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Here are 5 Horror Films Alexandre Aja Wants You to Stream

Here are 5 Horror Films Alexandre Aja Wants You to Stream

The new AMC-backed horror streaming service, Shudder, recently launched to the joy of horror film junkies. As part of their guest curator initiative, horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja (“High Tension,” “The Hills Have Eyes”) personally developed a collection of his favorite horror films for Shudder members. Roger Eggers and Karyn Kusama’s collections were released on the service the first and second week respectively, and now Aja takes over for the third week. 

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French filmmaker Alexandre Aja previously made his directorial debut at 18 with the short film, “Over the Rainbow,” which was nominated for the Cannes Golden Palm Award for Best Short Film. After moving into horror territory, Aja’s latest film was the 2013 film “Horns” with Daniel Radcliffe. He is currently working on “The Sentinel” and “The 9th Life of Louis Drax,” starring Jamie Doran, Sarah Gadon and Aaron Paul. 

Aja’s collection launched today, March 18, and features the following classic horror movies with descriptions of their influences on his filmmaking: 


This film is slow burning storytelling, like climbing up the Everest of horror. It’s the most unnerving Takashi Miike movie, deeply sensual and bloody disturbing. This feminist revenge story is every man’s nightmare and fantasy as well. If you can stomach it, she will move you and stay with you long after the end credits roll, making ‘Fatal Attraction’ feel like a ‘Teletubbies’ episode.”


“Growing up on ‘Akira,’ ‘Tetsuo’ was — for me — the perfect development of man’s evolution into machine, or how the industrial world we are living in might ultimately consume us. This Cronenbergian hallucination is graphic, fetishist, expressionist and a beautiful black and white journey. Somehow — it’s like the Japanese ‘Eraserhead.’ Definitely cult!”


“It’s been a long time since I had to stop watching a movie because it was too intense! The imagery is so haunting, every frame of that forest is a cinematic painting. The darkness of love stories and human relationships challenge the audience by taking them in the most remote and dark places of our own nature. The film is a provocative experience like a question mark burnt on your skin.”

“Room 237”

“Extreme, conspiratorial, funny — most of the crazy theories might be just pure fiction in this ode documentary, but it’s so exciting to milk the fantasy of the almighty Stanley around the making of ‘The Shining.’ The idealistic vision of the ultimate filmmaker’s ability to layer subtext, hidden messages in every frame of one the best movies ever made!”

“Henry — Portrait of a Serial Killer”

“The most honest attempt of depicting serial killers. No artifice. Nothing about the deaths themselves. No fear or suspense. Just the casual build up and the cold aftermath. An immersion into the inconceivable mind of killers and the performance by Michael Rooker is unforgettable.” 

Watch the five films on Shudder today.

Watch the trailer for Aja’s “Horns” below on Indiewire Video.


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