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Review: ‘Veep’ Season 5 Episode 3 ‘The Eagle’ Can’t Land

Review: 'Veep' Season 5 Episode 3 'The Eagle' Can't Land

LAST WEEK’S REVIEW: ‘Veep’ Season 5 Episode 2 ‘Nev-AD-a’ Brings In a Mad Man

Immediate Reaction

What, oh what, did Selina accidentally tweet to her new boy toy Charlie Baird? “…here’s one for you” was our first clue, but the implication pulled from that — a sext — would be too damning to disavow. And what we know — that she said something horrible about her opponent — is based on direct reference and Ben’s uncontrollable, face-reddening giggle upon reading the words for the first time. But that doesn’t clarify exactly what was sad.
For a show as verbally brilliant as “Veep,” hiding damning words can’t be considered a cop out. If they wanted to lay it out, word for word, POTUS’s tweet would undoubtedly be brilliant. By hiding it, they’ve done something even more ingenious: They’re letting our imaginations run wild. 

Politically Correct Response

“Veep” has a history of using absence to their advantage, from never showing President Hughes to hinting at the calamity of Labor Day via Selina and Gary’s epic fight last season. Outside of the tweet, “The Eagle” actually gave us quite a few answers. Most prominently, the Meyer campaign discovered the existence of missing ballots before actually tracking them down near episode’s end. We also learned why Bob was so spotty from week to week, as the elderly recount expert was exposed as being downright batty. 
Oh, and apparently the best Robert De Niro movie is “Meet the Parents.” That was certainly news to us, so thanks Richard. 
Still, “Veep” crafted a cunning episode filled with a nice balance of teases and delights. After only a few episodes, I’m absolutely smitten with Slattery as Charlie Baird, and waiting to see how their relationship will develop should be a joy throughout Season 5. For now, it’s a fitting tease as we wait to see what happens next, just like the upcoming recount and result in Nevada. Meanwhile, seeing relationships get back to normal — like Dan and Amy battling one another, and Selina and Gary spitting short bursts of fire from close proximity — and the aforementioned payoff with Bob (and the return of Karen!) made “The Eagle” soar at all the right moments.

Jonah Put-Down of the Week

“Bye Wendy! Christ, she looks like a Batman villain.”
– Senator Roger Furlong
With Jonah escaping another episode largely unscathed, we’ve decided to turn our attention to another nasty turn of phrase from one of the series’  most enthusiastically foul mouths. It’s not so much that Senator Furlong (Dan Bakkedahl) is meaner than the rest of the clan. It’s that he’s so much more open about it. Last week, we saw him quickly and thoroughly annihilate a Nevada vote counter who wasn’t accustomed to the verbal abuse hurled around D.C. This week, it was Mike’s lovely wife Wendy who caught the stray, lethal bullet flung from Furlong’s lips. Like so many physical assessments on “Veep,” this one hurt all the more because…it’s kind of true? There’s something with the hair…

Simile of the Season

Ben topped himself last week with his “Nazi domestic policy” quip, but this week sees a pair of new contenders both courtesy of President Selina Meyer. The first landed as Selina struggled to serve her country instead of running out to Nevada to help with the recount, and the latter is, of course, in reference to Gary’s lecherous fixation on the VP turned P. Who will continue on to do battle next week? Vote below!

Rhetorical Abuse

Mike: “Actually, ma’am, I have a better idea.”
Selina: “No, you don’t, Mike. History has proven that.”

Power Rankings

1. Selina
– Shedding off scandals left and right (a new affair, accidental tweets, Chinese hackers), Selina proved her political prowess — even if it felt like replacing the pin in a grenade with a thread.
2. Tom James
– We may be putting too much meaning into a plane door opening, but seeing “James” and “President” isolated like that sure did feel like foreshadowing. Any more mistakes by the sitting President could result in a bit of musical chairs. 
3. Ben
– How was Ben supposed to know Bob was a nut job? Well, he could’ve spent more than 30 seconds with him, for starters. It’s not a game-changing fluster cluck, but he’s got to drop a rung — at least this week.
4. Richard
– Richard stumbled into what could be the most important discovery of Selina’s political career…but he loses points for not knowing it.
5. Charlie Baird
– Someone really likes his presidential girlfriend, and that man is also very well liked by everyone else. It’s good to be Baird.
6. Catherine
– Selina may have censored Catherine’s creative spirit once, but she hasn’t caught her every other time she and her camera have been lurking in the background.
7. Kent
– “Which side were you on?” Ben’s comment after Kent’s detailed explanation of “The Matrix” and its robot v. human battle deserves some additional appreciation.
8. Amy
– Being ignored is bad enough, but being passed over for a mentally incompetent man whose experience is rendered moot by the fact he’s forgotten it…that’s pretty bad. Oh, and Dan slept with her sister.
9. Mike
– Mike’s expression while making the announcement that would keep he and Wendy from adopting a child topped off a terrible week for everyone’s favorite spokesman. It has to get better, buddy…right?
10. Gary
– “I’ll tell you what I want you to do: nothing! That’s your punishment.”
“I’ll just go make you some tea.”
“You better not!”
11. Dan
– “You sold your dick for bulk iced tea and off-brand bought syrup.”
12. Jonah
– Even in an off week, Jonah remains at the bottom of the “Veep” heap. 

Grade: A-

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