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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Episode 4, ‘Old Loves’: Going Stir Crazy

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Episode 4, 'Old Loves': Going Stir Crazy

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Love Her or Hate Her

Let’s just say we were baffled by her. Once again Hannah proved that for her, being right trumps being happy when she and Fran landed in their first heated argument over how to grade papers. While Fran may have been in the wrong for taking over Hannah’s work, Hannah made matters worse by dragging Miley into it and revealing that Fran is her boyfriend. It was yet another childish move that proves Hannah isn’t as emotionally qualified to teach as one would hope, and makes us all a little fearful for the state of educators everywhere. If we had hoped she’d grow from this experience, she proved yet again that she’d rather run from a problem than tackle it head on, leading to the first real scene between Jessa and Hannah since Jessa’s interactions with Adam. It was time someone told Hannah exactly how selfish she can be, although in fairness to our lead she’s done way worse things than beg her friend to go out for pudding and then be unable to pay. Obviously, though, the Adam effect was getting to Jessa more than she was letting on, and this made-up tiff was bound to happen at some point, just so that Jessa could justify finally giving into those feelings.

Something to Cringe About

What’s worse than sleeping with your best friend’s ex? Deciding to finally give in and sleep with him, only to have it be some of the worst sex of your life. If you’re going to break a cardinal rule, you might as well enjoy it. And while we’re on the topic of cardinal rules, can we all just agree that couch sex is never as enjoyable as one thinks?

A Growth Spurt

In her head, Marnie may have finally realized that she picks at people until they all hate her, but the larger issue here is that she’s still in denial about how quickly she jumped into marriage just because someone asked. Making the decision to work on things is fine, but it isn’t always a valid reason to stay together, as Desi’s dozen-plus past engagements should prove. The larger truth is that Marnie needs somebody to mother and have authority over, by being the sane person in the relationship. Desi’s actions may have been sweet at heart, but turning a bachelor apartment into a one-bedroom with a tiny corner shelf for $3,000 is something a kid playing marriage would do, rather than something a full grown man trying to support his new wife and their life together would decide on. These two are beyond doomed; Marnie will probably come to that realization eventually. Probably when Desi steps out on her.

How Many Shots to Forget About…

Elijah and Dill’s “fast… slow… stop, harder” moments in the bedroom? We give Dill major points for communicating what he likes, but when juxtaposed with the equally awkward Jessa-Adam couch scene, it felt pretty jarring.

Some Bonding Time

Would it be weird if we felt like we wanted more male bonding time between Ray and Elijah? No one chats back hair quite like they do.

Love in Bloom

In things that make us happy, Elijah and Dill’s overall relationship is one of the cutest things the show has ever given us. Sure, Elijah seems to be caught up in the celebrity of it all, but for now it seems as though Dill is actually a really great guy who respects and wants to get to know Elijah. When Elijah finally conceded and said that if their relationship was something they would have to keep on the down-low, he’d be OK with it, we were bracing ourselves for a “too good to be true” moment. Instead, Dill telling Elijah that he shouldn’t be OK with it, before welcoming in a group of his friends was the biggest grin-inducing moment of the night. Now there’s a couple who should work on things to stay together.

Giving In

Despite all her best efforts, Jessa has an addictive personality and we knew that eventually she’d find some justification to be with Adam. Still, she gets points for trying, what with going to all-female AA meetings and completely avoiding him. A lot of the blame should be placed on Adam, who didn’t really care about Hannah’s feelings and properly pointed out that Hannah would probably just go for it were she in Jessa’s shoes. The problem is that Jessa had an opportunity to talk to Hannah about what was going on and didn’t, making what happened a bigger betrayal than it maybe would have been, once Hannah does eventually find out. And make no mistake — this is television; Hannah will find out.

Guy of the Week

No one plays schoolboy giddiness the way Andrew Rannells does. Elijah FTW.

This Week in Friendship

Those few minutes that Jessa, Marnie and Hannah were together was a nice reminder that these girls are indeed still friends, even if we rarely see them hanging out anymore. While we appreciate the separate storylines and journeys the characters need to take, we also wish there’d be more of those moments in between.

Grade: B-

“Girls” airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO. Next week: Hannah and her mom head off to a retreat and Shoshanna receives an unexpected visitor in Japan.

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