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Trailer Watch: Hilarious ‘Ghostbusters’ Assemble and Resolve to Save NYC

Trailer Watch: Hilarious 'Ghostbusters' Assemble and Resolve to Save NYC

The first trailer for the new “Ghostbusters” has finally arrived. Only in Paul Feig’s all-female reboot of the classic 80s comedy franchise would we hear one of the parapsychologists confess that slimy neon green puke from a ghost went everywhere, including her “every crack.” If you enjoy the gross-out humor in “Broad City,” it looks like you’re going to love “Ghostbusters.” 

The spot for the film introduces the new ragtag group of ghost-investigators: quantum physics expert Erin (Kristen Wiig), paranormal researcher Abby (Melissa McCarthy), subway token collector Patty (Leslie Jones) and engineer Jillian (Kate McKinnon). These actresses are four of the funniest people on earth, so their combined comedic talents are off the charts

The team embark on a spooky, high-stakes mission. Someone is creating a device to amplify paranormal activity — NYC looks like a large-scale version of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride — and only the Ghostbusters can stop them, and save the city and its inhabitants.  

Oh, and there’s a twist: Ghosts can possess the human form. Prepare to see McCarthy like you’ve never seen her before, channeling Regan from “The Exorcist.” 

The trailer was screened for an audience on the Sony lot before it was released online. Feig, who was in attendance, said, “I didn’t like the idea of [the new Ghostbusters] being handed technology — ‘Here’s how to do this.’ I want to see it developed.” “We give them their own original origin story and play with that,” he hinted. 

Feig and Katie Dippold, the co-writer on the project, spoke about the casting process, and what each star brings to the table. They wrote the script without any specific actresses in mind, including repeat collaborator McCarthy. 

Feig explained, “I was like, I’ve just got to get four very distinct personalities for this, and I know so many funny people, and especially funny women.” He then added, “I just wanted the funniest people, and the funniest people I know are these women.” 

The “Spy” helmer, who received the inaugural Athena Leading Man Award in February, shared what dynamics convinced him that they found the right Ghostbusters: “Kristen’s kind of this vulnerable comedian, and Melissa’s a headstrong comedian, and Kate who’s the weirdo nut, who’s doing things that make you say ‘Where did that come from?’ and then Leslie is just this powerhouse who comes at you.”

Watch this hilarious quartet make magic when “Ghostbusters” opens July 15. 

[via Variety

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