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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Episode 9, ‘Love Stories’: Old Friends Return

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Episode 9, 'Love Stories': Old Friends Return

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Love Her or Hate Her

After watching Hannah spend an entire episode self-destructing, following an ill-fated road trip with Fran last week, it was nice to see her come to some mature realizations in this subsequent installment. The series picks up back in the apartment, where Fran is yelling irrationally at Hannah about how she made him lose his mind, yet for some mysterious reason he wants to remain in a relationship with her. Hannah, however, has had it. Because Adam is now with Jessa, she’s of course realized that he was the love of her life, but she’s also realized that Fran is just not the guy for her. She reminds him of this over and over again until he leaves, and then she goes on a bit of a quest to upend her own life (quitting her job) to find out what it is she really wants to do. We’re not expecting any solid new directions in the near future, but teaching was obviously never going to be Hannah’s thing and it was nice to see her leave those kids alone.

A Big Return

Oh Tally, how we’ve missed your free spirit. With all the drama that’s gone down on “Girls” so far this season, it was nice to see two female characters actually kick back and have some fun. With Marnie preoccupied with Desi and her career, Jessa hooking up with Adam and Shoshanna off in Japan, there has been too little time spent between actual female characters this season talking about anything other than boys. Jenny Slate is always a fun addition to any series, but as the wandering writer she was exactly what Hannah needed to get back on track and figure out her next moves—not just in the love department, but in the career arena as well.

Playing House

It was the briefest of glimpses, but at least now we know that Adam and Jessa are still helping to care for a baby. Surely we’ll find out more about that situation in the finale. 

Something to Cringe About

So Marnie has finally realized she’s attracted to Ray… wonder how long that’s going to last? It’s always sad to see Marnie jerk Ray around, especially when her attraction is based on such a ridiculous dream. Perhaps these two have another shot perhaps not, but if Marnie blows him off again this time the dude has got to move on. And not with Shoshanna either—someone new would be brilliant. 

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How Many Shots to Forget About…

That awkward farewell between Hannah and the school principal?

Aimless Elijah

Just when we hoped things would work out between Dill and Elijah, it all came crashing down. Andrew Rannells and Corey Stoll were both brilliant in the heartbreaking moment where Elijah confessed his love, and Dill turned him down in the worst way possible—by acknowledging Elijah was right, and that they should break up so Dill could actually find the one. Someone “less aimless.”

Hopefully the character takes that awful breakup as a sign to figure out his own life (rather than live vicariously through someone else’s) — and not a reason to dive into a deep despair. But given the way the characters have dealt with trauma on the show before we’re betting he’ll take the latter direction. 

All Grown Up

Shoshanna’s New York return was as triumphant as they come, as she decided to take over the marketing on Ray’s and turn it into an anti-hipster establishment. “It’s time to sell coffee to people with jobs” is probably the most brilliant idea she could have come up with that moment, so here’s hoping it works out. That’s one character that could definitely use a win right now.

Guy of the Week

Elijah for the win. As heartbreaking as his scenes were, you felt for him every step of the way.

This week in friendship

Although all four girls were in the episode in some capacity, there was very little interaction between any of them save the Jessa-Hannah scenes at the end. The lesson learned? Sometimes you just have to smoke a “fatty J,” bypass the lesbian experimentation and laugh at your situation in life.

Grade: B

In the “Girls” finale: An epic fight, Hannah gets back into writing and Marnie gets ready for her tour. For more from Lena Dunham…

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