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Violence or Unity? Five More Headlines That Might Happen at the Republican Convention

As Donald Trump takes the podium, "The Young Turks" host and CEO Cenk Uygur gives his take on what else might make news at the RNC.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

ABC News

No one could have predicted that the big story coming out of the first day of the Republican National Convention would revolve around speech plagiarism.

Earlier on Monday, the top news coming out of Cleveland was the group of anti-Donald Trump delegates attempting to force a roll call vote. When that was denied, the Colorado delegation left the arena floor.

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But then came Melania Trump’s primetime speech. Blatantly obvious similarities between her speech and one Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 Democratic convention quickly became the top story coming out of the RNC as Monday turned into Tuesday. (Yes, that means Scott Baio’s and Antonio Sabato Jr.’s quick speeches became quick afterthoughts.)

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Tuesday at the RNC has been branded “Make America Work Again” day, and will feature speeches from UFC president Dana White, House Speaker Paul Ryan, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former candidate Ben Carson and two of Donald Trump’s children.

Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur

TYT Network

We asked TYT Network CEO Cenk Uygur, host of “The Young Turks,” to give us the five things he was looking out for as the RNC began this week. Here’s what he came back with:

Will there be a coup?

The most interesting and electrifying possibility at the RNC is if somehow the anti-Trump forces could take control of the rules committee. That way they could engineer a vote that would allow for the possibility of another candidate winning. This was more of a fun dream a couple of months ago. Now with Trump having a very clear majority of delegates, this would have to be one hell of a procedural coup. The only reason why it’s even remotely possible is because Trump’s team seems to know next to nothing about any political process they’re involved in.

Conclusion: Very unlikely. But still super fun to talk about.

Will Trump dump Mike Pence?

This, too, would normally be unspeakable. No traditional politician even contemplates dumping their VP, let alone at their convention, unless something has gone dramatically, life-alteringly wrong. But this is Donald Trump! There are already reports that he considered replacing Pence immediately after the news leaked. After the official announcement, the reception Pence has received has been even more uninspiring. It’s not like Trump is shy about firing people — he did a whole TV show where every episode ended with someone being fired!

Conclusion: Unlikely, but it would make for good television. The Donald loves good television!

The Young Turks

“The Young Turks” at the RNC

TYT Network

Will Donald Trump name his entire cabinet? And who will be in it?

Since the Mike Pence selection did not light the world on fire, Trump is now reportedly considering naming his cabinet during the convention. This is a very bad idea. Everyone named will be scrutinized and then the Trump team will have to play defense for the entire convention as the press looks for scandals among the picks (Christie) and inconsistencies between Trump and his nominees (Cruz). No seasoned politician would consider this. On the other hand, it would make for good television!

Right now, Trump is seething over his spotlight being stolen by colossal international news stories and he has got to get it back. Precious! Must have it! What wouldn’t Donald Trump do to be the center of attention?

Conclusion: Good chance. It would create a lot of buzz. Plus, he could grab the spotlight again later when he preemptively fires some of them.

Will there be any violence?

This is not a joke – you can bring a real gun to protests outside of the RNC but not a water gun. You can’t even bring a sleeping bag. But because of open carry laws in Ohio, you can bring heavy weaponry. There are going to be liberal protestors and conservative protestors, pro-Trump and anti-Trump rallies, and everyone gets to bring a gun!

You have to understand that for the rest of the world this seems absolutely insane. There’s a good reason for that — that’s because it is. Now the media covering this political event are afraid for their lives. We have become a third world country and we don’t even know it. To be fair, no other country, third world or otherwise, has as many guns per capita as we do, not even Somalia.

Conclusion: Nervous. Hope to God everyone remains calm.

Will there be GOP unity?

Are the Republicans really going to let bygones be bygones and unite at this convention? Will anyone sing kumbaya — and if they do, will they be removed from the premises? Can the #NeverTrump faction of the GOP resign themselves to having Trump as their leader?

There are many in the Republican Party that think losing this election will do far less damage to their party then having Trump be their standard bearer. They believe Trump might lose them a whole generation of Americans – and the elections that go along with them. How much of a ruckus can they cause at the RNC? Will their disaffection matter at all? Or will they go quietly in to that good night?

Conclusion: There will not be great party unity, partly because a lot of the party didn’t even bother showing up at this convention. Whether that makes a difference we will have to see in November.

Uygur is hosting “The Young Turks” at the RNC with Ana Kasparian, Jordan Chariton, Jayar Jackson, John Iadarola and Ben Mankiewicz.

As part of the convention, “TYT” is doing two regular segments: Conventional Wisdom (with Monday guests Michael Isikoff and Ryan Grim) and Reporters Round Table (with Monday guests Melinda Henneberger, Jonathan Alter and Jim Warren).

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