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Review: ‘Veep’ Season 5 Episode 6 ‘C**tgate’ Screws Everybody

Review: 'Veep' Season 5 Episode 6 'C**tgate' Screws Everybody

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Immediate Reaction

As much as I’d like to repeat last week’s immediate reaction, considering that Jonah now seems that much closer to holding real power, “C**tgate” had so much going on that even the man who failed to chop wood correctly couldn’t hold sole focus. First off, we all saw Catherine’s announcement coming, right? Oh, no. Not the Marjorie part. We had about the same reaction as Gary — slightly bewildered joy — to Selina’s secret service agent holding hands with the First Daughter, but Catherine telling her mother why she kept dumping men set up her new partner perfectly (as did Selina’s refusal to hear from her daughter as she desperately and repeatedly reached out).

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Charlie Baird (John Slattery) this week, as his company will be filing for Chapter 11 after Selina’s difficult decision to preserve a political career that’s salvageable already. And we may be saying goodbye to Hugh Laurie soon, as well, since Mike saw him at a meeting with Dan’s old boss — thus becoming the second source for Tom James’ secret consulting scandal, in addition to Dan. But, ignoring the indicators of trouble on the horizon (including not just the departures, but the return of Bill Ericsson, working for the other side), what we really want to say about “C**tgate” is that we loved it, that it was absolutely perfect, and that the insults this week were out-of-this-world phenomenal — even by “Veep’s” impossibly high standards. So let’s get to the good stuff.

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Politically Correct Response

As we enter the back half of “Veep” Season 6, it’s encouraging to see episodes like “C**tgate” that progress plot points without getting hung up by the overall arc. Very little was said about Selina’s ongoing fight for the presidency — other than saving the Illinois-based bank, as they need the state’s support — and focus instead was put on finding out who called Selina “the worst word you can call a woman” (“cunt,” to be clear), whether the President can choose work over love and the absolute treat that is Jonah Ryan’s first bid for public office. From Richard constantly informing Jonah of bands rejecting his endorsement (Bruce Springsteen filed two restraining orders) to Catherine’s continuous pursuit of her mother’s ear (and Selina’s inability to even locate her daughter), the details built and built to a beautiful crescendo (see the Catherine discussion above, and don’t think we didn’t notice Jonah punctuating his final speech with “I won’t back down!” — the Tom Petty song Jonah refused to let go). Bring on the next four. “Veep” is cruising through this latest campaign.

Jonah Put-Down of the Week

“From now on Jonah you will shut the fuck up and do as I say, and if you listen to me instead of your only two brain cells that are busy butt-fucking each other somewhere in the vast expanses of your misshapen skull, maybe, Jonah, you might have a chance to become the first mentally impaired Frankenstein’s monster to ever win an American election.”
– Dan Fucking Egan

Frankly, the entire episode leading up to Jonah’s improbably captivating speech could have filled this space. Richard’s repeated restrictions on campaign music had to hurt, for as deeply personal as the initial selections clearly were, and the entire focus group was an absolute treasure trove of attacks (“The wood he’s chopping. It ain’t gonna burn right.” “His head is too big for his body, but then sometimes his body is too big for his head.” “He’s got the wrong shape.”). But Dan’s first words to Jonah as his new campaign manager set a perfectly lethal tone for how this collaboration will go down. Layered perfectly, it’s a speech that deserves to skip the five-year waiting period and go directly into the “Veep” insult Hall of Fame. Canonize that sucker, and let’s keep the movement going. #JonadForCongress

Simile of the Season

Let’s be clear: The last option in this poll is absolutely not a simile. But due to a close race last week and a lack of simile options in Episode 6, we decided to include it because it does use the key word in finding similes…and it’s just so damn funny. So let your conscious guide you, and make your choice above (before or after re-watching Jonah’s campaign ad below).

Rhetorical Abuse

“I wish mother was alive…because this definitely would have killed her.”
– Selina

In a sea of worthy candidates — I laughed out loud just reading, “What are you running on a platform of higher taxes and episiotomies?” — Selina’s callback to her mother’s recent passing takes the cake because it also reminds us of how little she truly cares about Catherine. Your daughter comes to you with an intimate and important confession, directly calling you out for days on end, and your first reaction is to wish her dead grandma could hear it so she’d die all over again? Wow, Selina. That is some cold shit.

Power Rankings

1. Selina
– Taken by default, Selina’s power sure doesn’t look too long for this world after Jonah — Jonah — earned a standing ovation for trashing her.

2. Tom James
– This lobbying scandal looks to be a real problem for Tom, but if anyone can make it go away, it’s him.

3. Catherine
– Catherine is looking more and more like the political candidate of the future…if only she could show emotion.

4. Ben
– Ben and Kent running, forever.

5. Kent
– Who else notably gasped when Kent raised his voice? Wow. Do not go against his numbers, Selina. What would have happened if she had…?

6. Amy
– Politically savvy as ever, Amy has put Dan in a win-win position that he’ll still find a way to lose. But hey, she’s calling the shots (and she somehow survived “Cuntgate”).

7. Sue
– “Hey Sue, did Charlie call?”
“No, ma’am.”
Fittingly reminiscent of the first season when Selina always asked if the President called.

8. Dan
– Dan’s “fuck you” to Jonah after the congressional candidate gave him a sincere compliment was almost too much for us to handle. Look at these bros bond.

9. Jonah
– I hate to say it, but Jonad gave one helluva a speech. Could all the rage he’s pent up from being screwed over by POTUS actually win him an election?

10. Richard
– Jon H. Ryan. Oh, Richard. We love you.

11. Mike
– Groupons and student loans, Mike? You’re in worse shape than we thought.

12. Gary
– Not sure who took the Charlie break-up harder — oh, wait. It was definitely Gary.

13. Charlie Baird
– Unseen last week and now gone for good (?) in Episode 6. You had a good run, sir, and we’ll miss your scathing tweets.

Grade: A

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