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Review: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 4, Episode 6, ‘The Scandal of Altruism’: Knocking on Death’s Door

Review: 'Orphan Black' Season 4, Episode 6, 'The Scandal of Altruism': Knocking on Death's Door

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Cloning Around

The sixth episode of any given season of “Orphan Black” is usually a game-changer (Paul’s third season death, anyone?), and this week was no exception. As Cosima and Sarah went behind Mrs. S’s back and convinced Kendall to work with Susan Duncan in order to further test her DNA and find a Leda cure, it all went to hell thanks to one Evie Cho, who went rogue in the worst way possible. In the closing moments she had Kendall killed and admitted Delphine is dead, effectively sentencing all of the Leda — and Castor — clones to death.  

Science Class

At first the bargain to extract only one type of blood cells (and therefore eliminating the Castor clones from the cure altogether) seemed like a top-notch idea, and that maybe — just maybe — the clones could finally find a way to work with their creator, Susan. Unfortunately Sarah’s penchant to react rather than think things through definitely ruined that plan, when she annihilated all of the samples following Kendall’s kidnapping and permanently screwed Cosima and the other sisters. If that doesn’t lead to a guilt trip we don’t know what does — especially after Cosima helped her get that darned cheek worm out.

Past Connections

Brilliantly, the story of Beth’s suicide also came full circle in this episode, as we saw exactly what went down between her and Susan Duncan the night she put on that wig and left with a gun. Turns out Beth had every intention of putting a bullet in Susan’s head, before she realized that it was actually Evie Cho who had set her up to do it. In a sad twist, we saw Evie convincing Beth that she had to kill herself in order to protect her sisters, which meant that Beth wasn’t weak after all. She cared more than anyone knew.  

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Complaining Krystal

Perhaps this wasn’t the episode for light-hearted moments, given everything else going down, but Felix and Art’s interactions with Krystal and her theory that the beauty industry is being targeted made this episode feel as normal as it could get… at least leading up to those tear-inducing final minutes.

Delphine’s Demise

Do we really buy that Delphine is dead? Until we see a body on this show, there’s no proof of anything as far as we’re concerned. Still that didn’t stop our hearts from feeling for Cosima as she realized the love of her life was officially gone.

Family Feud

Now that Adele is gone, we hope Sarah and Felix can repair some of their broken relationship. However in the wake of everything else that’s happened, something tells us this family is going to be more torn apart in the coming episodes as everyone self-implodes over what just happened. Here’s when we need Helena to come in and serve some swift Evie Cho justice.

Tatiana Who?

Kendall, we barely knew thee, but for the brief time that we did you didn’t make a huge impression. Until Thursday night that is. Deep down under that gruff, chain-smoking exterior it’s clear you did care for your family, and we were more than sorry to see you go. Especially knowing what it means for future episodes.

Lab Results

This was the type of “Orphan Black” episode that fans have longed for since the second season, and it absolutely ups the game heading into the fourth season’s final stretch. While it’s hard to believe the writers would kill off fan favorite Cosima in the near future, it certainly seems that her options have run out. Not only that, but if the cure can’t be found, that means Alison and the rest of the Sestras (save twins Helena and Sarah, who apparently can’t get sick) are in jeopardy too. Kendall’s death certainly eliminated any hope for these characters for the time being, which will make for an interesting next few episodes full of destruction and reaction. Perhaps they’ll find a blood bank or something similar in the near future, but until then things are looking pretty dire indeed.

Grade: A+

“Orphan Black” airs Thursdays at 10pm on BBC America and co-producer Space in Canada.

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