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Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, February 5; What Will You See?

Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, February 5; What Will You See?

Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. the week of Friday, February 5. All synopses provided by distributor unless listed otherwise.


The Choice

Director: Ross Katz
Cast: Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Alexandra Daddario, Maggie Grace, Tom Welling, Tom Wilkinson 
Synopsis: “Travis Shaw is a ladies’ man who thinks a serious relationship would cramp his easygoing lifestyle. Gabby Holland is a feisty medical student who’s preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend. Fate brings the two together as Gabby moves next door to Travis, sparking an irresistible attraction that upends both of their lives. As their bond grows, the unlikely couple must decide how far they’re willing to go to keep the hope of love alive.”

Hail, Caesar!

Directors: Joel & Ethan Coen
Cast: George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Frances McDormand, Christopher Lambert, Scarlett Johansson, Patrick Fischler, David Krumholtz, Fisher Stevens, Clancy Brown, Alden Ehrenreich
Synopsis: “In the early 1950s, Eddie Mannix is busy at work trying to solve all the problems of the actors and filmmakers at Capitol Pictures. His latest assignments involve a disgruntled director, a singing cowboy, a beautiful swimmer and a handsome dancer. As if all this wasn’t enough, Mannix faces his biggest challenge when Baird Whitlock gets kidnapped while in costume for the swords-and-sandals epic ‘Hail, Caesar!’ If the studio doesn’t pay $100,000, it’s the end of the line for the movie star.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B (7 reviews)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Director: Burr Steers
Cast: Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote, Douglas Booth, Matt Smith, Charles Dance
Synopsis: “A zombie outbreak has fallen upon the land in this reimagining of Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England. Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is a master of martial arts and weaponry and the handsome Mr. Darcy is a fierce zombie killer, yet the epitome of upper class prejudice. As the zombie outbreak intensifies, they must swallow their pride and join forces on the blood-soaked battlefield in order to conquer the undead once and for all.”


4th Man Out

Director: Andrew Nackman
Cast: Evan Todd, Parker Young, Chord Overstreet, Jon Gabrus, Kate Flannery
Synopsis: “A car mechanic in a small town comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar best friends.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco and Toronto

All Roads Lead to Rome

Director: Ella Lemhagen
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Paz Vega, Claudia Cardinale, Raoul Bova
Synopsis: “Maggie is an uptight, single mother and college writing teacher from New York City. In an effort to reconnect with her troubled teen daughter Summer, she decides to embark on a journey to a Tuscan village where she frequented in her younger days. Upon arrival, Maggie runs into Luca, a handsome former lover who is still a bachelor and lives with his eighty-year-old mother, Carmen. Summer (missing her “bad boy” boyfriend in NYC) and Carmen (secretly planning a wedding against Luca’s wishes to Marcelino, her one true love in Rome) impulsively steal Luca’s car and race off to Rome. Maggie and Luca quickly pursue allowing the two mismatched couples to spend some time together and develop a new understanding of each other.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including New York and Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Miami)

The Club

Director: Pablo Larraín
Cast: Roberto Farías, Antonia Zegers, Alfredo Castro, Alejandro Goic, Alejandro Sieveking, Jaime Vadell, Marcelo Alonso, Francisco Reyes, José Soza
Synopsis: “In a secluded house in a small seaside town live four unrelated men and the woman who tends to the house and their needs. All former priests, they have been sent to this quiet exile to purge the sins of their pasts, the separation from their communities the worst form of punishment by the Church. Their fragile stability is disrupted by the arrival of an emissary from the Vatican who seeks to understand the effects of their isolation, and a newly-disgraced housemate. Both bring with them the outside world from which the men have long been removed, and the secrets they had thought deeply buried.”
Criticwire Grade Average: A- (8 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York (expands to Los Angeles and Miami on February 12th; various cities nationwide through the beginning of May)


Director: Drew Hall
Cast: Clayne Crawford, Mykelti Williamson, Ethan Embry, Chelsea Bruland, Gary Grubbs, Laura Cayouette, Catalina Soto-Aguilar
Synopsis: “Detective Ben Walls lives a quiet life with his wife and newborn daughter. But he’s called into action after an explosion at a local women’s health clinic – and explosion that may be the work of a terrorist bomber Ben has been tracking. While investigating the scene, another shocking event lands Ben himself in the hospital. When he awakens he is surprisingly uninjured and ready to go back into the field. But at the behest of his captain and the hospital’s few but eerily incongruous patients and staff, Ben is forced to remain inside the building.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Columbus, OH

Eisenstein in Guanajuato

Director: Peter Greenaway
Cast: Elmer Bäck, Luis Alberti, Rasmus Slatis, Jakob Öhrman, Maya Zapata, Lisa Owen, Stelio Savante
Synopsis: “In 1931 the Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein travels to Guanajuato to direct his film Que viva México. There he encounters a new culture and its dealings with death; he also discovers another revolution – and his own body. Peter Greenaway depicts Eisenstein as an eccentric artist who travels to Mexico filled with the hubris of being an internationally celebrated star director. Once there, he gets into difficulties with his American financier, the novelist Upton Sinclair. At the same time he begins, in the simultaneously joyful and threatening foreign land, to re-evaluate his homeland and the Stalinist regime. And, in doing so, he undergoes the transition from a conceptual filmmaker into an artist fascinated by the human condition. Under his gaze, the signs, impressions, religious and pagan symbols of Mexican culture assemble themselves anew.” [Berlin International Film Festival]
Criticwire Grade Average: B (4 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles (expands to various cities nationwide through the beginning of May)

Fort Buchanan

Director: Benjamin Crotty
Cast: Andy Gillet, Iliana Zabeth, David Baiot, Mati Diop, Luc Chessel
Synopsis: “Four seasons to tell the fluctuating moods and mores of a small community that shares its daily chores and life experiences in the military base of Fort Buchanan. In this imagined (perhaps dreamed?) location, peculiar habits respond to the needs of a peculiar environment. Roger, a fragile gay man, and his female companions, trying to cope with the absence of their husbands, go through their own brand of challenges for survival, with their own form of outdoor camaraderie, thought-occupying chat and DIY activities. Roger has a tough daughter who runs him ragged, but he has buddies willing to help: Justine, Denise, Pamela and Claudia-Joy.”
Theatrical Release: New York

Los Domirriqueños

Director: Eduardo Ortiz
Cast: Raúl Carbonell, Fausto Mata, Jorge Pabón, Stephany Liriano, Aquiles Correa, Danilo Beauchamp, Tony Pascual, Jessyka Rodríguez, Alina Vargas, Carlos Alberto López, Blas Diaz
Synopsis: “In a neighborhood where Dominicans and Puerto Ricans live in community, they must learn to put their differences aside and work together to prevent the demolition of their basketball court.”
Theatrical Release: New York, Miami and Orlando


Director: Shintaro Shimosawa
Cast: Josh Duhamel, Alice Eve, Malin Akerman, Lee Byung-hun, Julia Stiles, Glen Powell, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins
Synopsis: “An ambitious lawyer finds himself caught in a power struggle between a corrupt pharmaceutical executive and his firm’s senior partner. When the case takes a deadly turn, he must race to uncover the truth before he loses everything.”
Theatrical Release: Various (including New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis) 

Monday at 11:01 A.M.

Director: Harvey Lawry
Cast: Charles Agron, Briana Evigan, Lauren Shaw, Lance Henriksen
Synopsis: “A young couple finds themselves in a beautiful yet eerie mountain town where everyone seems strangely familiar. While Jenny busies herself in the small antiques shops – Michael wanders into the local watering hole. The bartender dares Michael to check out Olivia, a sultry brunette in the corner. After a drink, Michael takes him up on the offer and moves to sit next to her. The two begin an ominous flirtation with Olivia slipping him her phone number. Michael and Jenny decide to stay overnight at the dimly lit and aging hotel. During the night Michael is jolted out of bed when he hears frantic screams from another room. When he calls the front desk for help, he is met with cold indifference. No one believes him including Jenny. As his hallucinations become more real through a series of horrific events. Michael finds himself desperately trying to walk the line between reality and the terror that awaits him.”
Theatrical Release: Various Markets

The Pack

Director: Nick Robertson
Cast: Anna Lise Phillips, Jack Campbell, Katie Moore, Hamish Phillips, Kieran Thomas McNamara
Synopsis: A farmer and his family must fight for survival after a ferocious pack of wild dogs infiltrates their isolated farmhouse. Through a series of frightening and bloody encounters they are forced into survival mode to make it through the night.
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles


Director: Grímur Hákonarson
Cast: Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Theódór Júlíusson, Charlotte Bøving, Gunnar Jónsson, Þorleifur Einarsson, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson
Synopsis: “In a secluded valley, estranged brothers and Kiddi live side by side tending to their prized ancestral sheep stock, despite not having spoken in 40 years. When a lethal disease suddenly infects Kiddi’s sheep, all the animals in the area are culled to contain the outbreak, with many farmers abandoning their land. But the brothers don’t give up so easily—and each tries to stave off the disaster in his own fashion: Kiddi by using his rifle and Gummi by using his wits. As the authorities close in, they will need to come together to save the special breed passed down for generations—and themselves—from extinction.”
Criticwire Grade Average: B (8 reviews)
Theatrical Release: New York


Director: Alejandro Amenabar
Cast: Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis, David Dencik, Dale Dickey, Lothaire Bluteau, Devon Bostick, Aaron Abrams, Adam Butcher
Synopsis: “Having no memory of sexually abusing his daughter, a convicted father discovers he may be a part of a nation-wide conspiracy.”
Theatrical Release: New York


Directors: Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence
Cast: Kate Beahan, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Susan Burke, Zoe Cooper, Gerald Downey, Karla Droege, Larry Fessenden, Dana Gould, Hassie Harrison, Davey Johnson, Nathalie Love, Hannah Marks, Tipper Newton, Maria Olsen, Kristina Pesic, Matt Peters, Anessa Ramsey, Fabianne Therese, Tyler Tuione, Chad Villella, Justin Welborn, David Yow, Mather Zickel
Synopsis: “From the makers of the horror anthology V/H/S, these five interlocking tales of terror follow the fates of a group of weary travellers who confront their worst nightmares — and darkest secrets — over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway.” [Toronto International Film Festival]
Theatrical Release: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago


Director: Sean Mewshaw
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Manganiello, Dianna Agron, Blythe Danner, Richard Masur, Griffin Dunne, Maggie Castle
Synopsis: “Pop culture scholar Andrew comes to Maine to interview Hannah, the protective widow of an acclaimed singer. When the unlikely pair strike a deal to co-write a biography, Andrew finds himself clashing with a cast of locals, including Hannah’s hunky suitor, and her loving but defensive parents. When Hannah and Andrew’s stormy partnership blossoms into an unexpected connection, they face the possibility that the next chapter in their lives may involve each other.”
Theatrical Release: New York and Los Angeles


Director: Juan José Campanella
Cast: Juan José Campanella, Diego Ramos, Pablo Rago, Axel Kuschevatzky, David Masajnik, Mariana Otero, Diego Mesaglío, Lucía Maciel, Marcos Mundstock, Ernesto Claudio, Coco Sily, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Fabián Gianola, Sebastián Mogordoy, Gabriel Almirón
Synopsis: “Jake is a shy, but talented, foosball player. His passion for the game is rivaled only by his love for free-spirited Laura. With her encouragement, he beats the town bully, Ace (Nicholas Hoult), in a foosball game. But everything changes when Ace becomes the world’s best soccer player and returns years later to turn their village into a new sports stadium. He starts to destroy everything and kidnaps Laura in the process. Just when it looks like all hope is lost, the toy figures from Jake’s foosball table come to life. He and the players embark on a wild adventure to save Laura and reclaim their village. With the help of his team, his town, and a little bit of magic, Jake will try to save the day.”
Theatrical Release: Select Markets

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