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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Episode 7, ‘Hello Kitty’: Hannah Reveals Too Much (Again)

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Episode 7, 'Hello Kitty': Hannah Reveals Too Much (Again)

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Love Her or Hate Her

Not liking her very much, to say the least. Hannah as a teacher has always been scary for many reasons, but her lack of filter ranks up there among the most concerning. This week her insistence on bad-mouthing the other teachers to the students caught up with her when the principal called her in yet again, but rather than deal with it in a mature and rational way, Hannah did what Hannah does. After pulling a Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct” by flashing her skirted goods, she later bragged to Fran about the move — naturally, she didn’t understand why her boyfriend would be upset about the whole thing, leading to yet another argument between the two.

It’s a painful thing to watch as Hannah continuously pushes away the best guy she’s ever dated (or at least the most normal). Sure, Fran hasn’t been perfect, but it’s obvious that Hannah has been sabotaging things in order to invite a little more drama into her life. Fran knows how to deal with her—walking away when necessary—but at least by the episode’s end she came somewhat back down to earth, thanks to the realization that Adam and Jessa have been hooking up. Her heartfelt apology became the most real moment between Fran and Hannah in a while, even if her motives were somewhat skewed.

A Blast From the Past

Just when we thought we’d finally gotten rid of Desi for good, the cat came back—and he brought with him some good news. With “Grey’s Anatomy” interested in using “Matter of Waiting” for an upcoming episode, the time has come for Marnie and him to tour the crap out of the song. Unfortunately for Desi, that meant working on rekindling his relationship to his ex, while for Marnie it was a professional thing. Obviously this will result in some massive explosions or a complete meltdown, but it’s good to know that Marnie’s basic oblivious nature hasn’t really changed that much since her revelations last week.

A Growth Spurt

Just when things were looking up for Elijah and his relationship with Dill, came that awkward party full of gossip, rumors and stories involving Dill’s other conquests. In the past Elijah may have let himself be treated like a boy toy, but with real feelings on the line he’d had enough—especially after Dill’s little self-absorbed pep talk. As it turned out there may be real feelings on Dill’s part too, since he showed up later at the apartment for a drunken romp between the sheets. It’s probably a good thing that he passed out instead, giving Elijah some more time to reevaluate his self-worth and Dill’s actual intentions.

Something to Cringe About

No one wants to be “that guy” at a play, talking through the entire thing — except for Hannah and Marnie, that is. Their disregard for the performers during “38 Neighbors” was a perfect reminder of why they’re so great together as friends. With little time to focus on their “second-tier” pals and each one insisting on being the center of the universe, it’s an interesting bond you can’t help but watch play out. Much like the metaphorical car wreck.

How Many Shots to Forget About…

Hannah yelling about the seasonal changes, and why that means more people will be seeing her vagina in the near future?

Second-Tier Friends

At this point Marnie has to know about Ray’s feelings for her—why else would she pull him aside at a completely awkward interval during the play, and confess that she’d left Desi? The guy’s face, when she revealed that what she really needed right now was to be alone, was painful at best. Here’s hoping he moves on with someone new and lets go of that torch soon. If Marnie actually was interested in Ray’s friendship, instead of keeping him around as some sort of backup, she’d probably think to fill him in on Charlie’s downfall instead of lamenting about her love life. After all, Charlie and Ray were pretty tight once upon a time. You’d think he’d want to know something like that.

Career Progression

Naturally, Adam’s bit in the play was an ideal reason for the gang to somewhat come together for the night (save Shoshanna, who is still having self-exploration time in Japan). But it’s interesting that his career continues to take off without Hannah, and with Jessa as his muse. Yes, their coupling was indeed a selfish one at the outset, but let’s be honest—which characters on this show aren’t selfish? Besides, it led to Hannah finally realizing what was going on, thanks to some looks of love between Adam and Jessa from their respective balconies, meaning that a blowout is either just around the corner… Or Hannah might finally realize what she has in front of her. Money on the former, though—when does Hannah ever do anything quietly or rationally?

Guy of the Week

Elijah, with Dill and his drunken antics as a runner-up. Corey Stoll is just so perfectly cast in the role, making this budding relationship one of few to actually root for at this point.

This Week in Friendship

Hannah and Marnie are back together as friendsies… for now. But with a tour on the horizon and neither one actually being emotionally available for the other, it isn’t bound to last. Seems like the perfect time for Shoshanna and her rare voice of logic to come barreling back into the city.

Grade: B

Girls” airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO. Next week: Shoshanna gets a wakeup call and Hannah’s road trip with Fran is cut short. For more Lena Dunham…

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