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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Episode 2, ‘Good Man’: A Bit of a Gay-mergency

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Episode 2, 'Good Man': A Bit of a Gay-mergency

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Love Her or Hate Her

Current teaching choices aside, Hannah’s overall behavior this week was somewhat more mature than it’s been in the past. Between having a full-time job and, for a change, an actual good guy in Fran, she’s the healthiest she’s been to date and comes across as having grown up spades since last week’s premiere. Away from her friends and Adam, she’s been allowed to grow, but her parents’ ongoing problems also force her to become the adult in that relationship, as she re-teaches her father about the dating world and serves as a sounding board for her chain-smoking mother.

Something to Cringe About

This week’s cold open, in which we meet Fran’s disturbed neighbor Jacob, was hard enough to swallow, as realistic scenes of mental disabilities often are. But it was also scary, thanks to his quick unraveling after Fran and Hannah showed up. Thankfully, it tread from painful to comical when the subject of Hannah’s exposed bush came up, giving Lena Dunham another excuse to flaunt the fact that she really doesn’t give a crap who sees her naked anymore. This time, her nudity was certainly a relief, as her breasts deflated the escalating tension with aplomb.

A Growth Spurt

Elijah has always been a side character in this show, but with Andrew Rannells slightly more available these days, he’s being used to full effect so far this season. Watching him work with Ray leads to plenty of amusing situations, but it was the juxtaposition of him and Corey Stoll’s Dill Harcourt that was a true highlight of the episode. You got the sense that this coupling was more than just another random hookup, and could lead to some very interesting “worlds collide” situations in the very near future. No one plays debonair like Stoll, after all. It was as though he was channeling “Sex and the City’s” Mr. Big in that little limo card-flip scene. And we want more.

How Many Shots to Forget About…

Jessa and Adam’s little couch-surfing expedition. Sure, these are both characters that have been known to play with fire — they do both have addictive personalities, after all — but their little date went from supportive (an AA meeting) to amusing (the amusement park, naturally), to just plain weird when they agreed they could look but not touch… each other. Which brings us to the aforementioned couch surfing. Did we really need that many masturbation sound effects?

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy…

We’re choosing to believe that no real fish were harmed in the making of this episode.

A Blast From the Past

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gaby Hoffman and her little one. We still can’t think of a home birth the same way since her last visit to the show. Although she was only in one scene — enough to see that she’s as kooky as ever in motherhood — it was nice to see that she and Adam are maintaining a close relationship. One that she keeps a little closer to her open-shirt chest than he does, perhaps.

Everybody Hates Ray

Without a city council to yell at or a Marnie to pine after, Ray was in danger of becoming a boring side character again this season. The solution? Open up a rival coffee shop to Ray’s across the street, and suddenly, you’ve reignited the firecracker within. The poor guy’s clear confusion over the androgynous barista, as well as his sheer anger over customers stealing his coffee lids provided some of the episode’s best comedy. Here’s hoping for many more run-ins there, as Helvetica continues to grow and Ray’s continues to flounder. An angry Ray is always an entertaining Ray, after all.

Guy of the Week

Tad, hands down. His journey as an older man not only trying to experience the dating world again for the first time in his 50s, but as a gay man in his 50s, is some interesting character stuff. It’s as though he’s reverted back to a teenager, with no clue on how to proceed. Between the random hook-ups, unprotected sex and assumption that his wife will just be there with open arms when he returns home, it’s clear that this is a character who has lost his grip on reality. His regression not only allows Hannah to progress, but it’s an interesting take on sexuality that hasn’t often been explored in a real way on television.

This Week in Friendship

Lessons learned this week: It’s okay to make out with your gay BFF in front of your actual BF, but only if you live together. If you’re going to work for a friend, you shouldn’t drink his rival’s coffee. And you’re going to show up for a gay-mergency, you should always draw the line at a bawl-fest, because you never know who else you may meet.

That about sums up all of the actual friendship storylines of the week, correct?

See You Soon

Shoshanna and Marnie. Here’s hoping we get updates on your respective world travels and wedding in the near future, given your absence in this episode.

Grade: B

Girls” airs Sundays at 10 pm on HBO.
Next week: Shoshanna flirts with her boss in Japan, while Jessa gives Adam some honest feedback on his latest role.

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