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Review: ‘Girls’ Season 5 Finale, Episode 10 ‘I Love You Baby’: Renewed Dreams and Trashed Apartments

Review: 'Girls' Season 5 Finale, Episode 10 'I Love You Baby': Renewed Dreams and Trashed Apartments

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Love Her or Hate Her

It’s hard not to ring the Hannah bell after this fifth season finale, in which she finally accepted a new level of maturity. If Fran was indeed her rebound relationship from Adam, the entire season has been about her getting over her ex in the most epic ways possible. The lashing out and refusal to take responsibility for her own actions has been frustrating to watch at best, so it was well past the character’s expiry date to step out of her self-destructive cycle. As a result she was infinitely more likeable as a character by the end of the finale, having accepted that she’s the person in charge of her own life and that responsibility falls on no one else but her. Somehow, coming to that acceptance also invoked major sympathy for the character; the idea that her best friend and ex are together actually hits home, now that Hannah has softened up enough to stop lashing out at undeserving people. 

Parenting 101

Part of Hannah’s healthy reinvention obviously included cutting her parents out for a little while and ignoring all of their calls. Considering their respective midlife crises and the fact that Hannah is their only child, that’s obviously a lot of pressure for her to be under. Once she stopped being there for them, it was only then that they realized they were supposed to still be there for her. With the Jessa/Adam situation and her off-kilter career for Hannah to deal with, it was a nice change to see Tad and Loreen stepping in for their daughter once again.  

Parenting 102

Who knew that out of all the characters, Adam would be the one to have the strongest parenting instincts? His protection of his niece—even from the baby’s own father—kind of make the character that much better.   

Something to Cringe About

When it comes to epic fights, Jessa and Adam sure know how to pull them off. The Hannah issue has been bubbling under the surface with these two for weeks now, so it was only a matter of time before it finally blew up. Naturally, when you have two personalities like these with a self-destruct mechanism that comes out when they’re unable to properly communicate, it can get a little… rough. But witnessing the pair throw things at each other and pretty much trash an entire apartment, minutes after a baby left, was pretty jaw-dropping. The actors must have had a lot of fun in filming that scene (unlike the poor people tasked with cleaning it up after each and every take). By the end of the episode, though, it seems as though taking out all of that aggression on each other finally paid off, and they may be good to move on. Or, given the open-ended nature of the finale, perhaps they decided one last romp on the broken glass-strewn floor was a proper goodbye to their short-lived relationship. Either way, it would be cool to see their reactions to Hannah’s little fruit basket.

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How Many Shots to Forget About…

Desi’s romp with the fan girl? Obviously Tandice was a much better alternative to that.

Self-Destructive Elijah

Sadly, Elijah went the direction predicted and began pulling all-nighters and not taking the time for proper hygiene in the wake of his breakup with Dill. Thankfully, he had Tad and Loreen as surrogate parents to help navigate him through the whole thing. The individual scenes he had with Hannah’s parents were some of the best of the episode, and will hopefully allow him to find some more of that direction next season. 

Marketing Maven

With Ray off on tour with Marnie (hopefully he really does enjoy fetching her vitamin water), Shoshanna was pretty much left at the helm of the anti-hipster café. If the owner keeps throwing actual hipsters out, the way he did in the finale, we’re sure there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere. But for now it’s a genius marketing ploy that seems to be working. It was also wonderful to witness someone tell Shosh to dial it back a notch in the nicest way possible, teaching her to find some balance in the neurotic spectrum that can be her emotions.

Back to the Beginning

We may not know if Hannah ultimately won the Story Tellers competition or even what her score was, but just putting herself out there and trying to get back on track with her writing brought us back to what we loved about this show in the first place. Perhaps the Hannah coming through in that monologue was more like Lena Dunham, but it was a funny, clever bit that summed up the season in just a few short minutes, and allowed everyone—not just Hannah—to finally move on.

This Week in Friendship

Given Hannah’s acceptance of Jessa, and Jessa’s realization that Hannah will always be in the picture, next season will inevitably be one in which the girls attempt to repair their friendship in some way, shape or form. Meanwhile, it would be nice to see Shoshanna interact with her friends a little more, especially Jessa, who could so clearly use a friend.

Grade: A

“Girls” returns for a sixth and final season sometime next year. For more from Lena Dunham…

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