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‘Twin Peaks’ Cast: Who’s Making It Back To The Show & Which Notable Cast Members Won’t Be Returning

'Twin Peaks' Cast: Who's Making It Back To The Show & Which Notable Cast Members Won't Be Returning

Today, Showtime, creator David Lynch, and writer and executive producer Mark Frost announced the full cast list for the “Twin Peaks” revival set to air sometime in 2017. Though the list featured plenty of fresh faces, it also featured many returning cast members from the original series. Below is a list of who’s returning from the original series and a list of notable cast members who are not.

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A few things to note: 1. Though Catherine E. Coulson, a.k.a. Log Lady, passed away last September, she is still listed as a member of the new series’ cast; 2. The “not returning” cast member list is not comprehensive, but is meant to capture a few of the big names that won’t be appearing in the revival; 3. Please sound off in the comments if we are missing anything major in either category.

Returning Cast Members From “Twin Peaks”

Kyle MacLachlan, Special Agent Dale Cooper: The series protagonist and eccentric FBI agent who comes to Twin Peaks to investigate the death of Laura Palmer.
Mädchen Amick, Shelly Johnson: A waitress at the Double-R Diner, abused wife of Leo Johnson (Eric Da Re) and secret lover of Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook).
Dana Ashbrook, Bobby Briggs: Captain of the football team, boyfriend of Laura Palmer and secret lover of Shelly Johnson.
Gary Hershberger, Mike Nelson: Bobby’s best friend and high school wrestling champion, ex-boyfriend of Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle), Laura’s best friend.
Richard Beymer, Benjamin Horne: Wealthy owner of Great Northern Hotel, father of Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn).
Sherilyn Fenn, Audrey Horne: Daughter of Ben Horne and environmental activist; infatuated with Agent Cooper.
Jan D’Arcy, Sylvia Horne: Ben’s frustrated wife.
David Patrick Kelly, Jerry Horner: Ben’s brother and business partner
Warren Frost, Doctor Will Hayward: Doctor of Twin Peaks who assists with the autopsy of Laura Palmer, and father of Donna Hayward.
Alicia Witt, Gersten Hayward: Doctor Hayward’s youngest daughter, and sister of Donna.
Peggy Lipton, Norma Jennings: Owner of Double-R Diner, and secret lover of Big Ed Hurley.
Everett McGill, Big Ed Hurley: Owner of Big Ed’s Gas Farm, secret lover of Norma Jennings.
Wendy Robie, Nadine Hurley: Big Ed’s strong, eccentric one-eyed wife.
James Marshall, James Hurley: Big Ed’s nephew, secret lover of Laura Palmer, and later the lover of Donna Hayward.
Ray Wise, Leland Palmer: Father of murder victim Laura Palmer.
Grace Zabriskie, Sarah Palmer: Mother of murder victim Laura Palmer.
Charlotte Stewart, Betty Briggs: Mother of Bobby Briggs.
Harry Goaz, Andy Brennan: Sensitive deputy sheriff, in an on-and-off relationship with receptionist Lucy Moran.
Kimmy Robertson, Lucy Moran: Receptionist at the sheriff’s department, in an on-and-off relationship with Andy Brennan
Michael Horse, Tommy “Hawk” Hill: Another deputy sheriff, a Native American expert tracker.
Miguel Ferrer, Albert Rosenfeld: Arrogant forensics expert with a spiritual side.
David Lynch, Gordon Cole: Regional Bureau Chief of the FBI.
David Duchovny, Denise Bryson: Transgender DEA Agent
Phoebe Augustine, Ronette Pulaski: Twin Peaks High School student, was with Laura the night she died.
Russ Tamblyn, Lawrence Jacoby: Former psychiatrist of Laura Palmer
Walter Olkewicz, Jacques Renault: Canadian croupier and drug runner, had a sexual relationship with Laura Palmer.
Al Strobel, MIKE: An inhabiting spirit in the vessel of Phillip Gerard, “The One-Armed Man”
Carel Struycken, The Giant: A supernatural giant who appears to Agent Cooper in visions.
Catherine E. Coulson, Log Lady: A mystic who divines through a log she carries everywhere.
Julee Cruise, Roadhouse Singer: Angelic, dream-like singer at The Roadhouse.
Sheryl Lee, Laura Palmer: Homecoming queen and murder victim whose death is the catalyst for the series.

Cast Members Not Returning To “Twin Peaks”

Lara Flynn Boyle, Donna Hayward: Laura Palmer’s best friend, lover of James Hurley, daughter of Doctor Hayward
Michael Ontkean
, Harry S. Truman: Sheriff of Twin Peaks, friend of Agent Cooper, and lover of Josie Packard.
Joan Chen, Josie Packard: Wife of Andrew Packard, the late owner of Packard Mill, and lover of Sheriff Truman.
Piper Laurie, Catherine Martell: Sister of Andrew Packard, manager of Packard Mill.
Jack Nance, Pete Martell: Long-suffering husband of Catherine
Chris Mulkey, Hank Jennings: Criminal husband of Norma Jennings
Heather Graham, Annie Blackburn: Sister of Norma Jennings, lover of Agent Cooper
Don S. Davis, Major Garland Briggs: Air Force officer and father of Bobby Briggs
Frank Silva, BOB: Malevolent inhabiting spirit, killer of Laura Palmer
Michael J. Andersen, The Man From Another Place: Mysterious dwarf, inhabitant of the Red Room.

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