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‘The Do-Over’ Review Roundup: Adam Sandler’s Netflix Comedy Is Torn Apart By Critics

'The Do-Over' Review Roundup: Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy Is Torn Apart By Critics

The first few reviews of Adam Sandler’s Netflix film “The Do-Over” are in and it seems like it’s another crash and burn for the actor. Sandler and David Spade star as old friends who reunite at their high school reunion. Spade complains about his life, telling his buddy that it’s not what he hoped it would be. So, Sandler fakes their deaths so they can start a new and more exciting one. 

The film might get some views but that necessarily doesn’t mean it will be well received.  Indiewire‘s Senior Film Critic David Ehrlich gave the comedy a D- calling the film “atrocious, but it’s atrocious in different ways than any of Adam Sandler’s previous comedies” Adding, “Of course, it’s also atrocious in many of the same ways that Sandler’s comedies always have been, but you have to respect the fact that — more than two decades since ‘Billy Madison’ minted Sandler as a leading man — this restless innovator is still finding new methods of making bad movies. For years, we’ve been asking Adam Sandler to try harder. We’ve been making a huge mistake.”

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Movieweb‘s Ryan Scott suggested that you watch the movie “after a few drinks, or not at all.” He expressed that “At the end of the day, it is sort of fitting that Netflix is putting this movie out on Memorial Day weekend. Many people will be partying and drinking this weekend and honestly, if you had a few drinks in you and popped this movie on with some friends and didn’t take it too seriously, you just might laugh a few times. That is about as solid of a compliment anyone can pay ‘The Do-Over.'”

Brian Tallerico from Roger Ebert was definitely not a fan, writing in his review: “At first, there’s a sense that it’s something at least greater than the half-star abomination that was last year’s ‘The Ridiculous Six.’ This feeling doesn’t last long. By the time this unfunny, sexist, homophobic, stupid movie has reached the hour point, any goodwill created by the set-up is long gone. At one point, I checked the time code on Netflix and saw that the movie had over forty minutes to go. I visibly winced.”

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Giving it a B-, possibly the best score so far, is Entertainment Weekly’s Christian Holub. The writer calls it a “fairly standard action comedy, but the extremely low standard of recent Sandler work (from Jack & Jill to The Cobbler) makes that a relief.” He also writes that the film “which dials down the goofy gags but still involves bits about threesomes, actually pulls at your heartstrings a bit.”

“The Do-Over” is now streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the film below:

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