co-worker who enjoys partying and one-night stands. With Robin as her freewheeling guide, Alice can now learn how to get free drinks, meet men and enjoy the single lifestyle.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B- (4 reviews)

Where to Invade Next

Director: Michael Moore
Synopsis: “An expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Moore, playing the role of “invader,” visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. The creator of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and ‘Bowling for Columbine’ is back with this hilarious and eye-opening call to arms.  Turns out the solutions to America’s most entrenched problems already exist in the world—they’re just waiting to be co-opted.”
Criticwire Grade AverageB (28 reviews)

Zoolander 2

Director: Ben Stiller
Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Munn, Christine Taylor, Billy Zane, Kanye West, Fred Armisen, Justin Bieber, Beck Bennett
Synopsis: “Models Derek Zoolander and Hansel must stop a conspiracy to kill the world’s most beautiful people.”
Criticwire Grade Average: C (6 reviews)


Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

Director: Emily Ting
Cast: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg
Synopsis: “Ruby, a Chinese American toy designer from LA, visits Hong Kong for the first time on business. Finding herself stranded, she meets Josh, an American expat who shows her the city. Meandering through nighttime streets pulsing with energy and possibility, they fall into a winding and carefree conversation, buoyed by an undeniable attraction.” [LA Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: Various (including New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle

Bad Hurt

Director: Mark Kemble
Cast: Karen Allen, Michael Harney, Theo Rossi, Johnny Whitworth, Ashley Williams, Dorothy Lyman, Iris Gilad
Synopsis: “Life for the Kendalls has been burdened by grief and claustrophobia. Faced with caring for one child with special needs and another with PTSD, the family struggles for a sense of stability at home in their Staten Island hamlet. When a secret from the past is revealed, it threatens to tear them apart.” [Tribeca Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston

Cabin Fever

Director: Travis Zariwny
Cast: Gage Golightly, Dustin Ingram, Nadine Crocker, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis
Synopsis: “This story is familiar: fresh out of college, a group of five friends retreat to a remote cabin in the woods for one last week of partying- only to become snacks for a gruesome, flesh-eating virus. What’s surprising are the ingenious new deaths, which offer a fresh spin on a horror-comedy milestone.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles

The Final Project

Director: Taylor Ri’chard
Cast: Benjie Anderson, Amber Erwin, Tiffany Ford, Teal Haddock, Arin Jones, Robert McCarley, Evan McLean, Charles Orr, Leonardo Santaiti, Sergio Suave, Jejuan Walker, Susan Woodard
Synopsis: “Six eager students strike out to explore and record live footage of supernatural activity at an abandoned plantation, but one unsettled spirit gives them more than they asked for.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including Georgia and Houston; opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 4th)

Mountains May Depart

Director: Jia Zhangke
Cast: Zhao Tao, Sylvia Chang, Dong Zijian, Zhang Yi, Jing Dong Liang
Synopsis: “In Fenyang, childhood friends Liangzi, a coal miner, and Zhang, the owner of a gas station, are both in love with the town beauty Tao (a luminous Zhao Tao, Jia’s muse and wife). Tao eventually marries the wealthier Zhang and they have a son he names Dollar. As the years fly by and some members of the cast do, indeed, “Go West,” Tao tries to keep her home and that sense of optimism alive even as her own son loses sight of everything in his childhood, save one mysterious song that haunts him.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (18 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (opens in Los Angeles on March 18th)

Nina Forever

Directors: Chris & Ben Blaine
Cast: Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Elizabeth Elvin, David Troughton
Synopsis: “Holly wants to save Rob, has fallen in love with him. She is training to be a paramedic and works a dead end job in a supermarket where Rob is the only remarkable thing; lost and angry since the death of his girlfriend Nina. Drawn into a relationship, the first time they’re in bed together so is Nina. A tangled and bloody mess of broken limbs, she is very much dead but still here, still talking, still angry… However Holly doesn’t freak out and run – she is determined to be the one who heals Rob’s wounds. She can deal with the dead girl sharing their bed, their lives, their minds. If it’s what Rob needs, it’s what Holly will do, whatever the consequences…” [SXSW Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (12 reviews)
Theatrical Release: Various (including Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Sacramento and San Francisco)

Prayer Never Fails

Director: Wes Miller
Cast: Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas, Corbin Bernsen, Lynn Whitfield, Clifton Davis, Nick Lashaway
Synopsis: “A gripping legal drama about an up-and-coming small town high school basketball coach, well on his way to a championship caliber season, when he is fired after he prays with one of his players who is in great need.”
Theatrical Release: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston and Orlando


Director: Adam Alleca
Cast: Thomas Jane, Laurence Fishburne, Jim Watson, Ella Ballentine, Joanna Douglas, John Tench, Ted Atherton, Laura de Carteret
Synopsis: “A troubled veteran gets a chance at redemption by protecting a girl from an assassin after she witnesses a murder. Holding a shotgun with a single shell, he engages in physical and psychological warfare in a desperate fight for the girl’s life.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tampa and Washington DC

Touched with Fire

Director: Paul Dalio
Cast: Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby, Christine Lahti, Griffin Dunne, Bruce Altman
Synopsis: “Carla and Marco are manic-depressive poets whose art is fueled by their emotional extremes. When they go off their meds, they end up in the same psychiatric hospital. As the chemistry between them stirs up their emotions, it intensifies their mania. Despite doctors’ and parents’ attempts to separate them, they pursue their beautiful but destructive romance which swings them from fantastical manic highs to suicidal depressive lows, until they have to choose between sanity and love.” [SXSW Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (6 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles (expands to additional markets on February 19th)

A War

Director: Tobias Lindholm
Cast: Pilou Asbæk, Tuva Novotny, Søren Malling, Charlotte Munck, Dar Salim, Dulfi Al-Jabouri
Synopsis: “Company commander Claus Michael Pedersen and his men are stationed in Helmand, Afghanistan. Meanwhile back in Denmark, with a husband at war and three children missing their father, everyday life is a struggle for Claus’ wife Maria. During a routine mission, the soldiers are caught in heavy Taliban crossfire. In order to save his men, Claus makes a decision that ultimately sees him return to Denmark accused of a war crime.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B+ (10 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles (expands to various cities nationwide through the beginning of May)

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