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Lloyd Kaufman AMA: President of Troma Pitches Kim Kardashian/Kim Jung Un Reality TV Show

The famous indie filmmaker addressed everything from Helen Keller to the current state of the film industry in today's Reddit Q&A.


Lloyd Kaufman has been a major innovator in the indie film industry since the ’70s, and now his company, Troma Entertainment, is entering the world of online streaming with their new service Troma Now.

The notoriously irreverent filmmaker took to Reddit yesterday to discuss his biggest Hollywood fans, his most famous films and even the state of current reality television (and how he would improve upon it.) Check out some of Kaufman’s most entertaining answers below.

What do you think of the current state of “midnight movies”? Would you like to see them make a comeback?

I think they are making a comeback. Not so much at theaters but at places like Tromadance/other festivals, college film societies, and lots of bars. I specialize in showing movies at bars because I am an alcoholic.

Could you create a Troma today, with Netflix/YouTube etc? Would it be easier?

That is a great question, no. Today is harder, Netflix does nothing today to support independent cinema. The marketplace is controlled by a very small number of media conglomerates. The good news is that you do not need a lot of money to create something amazing, check out Troma’s “Father’s Day,” which was made with under a 25k budget. This is due to young filmmakers having a solid grasp of this new digital age, which I myself need to work on still. The “Return To Nuke’Em High” budget is 400k per volume, for example.

Will Troma Now get an Android TV/Apple TV apps in the future? What do you think about the dwindling relevance of physical media?

Go ahead and watch “VHS Massacre” on Troma Now (working on the apps!). I am a believer in new technology in the same way I would not use a buggy whip to get around town, I would use a car. I believe digital looks better than 35mm which is why I shot the volumes of “Return To Nuke’Em High” digitally, not in film.

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I want to say how sorry I was to hear about Joe Fleishaker’s death. Did he have a role in “Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2”? Looking forward to checking out Troma Now!

SPOILER ALERT: You will see Joe Fleishaker and the late Lemmy Killmister in “Return To Nuke’Em High, Volume 2.” We will be dedicating Vol. 2 to the memory of these two wonderful Troma friends.

What are a few of your favorite scenes or elements in Troma films?

Penises! Farts! Explosive Diarrhea! Lesbians! Fighting against the conspiracy of elites! And of course, certain Hideously Deformed Creatures of Super Human Size & Strength!

Hey Lloyd, big fan! I’ve seen quite a few of your movies but “Poultrygeist” may be my absolute favourite – do you have any memorable experiences from working on that one?

The entire experience was a nightmare of the most horrible kind. If you’d like to see it, go to Troma Movies on YouTube and watch the feature length behind the scenes documentary “Poultry in Motion: The Truth is Stranger than Chicken”. You will see fist fights, people getting on bended knee asking for hands in marriage, as well as Uncle Lloyd being an asshole!

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Hi Lloyd! What have been some directors or specific movies that inspired how you make your own?

Chaplin, Keaton, Stan Brakhage, Jean Renoir, Fritz Lang, Samuel Fuller, Roger Corman, comic books by Stan Lee (who is a good friend and with whom I wrote a screenplay in the early 70s). Today I am inspired by directors who were inspired by me: Trey Parker, Quentin Tarantino (who inspired me to make “Return to Nuke ‘Em High” a two-part event film), and Takashe Miike. Most recently, John Brennan’s “Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner” changed my whole worldview.

What do you think of reality TV? Its more or less today’s cheap, popular exploitation media?

I believe that reality TV could be terrific, but unfortunately it aims at the lowest common denominator. They all seem to be scripted and want to appeal to Kim Kardashian. We are developing a reality show starring Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong Un. It’s called “I Love Myself, I Love My Ass.”

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