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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Episode 8, ‘Homeward Bound’: Road Trips and Babies

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Episode 8, 'Homeward Bound': Road Trips and Babies

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Love Her or Hate Her

Hate would be an understatement this week. Obviously things haven’t been working between Hannah and Fran for a while now, not with their difference of opinions on pretty much everything. But for Hannah to pack up and go on a three-month road trip with Fran in a “house car” only to bail at the first rest stop is positively batty—not to mention selfish. Only Hannah could flee an R.V. in her pajamas and hide from the guy who is only trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. Once again, it was obvious that this is a character who lives in the moment and never takes the time to think about how her actions will affect those around her. Rather than being an adult about the whole situation she refused to let Fran take her home, demanding that her friends come and pick her up instead. Then in another sheer move of idiocy, she decided to repay Ray with some road head that he clearly didn’t want, resulting in damage to his $50,000 coffee truck. Naturally, she also left him at the side of the road when a better offer came along.

A Big Return

Shoshanna is officially back in New York and none too happy about it, judging from her expensive sushi binges and welfare applications. While it’s always fun to see Shosh’s bouncing mood swings, you couldn’t help but feel sorry that her life experiment in Japan had gone so terribly wrong. The character who stepped off the plane, with her pink-blonde hair and bright outfit, was vastly different than the one than left the Big Apple. Rather than being full of hope and excitement, she’s obviously hit rock bottom, so who better to run into than Scott (guest star Jason Ritter), still licking his own wounds from her dumping. Hopefully Scott’s little rant gave Shoshanna a dose of hard reality and she’ll snap out of her depression; the character is always at her best when she’s chasing lofty goals. Having her fall in line with the other girls, at this point, would be character regression at its finest.  

Playing House

“Why do you need more help than a baby?”

Now that Caroline is missing, and dealing with what sounds like serious postpartum depression, it was up to Adam (and therefore by default Jessa) to help with little Sample when Laird went to get some air. Although it would be a great opportunity to delve into postpartum and its varying effects on women if Caroline were to return, for now the show seems content in letting Adam and Jessa get a sneak peek at what their lives could look like, should they choose to continue down their current road. Adam has always been responsible when it comes to family and having to shoulder hard burdens, so his strength in the situation was just as predictable as Jessa’s meltdowns over trying to feed the kid milk instead of formula or not being able to handle spit-up. It was Adam’s logical voice during Jessa’s freakouts that shows why these two may actually be able to make it as a couple in the long run, especially now that Hannah has confirmation that they’re officially together.

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Something to Cringe About

If it wasn’t apparent before why Ray and Hannah would never, ever work, it should be now. The aforementioned road head scene was completely awkward and terrible. From Hannah’s assumption that the only reason Ray would pick her up was to get something from her, to his attempt to actually enjoying it, the only thing that made it worse was the conversation afterwards about whether Ray could get hard.

How Many Shots to Forget About…

The slurping sounds during that same road head scene?

Ghost Marnie

First of all, Lisa Bonet just doesn’t age. Second of all, her turn as Tandice was pretty near perfect. If Marnie thought that by leaving Desi, he would suddenly mature or become somewhat self-sufficient, Tandice changed all of that with her arrival and proved that there will always be someone around to baby Desi. It will be an interesting tour for the duo to say the least with this new third wheel on board as the “set decorator.” Especially since she’s also in charge of Desi’s spiritual well-being and making out with him every once in a while. If that isn’t enough to drive Marnie nuts and quit, we don’t know what is.

A “Scandal”ous Appearance

Last season Lena Dunham appeared on ABC series “Scandal,” a show she’s long been obsessed with in the media (who could forget her “SNL” parody dedicated to the show?). This week one of the show’s own stars, Guillermo Diaz, stopped by as the driver willing to pick a PJ-clad Hannah up from the side of the road. Given what we know of his “Scandal” persona Huck, it would have made perfect sense for Hector to be a serial killer type guy on a road trip. Instead there was a fun play on stereotypes when it was revealed his girlfriend beat him, and the only reason he had a gun in the first place was because he had confiscated it from her. Not only was it a fun twist on an often-played out scene, but we also didn’t have to suffer through Hannah attempting any more blow jobs. Win-win.

Guy of the Week

Adam gets serious points for the way he stepped in and handled the situation with his sister and niece, but this week Fran gets some kudos instead. He’s put up with a lot from Hannah over the weeks, to the point of potentially becoming a pushover. This week he finally stood up for himself, realizing that he could probably do a lot better than Hannah in the long run. After all, his brother did write a note about how rude Hannah was. A handwritten note, at that.    

This Week in Friendship

Marnie might not have been so willing to listen to Hannah about being stuck at the side of the road with no Uber access, but when push came to shove she at least recognized a distress call when she got one. Perhaps there’s hope for these two after all.  

Grade: B-

“Girls” airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO. Next week: Shoshanna and Ray team up, while Jessa and Adam come to some hard realizations in the back-to-back finale. 

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